Is Barack Obama the Antichrist??

I wrote a blog a while back which talked about the sorry state of American politics and it generated a little flurry of visits at the time. I happened to mention Barack Obama in this blog and how he seems to me to have his head screwed on the right way. One person left the following comment:

“…It is prophesied that in the last days One World Church will rise up. That Church will be accepting of all religions (gods), homosexuals, abortion..etc. Everything will be acceptable. I just feel like God wants us to be prepared to be persecuted, to be sold out for Him. In every way. That speech Barack Obama wrote just reminded me of what the Anti-Christ will be like when he comes. Good looking, charming, eloquent, and can convince you of anything. I must tell you that I have never written anyone anything like this before but God just really pressed on my heart this warning. Just Be Careful. Pray for discernment.”

Now, I may not entirely agree with all the sentiments expressed here, but we had a little back-and-fore chat and we seemed to reach some common ground, so I was just going to drop the issue. But then I noticed something in my blog stats section. Almost every day I get hits on this page from people using the search terms “Barack Obama Antichrist”. I had no idea that this was such a prevalent idea.

Yeesh, guys. Look, the very fact that a lot of people don’t like the guy at all is as much as you need to disprove that little theory. If everyone is going to love and worship this guy, then I’d say it’s a fair bet it’s not Barack Obama, who is pretty well hated by a lot of folks. And supposing it IS him, it’s inevitable according to the Bible that he’s going to rise up anyway, so how’s about we just wait and see, eh?
Hey, you know it just occured to me that it might be Hilary Clinton! Good-looking a great orator, been wounded, trying to gain power… It’s all falling into place!!

My whole point in the original blog was just to say that what Barack Obama spoke about in his “Call to Renwal” speech made a lot of sense to me, that I quite like the guy and that America could do a lot worse that pick him as their leader. Let’s face it, they screwed up last time. I didn’t bargain for a slew of visitors with an End-Times axe to grind.
One thing I’m sure we can all agree on, regardless of our personal take on eschatology, is that George Bush is definitely NOT the antichrist: In addition to being handsome and intelligent, the antichrist is supposed to be worshipped the world over and be a military genius. Sorry George.


135 thoughts on “Is Barack Obama the Antichrist??

  1. timbob

    Greetings. I don’t think I’ve been here before, but the title of this post got my attention. Have you ever had a “feeling” that something wasn’t as it appeared? Barak Obama gives me that feeling. I certainly don’t know if he’s the man of sin or not. I strive to be ever so careful when discussing such issues and placing names. Still, when I see this guy, something sits “wierd” with me. (It could be the eccentric name) I know that it could be just that he has this charm and we know that the man of sin will know how to draw a crowd. We just have to do as Jesus said. Watch and pray. In the days ahead we’re going to see things that will test the faith of all. Sorry to ramble. Please feel free to stop by if you get time.

  2. Rob V.

    Know Jesus and make Him known. That’s all we have to do.

    There was a time when I spent considerable amounts of time and energy trying to figure out when the end was coming, who the big bad guy would be – that was a long time ago.

    We can huddle in the corner scared and worrying, or we can be bold and proclaim the Good News to the lost so that they can claim the salvation that is right at hand to receive.

    “God is bigger than the air I breathe and the world we’ll leave. God will save the day, and all will say, ‘MY GLORIOUS!'” – Delirious

  3. iainmackinnon Post author

    Amen Rob. There’s too much ridiculous end-times debate going on when we’re supposed to be getting busy being Jesus’ hands and feet. God’s got it covered and has already won the victory. We need to get busy with stuff we CAN have some influence over and telling folks about the saviour.

  4. iainmackinnon Post author

    Hey Timbob!
    Yeah, I’ve had feelings about folks, and sometimes you get the idea that people aren’t everything they’re cracked up to be, but it’s a pretty huge jump to go from that to “This man is the Antichrist”.

    He may come across as weird to some people, but it’s a bit much to say it’s “because of his eccentric name”. His Dad was from a region of Kenya. If my Dad was Kenyan, I might have an ‘eccentric’ name too.

    I just feel deeply that we are to be aware of Biblical prophecies about the end of the world but not to get distracted by them to the detriment of everything else. Hanging names on figures from apocalyptic literature just isn’t helpful and is a very dangerous game. There’s a fine line between discernment and passing judgement. That’s really where I was going with this.

    Thanks so much for stopping by, man. Hope to see you on here again! A bit of healthy debate is a good thing! Be blessed, man.

