Well, guys. Here I am , making the jump from intermittent blogging on myspace to errr…. intermittent blogging on here. Blogging is great in theory. It’s just putting it into practice that sucks. But when you do put it into practice it feels all fuzzy and warm.

I thought I’d better explain the name first off. I actually looked in the dictionary for a good one-word title but the random choices were pretty poor (i.e. “eelworm“, “necrosis” and “setiferous” – that last one means ‘having bristles‘) so I plumped for one which reflects my beliefs and my love for apple macs : mackle – an archaic word for a piece of smudged, flawed printing (which is what this blog is, and indeed what by nature I am myself). It also has the word ‘mac’ in there, which is both the first three letters of my surname and the nickname for the finest computers made by man. Perfect, eh?

I shall depart these fair shores for now. Let’s see how long I keep this up for…


One thought on “Whatle?

  1. Melissa

    I see you here….
    I see you there…
    I see you ‘pop’ up everywhere

    World Wide Web, X-treme, Myspace
    And now your blogging in ‘this’ place!

    They make me smile, laugh and think…
    It’s an interesting hobby…
    From this day forth, I dub you ‘SIR’
    Mackinnon… ‘MR BLOGGY’

    (lets pray your debut single doesn’t have fart noises in it though)


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