MWSF ’07 : One More Macworld Prediction

Well, tomorrow is the big day, and being a mac man I have my own ideas about what will be revealed at the big keynote by His Steveness. I may be wrong (I usually am!) but here’s what I reckon…

1) New versions of iLife & iWork. Pretty much a dead cert and almost certainly including a spreadsheet package.

2) iTV (or whatever it’ll be called). It was set for 1st quarter release and they already had working prototypes at the ‘Showtime’ event.

3) Video iPod. It’s been ages since the last major re-working of the video iPod and it’s long overdue. This would mesh perfectly with the iTV launch.

4) No iPhone. I honestly don’t think this will appear yet, but it won’t be far off. It may be announced, but not released.

5) Souped-up MacBook Pros. Again, these are long overdure a proper overhaul. It’s the most dated looking part of the mac hardware spread. I reckon this may be part of the reason why Apple’s 6 month interest-free offer terminates on the 8th of January.

6) New info on Leopard

I’ve probably aimed too high with all this, as there are seldom more than 3 major things, but I reckon at least half of them will be correct. Feel free to laugh at me tomorrow evening…

Macworld Banner


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