  5. wanderedby

    Well, I have just spent the last 30 minutes reading posts about Barack being the antichrist… To be honest, the idea came to me when I was praying and it sorta disturbed me… I thought the idea must be crazy, but my curiousity got the best of me and I did a quick Google search. You see, I am an elected official and a Democrat so I didn’t like the idea. I will say that I agree with one of the other posts that said we need to do what we can and be God’s servants. We also need to keep praying and letting God lead us. Whoever the AC turns out to be, we have victory in Christ!

  6. TG

    the anti-christ has the numver 666.
    check out the sum of VICARIVS FILII DEI in roman numerals.
    It adds up to 666!

    it was written on the pope’s chiara… long ago. but they changed it now.

  7. No-namer here again!! Hehehe

    I beleive that obama is the anti-christ. When i first realized it, i was a bit too harsh on peopel because they would not beleive. i feel bad for being so harsh and reprimanding-now, I just feel really hurt for them. i also feel despaarte for them because I don’t know what they are going to do if they worshipping the guy…You know??? The Bible does tell us that those who worship the beast and/or take his damn mark WILL not go to heavan, so I hoping and praying that people realize with enough discernment aboutt what is going on…

    I myself first realized after I HEAR Obama talk aboutsomething whcih alluded to some sort of integrated world system/order. I never saw his face but only GEARD his words, and his voice and his tone and REALIZED that WTF this man is the antichrist. I never even knew Obama or who he was prior to that and quite frankly though i was a born again and still am (or at least try to be borne again whcih is kinda hard cuz one cant really come to grace so as be open to it and naked before God) i never really pondered who the heck the antichrist might be…WTF. After a couple of days, i asked my friedn with whom i have enver discussed Obama or evn the antihcrit-who he hiself though the antichrist ncould be and he said Obama…he had realized this that very morning-about a day and half?!-after I realized such Furthermore, when I got this gut feeling i could feel he holy Spirit moving up and down oon my flesh as if he was talking through water and i could hear Him reverberating a clear truth to me..freaky ..WTF….I am scared for everyone. I have been mourning. Has anyone esle here cried out and begged the Lord for those folk…

  8. Iain MacKinnon Post author

    I’m sorry. Can you clarify that? How exactly is he “a wierdo” (sic)? In what way does he ‘resemble the antichrist’?

    You can determine if he is the antichrist by seeing if he opposes Christ and his work and denies who Christ is and sets himself up in Christ’s place. As Obama doesn’t, he isn’t.

    Why not try someone else?

    Anyway, who said the antichrist would be one specific person? These people who call dates and times and figures always assume the antichrist will be one single person, but have no problem saying that Babylon (also referred to in the singular) is the Roman Catholic church or some other broader organisation or ideology. The antichrist could well be Secular Humanism or Consumerism or some other ‘ism’.

    Look, this whole discussion is unhelpful. Read Rob V’s comment again. “Know Jesus and make him known”. Let’s all just get on with that, huh?

  9. Arizona message

    The argument that “Yeesh, guys. Look, the very fact that a lot of people don’t like the guy at all is as much as you need to disprove that little theory. If everyone is going to love and worship this guy, then I’d say it’s a fair bet it’s not Barack Obama, who is pretty well hated by a lot of folks.” will not work. Because the one who is holding him back will continue to do so until he is taken out of the way. Basically, generally pretty much everyone who is opposing him now, will not be here when he does come to power. So he will be popular with the rest.

  10. Iain MacKinnon Post author

    Fair enough. But I still say that,

    “You can determine if he is the antichrist by seeing if he opposes Christ and his work and denies who Christ is and sets himself up in Christ’s place. As Obama doesn’t, he isn’t.”

    And secondly,

    “Look, this whole discussion is unhelpful. Read Rob V’s comment again. “Know Jesus and make him known”. Let’s all just get on with that, huh?”

    Calling people and dates is just not helpful at all. Yes, we’re to watch and pray and be aware of what’s going on around us, but we’re not to get so hung up on saying who the antichrist is that we neglect the work He’s given us to do. It will be clear when the time comes. You or I can’t stop it. Watch and pray, yes. Don’t obsess over it.

  11. GrergPseudoname

    No one is obssessing over it but if you are a devour believer and you beleive in your whole heart of hearts that you have stumbled on the antic-christ which is a huge part of our Christian tradition, then yes, you too would be making a bog deal over it just the same way you would make a big deal over a fumbling president or a gas crisis in your country. It just so happens that Obama is the anti-christ. I believe so and it has absolutely NOTHING to do with any logic I have employed or any racist attitudes that I may have. Fact is, this man is the antichrist. It was weird how it was revealed to me because I knew that that idea did not come from me. In fact, I thought it crazy. But it seems like it is being confimed little by little. The end is near!

