God and World of Warcraft

My wife and I are now both hopelessly addicted to WoW. One of her friends just asked her if this means she’s started hanging out in Forbidden Planet at the weekends. For the record, no she hasn’t.

My Dad came round last night and I was showing him the game. Being virtually a carbon-copy of my Dad, I figured he’d get a kick out of it too. I was right. If he hadn’t had to go elsewhere he’d have happily stayed there all night exploring with me.

It was something he remarked on which really got me thinking. He commented on how incerdible the flow and realism of the game was and how engaging the world was – how you could interact with everything. It really made me think about the fact that we can be so blown away by what some tech-geeks can put together with pixels and polygons but can be so blind to the wonder of what surrounds us on a daily basis.

However beautiful and seamless and interactive the game may be, it’s just not a patch on anything that you could see looking out of any single window of your house. The Bible has a verse which states “The earth is filled with his glory”. Whatever you believe about how the world about you came into being, whether or not you believe in God, or (if you do) how long it took him or by which process he brought it into existence, the world we inhabit is an amazing place. We take it so much for granted and that little exchange with my Dad, for me as a believer gave me another tiny glimpse of God as I kept on finding his fingerprints all over the realm I’m in.

Back to the game. Level 25 and counting… :0)

Oh, and if you’re on the Wildhammer server and you see a rogue called Frogey walking around, gimme a wave!

Location for my next skiing holiday.


8 thoughts on “God and World of Warcraft

  1. Angela Bailey

    I’m with you on the addiction. And now Blizzard has to fan the flames of my obsession with The Burning Crusade. I might get to see the sun Oh mid June…

    Thanks Blizzard (sarcastic)

    It has been a bit laggy, but I’m sure it is due to the hundreds of thousands flooding the new areas.

    Hope it gets fixed soon, Thanks for the Blog

  2. Iain MacKinnon Post author

    Yup, I know what that’s all about! Just picked up burning crusade the other day. It’s a lot of fun, but I’m not messing about too much with new characters. COncentrating on my rogue. I’ve got him up to level 35 now and I’ve not been playing it anywhere near as much as before. This is nothing to do with not wanting to! Just got a new dog who is a complete delight and needs some serious walking, plus been really busy with life, work and music. My wife’s been playing her Draenii character and loves it.
    Thanks for dropping by! See you in Azeroth!
    Iain :0)

  3. sarahdeshields

    unbelievable – you can even relate ‘wow’ to the Lord in a healthy way – sheesh keeps those ideas away from Kevin or he’ll use it against me when I tell him to switch off that damn computer even if he IS in the middle of a highly important instance….

  4. Rafa

    Indeed, according to the World of Warcraft Wikia, there have indeed been multiple references to the One God (“Holy Light”) and angelic beings throughout the game and books. However, it should be noted that the religious of WoW doubt the existence of this God.


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