The iPhone’s Arrival & Steve’s Reality Distortion Field

Hopefully, now that the long rumoured, oft-imagined, frequently faked, mac-head’s fantasy ‘iPhone’ has been put on display for the world to see, hopefully the rumour mills can stop grinding and people can get to grips with what this means for the consumer, Apple and the mobile market in general.

the iPhone

In terms of sheer tech-wizardry, this thing is a marvel. I showed some of the kids I teach the features on the device and one piped up “how do they fit it all in?”. How indeed? Well, at a guess, I’d say at the cost of certain sacrifices- memory for a start. Anyone wanting any huge amount of data to be stored on this thing will be disappointed, but bear in mind, this is the first iteration of the product. The first iPod was 5 gb, right? What are they up to now? Patience. It will come.

The features are fantastic, and whatever your gripes about the cost, the U.S. only availability, the carrier choice – cingular, and whatever else that insatiable lot in the forums have been banging on about, you cannot disagree that this is an incredible piece of kit which sets the bar so high that the others in the field need a radio telescope to try and locate it.

Seriously, if you haven’t seen what this thing can do, go to and check it out for yourself. It’s an iPod, iTunes, video player, portable true internet device, e-mail device, and along with all the applications and widgets which run on it (on OSx, no less) it’s also a ‘phone’. I say ‘phone’ because when you compare this thing to what you or I, until yesterday, called a phone, you realise this iPhone is in a different league entirely. It’s simply astounding.

Whether or not I actually need this piece of wizardry is a different question, but for some folks it will be invaluable and will, in my opinion, simply annhilate the likes of Palm and Blackberry unless they do something, and do it quick.

As a personal side note, I found it rather amusing to watch Steve Jobs’ legendary “Reality Distortion Field” in action. My wife was sitting next to me playing about on her iBook as I watched the Keynote on my Powerbook. Although she uses a mac, she’s not a mac nut like me. “Why on earth are you watching that rubbish?” she asks me with thinly veiled contempt. “You already saw what he was announcing. Turn it off”. A couple of minutes later, I notice her looking across. She says, “It’s all very clever, but I don’t see why anyone would need all that”. A few minutes later she’s listening pretty intently and she turns to me and says. “He’s a really great speaker. And he seems like such a nice guy. He’d be a brilliant minister…”

Steve, whatever it is, bottle it and sell it as iEssence or whatever, but you’ll make more off the back of it than all the hardware Apple has sold since 1984.


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