  12. Rob V.

    This is still going on? Sheesh!

    Well, I’ll keep my eye out for him, GrergPseudoname, but I won’t lose sleep over it.

    I know my redeemer lives!/ I’ll be ok!

  13. Nicole

    As JC’s hands and feet, I agree with my brother, the end is coming, the AC WILL take over and christians WILL be hated so all we can really do is tell as many about Christ while we can and let things progress. Personally, I’m ready to get the heck outta here so if it IS Barack then yahoo, Im headin home.

  14. Dan

    Heck man,

    If he want’s a shot at the title, just give the poor guy a chance- if he is the right contender he will be signing your pay cheques and then you’l know for sure….! I’m bewidered?

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  16. vanessa

    I really think he might be the AC. I mean he doesn’t cover his heart during the NATIONAL anthem, and when he swore in…he refused to use a bible, hes young, handsome…and here it is a year before elections and people already are set on him for president. Has that ever happen to a president before? NO… The sign he uses for his campaign has a sun rising on the horizon…telling us he will give us HOPE! The red flags are there, it is up to us to see them. This is are chance to help ourselves, but if some of you want to “wait and see” then go ahead, but thats what they want….cuz then its too late!

  17. Ryno

    Obama disturbs me as well but so does Hillary. Obama really has no purpose or platform. He hasn’t clarified his beliefs publicly. Neither have Guiliani or Romney I might add.Romney’s weak attempt this week was a joke. So much for this being a nation founded on Christian principles. Our forefathers are probably rolling over in their graves. Based on these facts I put my faith in Christ and my vote will be for Huckabee.I feel that is all I can do politically. However as a Christian it is high time we put our evangelical efforts in overdrive as well as start defending our faith. More Christians have been martyred in the past century than all of history combined. Most of those christians were killed by muslims. Iraqi and Indonesian Christians are dying by the thousands in 2007 alone. I pray each of you will be cautious and prayerfully consider your vote before you cast it. The consequences in 2008 could be substantial.

    In His Service…

  18. Pepper

    isn’t it said that the antichrist will die and then come back? well, isn’t his middle name hussein??? Hussein did get executed and now we have barak HUSSEIN obama making a run for president of the most powerful nation in the world? Wasn’t Iraq Babylon in the “bible days?”

    I don’t trust him one bit. I don’t for a second buy that he’s now “Christian.”

  19. Iain MacKinnon Post author

    I hate to point out the obvious here, but Obama hasn’t actually died, which makes coming back a bit of a challenge. You may also have noticed that despite sharing part of his name with him (as do thousands of others), he isn’t Saddam Hussein. Nor is he Iraqi. Nor do you have any right or reason to doubt the veracity of his conversion.

  20. Ralyna

    Well, Barack Obama won in Iowa. I can’t tell you how many times I just wanted to shut the thought out of my mind that he isn’t right. Forever I have wanted to see Americans finally embrace a man of color. We have heard over and over again that we are to embrace each other and look beyond the color of skin. So, when Barack Obama showed up and so many willing to give him a chance, I was encouraged. Well, for a moment I was encouraged….First his name haunted me, I kept wishing he had a different name. I kept thinking that he would turn on us some how in the end but I had no idea how.

    Tonight the answer was right there in front of me. When he took the stage to give his Iowa Caucus Victory Speech he seemed cold and distant. When his speech began he started to sound like someone very familiar and very respected, he started to sound like Martin Luther King Jr, not using his exact words but the starts and stops in his sentences. That was OK and made perfect sense but still something wasn’t right and that same old thought about him turning on us in the end wouldn’t go away. Then I realized that he could actually be the AC but until I would fully believe it I wanted to know his thoughts on Israel and the Jewish people. Sure enough he is connected with those who don’t like Israel or the Jews.

    To be sure is to be sure and if he wins the election and if he starts acting as one who is the AC we will know. God help us!

  21. Matt

    Isn’t it convenient that all of these conservative Christians take the leading democratic candidate and call him the Antichrist… enough of this people! you are using the exact same tactics that president bush used; fear as an instrument of persuasion, if you don’t like him, then say that you don’t trust him. But to go as far as to say that he’s the Antichrist that is flat out prejudice.

