Unhealthy Politics

For my first real blog on WordPress I want to revisit something that I blogged about on MySpace a while back.

After the recent mid-term elections in the States, my awareness of this whole area was rekindled. The American 2-party political system amazes and saddens me at the same time. Add to this the magic ingredient of Christianity and you have fun and games on your hands. For those who don’t know me, I’m a committed Christian and, despite being a Scotsman, I am pretty fascinated by America and especially the way Christianity is viewed and presented there by many people. I’ll post my original blog below…

“Regardless of what Pat Robertson may think, God is not a Republican.

I watch some of the Christian channels from time to time. Most of them are pretty good, some of the programming is excellent, some poor. But in all my years of televisual absorbance, I have never in my life seen anything on a par with Pat Robertson’s “The 700 Club”.

For those of you who haven’t seen it, ‘The 700 Club’ is a half hour Party Political Broadcast for the Republican Party (Robertson ran for election in 1988) which masquerades as a Christianity / Human interest / News show.

Now, I’m not an American. I’m not therefore a Republican nor a Democrat. However, I am a Christian and I also consider myself to be pretty tuned in to issues of blatant, nay flagrant political bias. When virtually every “News” item paints the picture ‘Republicans Good – Democrats Bad’ and gives you the impression that if you are a Christian then, by default you must be a Republican, you have to ask some serious questions.

Well, Pat, I got news for you. The God I believe in is not politically affiliated. He is the God of the Bible, not of the Republican Party. The American 2-party system of politics is unhealthy enough without any unnecessary bias.

Keep God in your news by all means. Keep politics in your news too. You can even have God in your politics. But for crying out loud, stop giving us all the impression that God shares your freaking politics.

I’ve been accused of arrogance in the past, but even I have never been arrogant enough to suggest that God agrees with my political views. The best I can hope for is for me to share a few of his.

Get a grip, Pat.”

My friend Jonathan and I were talking about this recently and he introduced me to Barack Obama. Not personally, you understand. Being a Scotsman, my exposure to US politicians only extends so far. I downloaded his “Call to Renewal” address and was pleasantly surprised to hear issues of politics and christianity being talked about simultaneously, sensibly and with integrity and balance without any of the maddening capital-R-religious rhetoric that both extents of the political pendulum employ.

I like Barack Obama.


8 thoughts on “Unhealthy Politics

  1. naomi mackinnon

    Hey first comment!!!!!!! totally agree although politics isnt my thing God is!!!!

    soooo are you
    i love you naomixxx

  2. onlysometimesclever

    Iain ~ You’d probably like this guy, too, though he’s no longer holding public office. http://www.manhattan-institute.org/html/flake.htm Have you ever been to the States? I can’t remember. NOT to be argumentative, but I think, sometimes, your views of the Amerian political process is somewhat skewed, as all your info tends to come second-hand. America is not Pat Robertson, nor Michael Moore, nor what’s on the news… Still love you dearly, though.

  3. Iain MacKinnon

    Fair point, and I agree that outside of the actual place, one only gets a taste of what’s really going on. America is not Pat Robertson or Michael Moore, but both represent the extremes of what is unhealthy within the system, although most joe-public Americans are pretty well distanced from either. The problem lies in the fact that media vox-pops are most often conducted with people with extreme views, largely because they are infinitely more entertaining than those of more balanced individuals!

    Pat still winds me up though. :0)