  22. klcog83

    Has anyone noticed how you used to be able to type in Obama and Antichrist in the yahoo search engine and lots of stuff came up??? Now try it, all it gives you is different things you can try to get results. HAHA!!!! I wonder what happened to all those sites. I myself am under the HOPE that Obama IS the antichrist, mainly because I want to go home. This year will be very interesting. And to the people who think that those who think Obama is the antichrist- here is my question to you… Do you BELIEVE what the bible has to say? Because there are so many things that have made many of us see that Obama may very well be the antichrist. For example, there will be a one world order, the antichrist will bring hope to many… I wonder how Obama would respond to this. I am not saying he IS the antichrist, nor am I fretting or worrying about it. I am actually rather excited. People may try to change the future events, fortunatly God is in control.

  23. Nastasia

    Well all I have to say about everyone loving the Antichrist… Its not true, there are people out there that know what to look for so of course they are not going to like him, now I am not saying that Obama is indeed the antichrist, it is worth considering… He has always given me the creeps, and I know that the time is nearing that God is going to return, but it is certainly considerable that he is indeed this man. I had never heard of him before these elections, he has never really accomplished anything that I have been informed of, and to be perfectly honest, he has empty eyes, very empty eyes. I refuse to believe this man is a christian, I am a christian, that man is not. He is not beyond saving, unless of course he is the antichrist then there is nothing anyone can do, but if he is not, then he could be saved. I am rambling on, all I know, is whether or not everyone will love this man is a irrelevant issue at this time, after those who know the truth are gone, all will be decieved, and he will be worshiped, of course, God is going to have some people who will save those left behind, but that is why millions will bow down and worship him, because the whole christian community has been taken to heaven….. Ya, I will stop typing now, hopefully I didn’t confuse too many people 🙂

  24. Iain MacKinnon Post author

    Look, I’m sorry, but what exactly is your reason for disbelieving that this man is a christian? His “empty eyes”??? That is one of the most worryingly judgemental statements you could possibly make.

    “Judge not, that you be not judged. For with the judgment you pronounce you will be judged, and with the measure you use it will be measured to you.”

    Making unfounded and baseless proclamations about someone else’s salvation is a VERY dangerous game.

    Empty eyes?… for goodness sake….

  25. Skank Bangerton the GOD of all that is motherf****r! ! !

    Obama is the antichrist! Oh no!

    Ok, get real the right wing christians have been saying this crap about every leader forever. Search “Is Dick Cheney the antichrist” Rosie O’Donald ect ect. When are you brainwashed sheep going to wise up and realize that if the bibles true……and I do mean “if”. Christ will come as a thief in the night. There will be no signs!!!!! It will just happen. You will not know who the antichrist is either till he is here, and even then it will probably be speculative. Barack Obama may be the antichrist.
    I doubt it,
    Skank Bangerton

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  27. Iain MacKinnon Post author

    Hope you don’t mind the edits, Skank. Even though I agree with much of what you say there, I’d rather not have any swearing on my blog as I often check it at work in my classroom. Thanks for the thoughts though! Come again!

  28. Krazyone57

    Are u guys serious? Lol

    Tha anti-christ?!

    Wow hahahaha…..

    Mindless sheep… *shakes head*

    “He not christian becuz my feet tingles when I see him on tha news” lmfao!

    Empty eyes?? Hahahaha no comment on that statment


  29. kitty cat

    I definetely think this guy IS THE ANTICHRIST! And I think if he is elected, jews are gonna be hunted again! believe me!

  30. SeptemberSunday

    I, as many other people apparently, was simply sitting in my living room minding my own business when the bizarre idea that Barack Obama is the anti-Christ struck me. Out of the blue, this thought came to me – and I believe that intuitions like that are not only scary, but deserve some attention. I haven’t even heard the vaguest whispering towards the idea before – thought I was the only one – and first went for my Bible and books on predictions. Then I did a little research into Mr. Obama that disturbed me (such as his full name and background) and really started wondering if I had stumbled onto the epiphany of the century. Finally I tied his name and the word antiChrist together into a search engine…. and was amazed at the number of other Americans who have had the exact same experience! Wow! Now I am sure that if people all over the country, without real agendas against the man, are suddenly coming to this realization then it must be true. I suggest that everyone look into it and make up your own minds… but if you are like me and the knowledge found you, trust your gut instinct and share your feelings. Fear the false smiles and empty promises!

  31. D

    I am a little relieved now. I thought there was something wrong with me for thinking such a thing. It first started with me having a bad feeling about Obama. First, I thought it was his name. However I don’t think that’s it. The idea of him being the AC didn’t really hit me until his victory in South Carolina. And the fact that everyone is jumping on the band wagon. It really scares me. I’m a non-white female, middle of the road democrat so you can’t say that I’m a right-wing conservative. I just have a bad feeling about Obama.

  32. momotaro

    WEIRD! Yea i totally know what you mean….. there IS something weird about Obama……..He looks a little bit like Mordecai Vanunu. To be honest I think both Bush and Obama are diametric opposites from the same tree: They are both serving some higher power. Scarily however, despite the ‘evil’ image of Bush and the ‘Dove-ish’ image of Obama, I think that Bush serves as a consequence of his own ignorance, whereas Obama serves as a consequence of a personal agenda, and/or greed. That’s something worth thinking about.

  33. Matt

    It is odd that the thought came to me out of the blue as well. I am not overly political, and have no problem with his race or even the original Muslim background. However, why do I get such an uneasy feeling about his empty rhetoric, and ability to have a crowd fixate on him. It honestly gnaws at me, and I thought I was crazy until I did this google search…

  34. Ken

    I consider myself Agnostic, but I have read the Bible and the predictions of Nostradamus…so I may have been subconsciously influenced by both. Anyway, as Obama became a viable presidential candidate the thought crossed my head that this guy came close to fitting the descriptions of the Antichrist…and I wasn’t looking for the end of days. He has bothered me from the first time I saw him on TV and now that he is running for president, I can’t believe the American people would elect someone with basically no political experience…he is running on charisma…but it may happen. I don’t know about the Antichrist stuff, but THAT is scary

  35. following up

    I believe Obama isn’t the Anti Christ, I do believe he is an igniter for one…yes! Because for one, since so many people find him so intellect, all he says is “change”??? so… they all say that.
    He has characteristics of the Anti Christ, just coming from the wrong country.
    I believe in God and Christ and I know prophecy, at least what Christ told us to look out for…
    and I have a strange dark feeling about Obama, I’m sorry but I do!
    I don’t find the guy inspiring, I think he is within pride and not aware of what he can do as of yet, but once in the White House, he may hand power over to the Anti Christ??
    I didn’t vote for the guy because he literally scares me, but I know Jesus Christ will help me, if the day comes he or whoever wants to mark me, btw… the technology is out there to do it with.
    God Bless America, but please people know someone’s history and get a vibe before you vote!
    I actually said before Bush was in the White House, “I feel something strange is going to happen…” Lo and Behold! It did…
    God Speed…………………

  36. larry

    i always get strange feeling when looking at him too. Just like many others, i thought i was the only one thinking he is the antichrist. I was just watching him in the news and got this weird notion. Can so many people have such a random and wrong intuition of obama being the antichrist? I search anticrhist+george bush and don’t get as many hits as obama+antichrist

  37. Iain MacKinnon Post author

    Could so many people have such a random and wrong intuition of Jesus being the Christ? I don’t remember too many people initially being accepting of that idea, do you? The Sanhedrin weren’t exactly enamoured with him, were they?

    Lots of people believe deep inside that Elvis is alive and that aliens are controlling us. It doesn’t make them right.

    Being a wingnut isn’t necessarily an individual pursuit.

  38. Mathieu

    I am a young man from the Caribbean with great interest in politics, and as such, I have been following the U.S. presidential elections with fervor. Originally I thought Clinton would sweep everything but there stood Obama, who I saw as a great option, a leader for change. I took a liking to him and his charisma.

    However, like many others have stated, one day it just hit me. “Could he be the Anti Christ? ”
    I did not take it too seriously, dismissing it as something trivial. Low and behold, I google it and find that many, many other people think so for various reasons.

    After deep research in the end of times with prophecies from the Mayan Calendar, Saint Malachy’s Prophecy of the Pope’s, Nostradamus, Mother Shipton, Merlin and quite a few others. 2012 the year of radical change draws nigh.

    As stated before, we should focus our efforts on serving God first and revealing His word. I will, however, be keeping an eye on world events.

  39. Jerry

    Great discussion.

    I have had these thoughts about Obama as well, but for me the bottom line is I just don’t trust the guy. I don’t know why, but regardless of whether or not he’s the Anti-Christ I just don’t have good vibes about him.

    When it comes to possibly voting for this man there is no way he’ll have my vote to become the next President of the United States. Putting the possible Anti-Christ scenario aside, and my lack of trust in this man, I just don’t think he’s presented a clear plan for this countries future. I’m not saying any of the other candidates are that much better at this point, but Obama pretty much just speaks about change wherever he goes. That’s great and all, but I’d like more details about how we are going to change, and I don’t feel he’s sold his idea of change better than any other candidate at this point.