  4. Jennifer Underwood

    Iain, Your post really got me thinking. I don’t listen to Pat Robertson so I can’t speak for what he says but I had never heard of Barack Obama so I went to his site and read that speech. WoW! He almost had me for a second. Very persuasive. It was a very eloquent speech. I can completely see why people would like him. All I can say is be very careful. God may not necessarily be a Republican but He has set certain basic moral principles for us. In these end days we must support those ideals. Obama is Pro-choice and a Christian. Does that make sense to anyone? There was a whole lot of words in that speech but not one explaining where in the bible it says that abortion is an ok choice. I am not one of those Pro-life people that believes in blowing up clinics and killing abortion doctors. No, But I do believe that we must stand up for these issues as believers. This is just what the enemy wants. He wants us to think Oh well this guy is very eloquent and charming so I guess its ok that he votes pro-choice. The enemy is the great deceiver. He wants to kill, steal and destroy. I don’t believe that we should shove our beliefs down people’s throats but we know the truth. God has given us all the answers. So many don’t know the Truth. It is our obligation as believers to speak truth, to stand strong, and to be cautious of false prophets. I know that you don’t know me. And I am an American so my impressions of this country may be a little different. I don’t know anything about how your government works and for that I apologize for my ignorance. But here, I have felt the Lord say that we must stand strongly on certain issues. It is prophesied that in the last days One World Church will rise up. That Church will be accepting of all religions (gods), homosexuals, abortion..etc. Everything will be acceptable. I just feel like God wants us to be prepared to be persecuted, to be sold out for Him. In every way. That speech Barack Obama wrote just reminded me of what the Anti-Christ will be like when he comes. Good looking, charming, eloquent, and can convince you of anything. I must tell you that I have never written anyone anything like this before but God just really pressed on my heart this warning. Just Be Careful. Pray for discernment. I know God has a high calling for you Iain. You will be used mightily for the Kingdom. God Bless. I pray that these words are received in the love and truth that they are meant. His, Jenn

  5. Iain MacKinnon

    Yes, you’re dead right. God DOES set basic moral principles for us. My point would be that neither the democrats nor republicans fulfil them any more than you or I do. I don’t agree with Barack Obama on every issue. Heck, I don’t even know where he stands on EVERY issue. But in terms of what I’m talking about here, which is the “Republicans are Good, Democrats are Bad” mentality of some folks, he makes a lot of sense and I like what he has to say. There must be healthy dialogue between the two parties instead of mud-slinging and one-upmanship.
    Being in favour of abortion is just as wrong in my book as being as overly militaristic and deceitful as the current administration has been. Nobody’s perfect. I just wish that christians would put down the red and blue paintbrushes and get on with being salt and light.
    We certainly should “speak truth” and stand for it as you say, but neither party has a particularly great record in that respect, do they? There are poster-boys for untruth on both sides of the political divide in the states.
    This leads me back to the title of the blog. I think the whole 2-major-party system is fundamentally flawed as it polarises people along certain lines, and in the US the lines seem to be religious ones. There must be room for expansion within that system. I may never see it, but I think the US would be spiritually healthier if there were a wider spread of parties with less religio-political jingoism. Yes, we must be discerning, but we should be discerning across the board and realise that there are some seriously unbiblical things on both sides.
    And, he may be a slick talker, but I suspect that the Anti-Christ will be a lot slicker than Barack Obama!

    Thanks for your comment! It got me thinking too, and I really appreciate the way in which you stated your case without any aggro! Be blessed. :0)

  6. Jennifer Underwood

    Iain, You are definitely right when you say that there are unbiblical things going on on both sides. It is hard sometimes as an American to know how to vote. I have to choose Republican bc it is the best of two evils at this time. There are more issues that Democrats stand for that I have biblical problems with. I do believe though that we have to be careful about jumping on the band wagons of people who claim to want peace. The concept of peace has become so cliche. God’s peace is the only true peace as you know and having His peace doesn’t mean necessarily that there will not be war or conflict. Eventually with Christ’s return there will be a peace we have never known but right now we are at war, spiritually and sometimes also in the natural. And there are all kinds of battles and battlegrounds. I have really enjoyed your thoughts and perspectives. It is always good to look at things from a different angle. It is easier I think to see things from the outside sometimes. I guess that is how is must have been for the watchmen on the wall (Isaiah) they had to see things differently and from a different perspective. I travelled to the isles of Mull and Iona this summer and I am sure that I saw things differently then the people who live there. Thank you for your opinions and views. Be Blessed. His, Jenn

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