    Back to the Anti-Christ talk, keep in mind there were a lot of people who felt Bill Clinton was the Anti-Christ when he came about in 1992, and you could see some reasons why some may have thought that back then. Clinton was obviously nothing of the sort, so we have to be careful in getting to carried away with these thoughts. I have had them about Obama though and understand why others have felt this way, and I think it makes for interesting discussion.

  40. Dancer

    This guy doesn’t speak politics, he preaches! Vote for experience, vote Hillary! Who needs a prophet or preacher in the White House? Hillary has the experience and the class to take us to the next step, healthcare!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. MuzeBl

    Have you googled “obama messiah”?
    You get 20,000 more hits than “obama antichrist”

    Incidentally, this nation (the US) wasn’t built by christians. The founding fathers were DIESTS!

    That’s why it’s “One nation under GOD”, and not “One nation under Jesus”
    And while I’m on the subject. Where in the Bible does Jesus instruct folks to judge, kill, maim, lie, cheat, ostracize, rape and pillage in HIS name? He SAID, if you love me, love everybody else! He didn’t even say hate those who don’t know or love me. He certainly didn’t tell people to go around worshiping him. But here we are with a brand new generation of pharisees…….
    ……but I digress….

  42. MuzeBl

    wow, you don’t know the difference between inspirational speech and preaching, huh?
    Hillary’s got class? ROFL!!! And her healthcare plan is kinda laughable. I can’t tell the difference between her plan and the PPO I had when I was gainfully employed! Now that my job is oversees, how am I supposed to afford that? We are lucky to have a man like Obama in the running…instead of going for the big bucks in the private sector like most other people who would make a great president.
    I spent the summer in Canada…and thanks to Bush I hung my head and apologized every freakin’ time I had to admit I was from the states.
    With Obama in office, I’ll be able to return and say with pride, “Hell YEAH! I’m an American!”

  43. Another one who believes

    Well lets see, he now wants to hope the medical problem away, and tacts on an extra bill to pass that Africa be given more aid so they can Fight Aids. His father is from Kenya, and there has been speculation in many writtings that the Anit Christ will have a hand in Africa, and he will befriend the UN and give money to them. Now come on people, has he not done this in the past few weeks? They hail him Obama, he can’t say anything wrong and dumb founding the political people. He has had roots in the catholic church, he went to their schools. He was Muslim and they aren’t saying he needs to die because he went Christian?,, I say hum hum hum.
    Wake up people.. wake up from your sleep.

  44. SonOfUncleSam

    People, this scares me too. I had said this once as a joke before, but now I can’t help but seeing signs. In fact once I started to watch the show “Carnivàle” it started to freak me out.

    Look, as a person who doesn’t believe that any one religion doesn’t hold the answers, let me say there is another point a view besides, they are all false. My view is that they hold truths with them. I you want to be the Antichrist, all you must do is read the Book of Revelations, Daniel, Nostrodamus, The Prince, 1984, Animal Farm, but instead of as a warning, read it as a manual. Then you must find evil men and women, to use an manipulate.

    I am not a fundamentalist, I’m not Evangelical. I hardly even go to Church anymore. I don’t pray regularly, only in moments of extreme despair, or contemplation, or reverence. I won’t say that God spoke to me straight up in a voice, and told me this, but I can’t shake this feeling. I want to, believe me. I don’t want to believe in the End Times. I’d like to think the Book of Revelations is only prophetic code talk for the times of Nero, who was the beast.

    But again, this text has passed down to us through the ages. It has some kind of merit, because it speaks to something about human experience and life through it’s stories, proverbs and wisdom. Just like anything that survives, from Homer to Shakespeare to Cervantes or even the Beatles.

    See I felt like the guy who wrote the bumper sticker, “Jesus save me from your followers.” I believe Jesus had great ideas, an in fact may have been the Christ (Messiah, I’m not as sure, because the Messiah was supposedly a general), but I dislike narrow-minded, simple, low to middle-brow, bigoted sheep-like followers of the current day pharisees, the various incarnations of institutionalized religion, the Church, community of believers, sheesh give me a break. They care so much about the unborn, then once they are out of the womb, where is the zealousness, the charity, the campaigns and the movements then? Where are the rallies?

    No instead we get fake ass Christians saying, “workfare, not welfare,” who cares about this single moms, make them work, let the child be a latch key kid, or out on the streets. Who cares, he’ll end up in jail anyway and then we’ll execute them under the death penalty. Are the pro-lifers out there on the death penalty or protesting the war? They say they are pro-life, but do they work to make sure that all people have a life worth living?

    No they are hypocrites. But that doesn’t mean Obama is going to bring us deliverance either, either in the messianic sense, or just in a straight up political allegory of US politics post Bush and 9/11.

    But Liberals, which I am not as I am a radical revolutionary liberationist, but liberals who have their heart usually in the right place are perfect prey, because the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Many of my friends are getting brainwashed by this guy, my own father. He says nothing, yet more people flock to him. His is the wolf in sheep’s clothing, he is not the Shepard. He is the liar, the Prince of Darkness.

    Here are the sings as I can tell:

    Already there are people worshiping him

    This is step one that takes the cake. People haven’t worshiped their leaders since antiquity, at least not in the Western World, the days of Alexander the Great, and the Roman Emperors.

    Yes, Bush was a bad leader, as were many American presidents, from Clinton to Reagan to Truman to FDR. Americans have conducted secret wars, trained death squads, funded terrorism, dropped atomic weapons, stole land, lynched and exterminated populations indigenous to the land. America never was some Promised Land, it was just another Empire.

    But the gospel showed us the Empire, and the Empire then was Rome. Now you can pick Jesus or Caesar, not both. Jesus is the one who dies for his follower, washes their feet. The President of the United States is like Caesar, the opposite, he has his followers fight and die for him. Whether it be on the fields of battle or a secret service agent taking a bullet.

    Sign two: he speaks lies, and yet his followers are fanatical in their devotion.

    Normally I would right this off as I did with John Kerry and say, oh he just wants to be like Kennedy, the way Clinton did, and so many other Democrats. They think they are JFK or RFK. But he’s a politician, he needs to lie, it’s his job. Fact was to get as far as he did running for president, he has to be controlled by someone with money and power. If he wasn’t, and it’s all grass roots collection plates prompting him up, then he will be assassinated because the powerful don’t want real change, they want to be in control. But they won’t, because we all know he’s a politician and you can’t believe anything he says. Sounds like the Antichrist, in fact all politicians are some form of the antichrist, because they must be silver tounged opportunists. The Antichrist being a politician makes perfect sense.

    People campaigning for him are brain washed. They have fallen under a spell. It isn’t hard to understand why.

    Look, people who sway others and gain power by rhetoric, have to understand human psychology. Whether they are good leaders or bad leaders, or merely teachers, they need to be able to articulate their point of view, from Jesus to Hitler and anyone in between. In fact, I’m using some of those same tools of psychology right now if you’ve read this far.

    He says nothing, just the same old sold-out bag of lies we have all heard before, and yet Bush was so upfront and bold with his lies that he has ripened them up for the Antichrist.

    Obama? Where did he come from? who is he? He is a thieving opportunist and ambitious politician. He made a pact with eh devil to reach his goals, and now in three years he has jumped up from State senator in Illinois to Junior Senator to the US Senate and top contender for President.

    What does he stand for? Change! What do you mean exactly. CHANGE we can BELIEVE in. Interesting slogan… Like WAR IS PEACE, or IN THIS SIGN WE SHALL CONQUER…

    He promises everyone the world and a pony, and dumb people fall for it. The Lost Sheep. Baaaaa… Count bodies like the sheep to the rhythm of the war drums…

    At the very least if you don’t want to believe he’s the Antichrist, then don’t believe him simply because he’s a politician.

    And don’t just stay in Cyberspace, go out there, resist.

    I will have a website up soon, and begin my part, but for now and always, I maintain a presence on the streets. You will know the resistance when you see it.

    The Revolution will not be podcast!

  45. sally sue

    i completly and totally agree with all of this. there is somthing real strange about this guy. his voice and face dont match. he has a very powerful voice and a soft face. people like a strong speaker, and nice looking man. one time in one of his speaches he said “we will take over” whats that tell you ?

    also, nothing against muslims or anything, but we have never had a muslim president. what if he tries to turn everyone muslim? anti-christ much. your turning everyone against God and everything christians beleive.
    i dont know this guy is just a creep and i think people should watch out for him.

    my opinion, you dont have to agree.

  46. scared844

    I’m not really sure why I googled this subject. I have never really gotten this feeling when listening to him, but it just came to me the other day. Now that I have heard all of you, I won’t be able to get it out of my head. I hope we are all wrong, in which case, we should all feel bad for judging, but I will definitely keep a close watch.

  47. JustPray

    To: Another one who believes

    …His father is from Kenya, and there has been speculation in many writtings that the Anit Christ will have a hand in Africa, and he will befriend the UN and give money to them.

    The Money is on its way!

    Obama’s Global Plan – Co-Sponsor – Sen. Obama

    Senator Biden trying to rush the Global Poverty Act through his committee, got it done. It now, if it passes — it already has passed the House mainly because people didn’t read it. If it passes now in the Senate, it will commit the United States to spending .7% of our gross national product on foreign aid, which will amount to a phenomenal $845 billion over what we already spend on foreign aid. But here’s the great thing. It doesn’t commit it to — we’re not committing to ourselves. We’re committing to the United Nations. The United Nations will take the .7% of our GDP and — wait a minute. That kind of sounds like — a poverty act. That almost sounds like a global tax.

    Obama bill: $845 billion
    more for global poverty

    “In addition to seeking to eradicate poverty, that (U.N.) declaration commits nations to banning ‘small arms and light weapons’ and ratifying a series of treaties, including the International Criminal Court Treaty, the Kyoto Protocol (global warming treaty), the Convention of Biological Diversity, the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women and the Convention of the Rights of the Child,” he said.

    Those U.N. protocols would make U.S. law on issues ranging from the 2nd Amendment to energy usage and parental rights all subservient to United Nations whims.

  48. Michael The Disciple

    With regards to Senator Obama….
    have you considered this simple equation…?

    all the letters in his name put together
    18 letters = 3 x 6
    or 3 sixes

    Makes you wonder, doesn’t it?
    And by the way, he is of Muslim descent,
    despite the people who insist he is Christian, and not a “practicing” Muslim….all that is necessary is the genealogy to fulfill this prophecy. And what better way to fool the masses than by wearing the mask of Christianity….hence, the word “Anti-Christ”.

    Obama is a poet laureate…Satan is a master of persuasion…
    Poetry is an embellishment of the truth; but poetry can never stand up to the truth.
    Pray for Truth.

    Anyway, I suppose we shall just have to wait and see. I won’t be voting for him, however.


  49. 301

    I am someone who voted for John McCain in the 2000 primaries. I am someone who strongly believes in the ideals of Ron Paul’s small government that actually works ‘for the people’ and tries not to police the world. I have always admired black civil rights leaders like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and have no issue with Obama’s race, religious upbringing, conversion to Christianity, or ethnic name. I have gone to church sparingly throughout my life and have found it a struggle to believe blindly in any religion and have always had an aversion to American Christians who seemed to me to be the ultimate hypocrites at times (especially when it comes to the Ten Commandments).

    Say what you will about my motivations based on the above, but in the interest of full disclosure I have always been an independent who leaned conservative based soley on fiscal conservatism and the Horatio Alger ‘bootstraps’ mentality that the GOP preaches but never seems to commit to follow.

    However, after hearing several Obama speeches, I found myself drawn to his message and magnetized by his oratory. I had started to wonder lately if I should switch my support in the general election to vote for the Senator from Illinois.

    Then, like others posting here I had what could only be described as a ‘gut feeling’ that Obama displayed characteristics that could reveal him as the AC. I was somewhat shocked that this thought even popped into my head and thought I’d Google just to refresh my understanding of the known prophecies. Admittedly, I’m far from an expert on the AC or Revalations, but as others have stated I was TOTALLY surprised to find many others had reached this conclusion well before I did today.

    I’m still not totally convinced, but I hope I am wrong and that if he is elected it leads to 8 years of peace and prosperity. We need a strong change in America whether it’s the ideas I heard from John McCain in 2000 or the hope for the future that Obama describes so eloquently.

    This ‘gut feeling’ is one of the weirdest experiences I’ve had and if Mr. Obama is truely a well intentioned do-gooder then I wish him the best in bringing his dreams of unity and prosperity to fruition.

    I hope that my admission of having this gut feeling is enough to make others in similar circumstances feel a little more at ease that they did not just have the craziest thought ever, but that others with no agenda have been struggling with this odd connection as well.

    We should all thank Iain McKinnon for letting this discussion grow on a platform of Free Speech and public discourse of ideas, rather than shutting down a topic for which he seems to share an opposite opinion. I will now proceed to hope that I simply ate some bad pizza for lunch.

  50. Afrocentric

    I’m an African-America female who became aware of Obama in 2004 when he gave that speech at the DNC…I was very impressed by him and have been a big supporter since he announced his Candidacy for President.

    It wasnt until about a month ago when i was watching clips of his speeches on youtube that it came to me out of nowhere that he could be the AC. I googled it and realized i wasnt the only one who felt this way.

    Im not 100% convinced that he is but one thing i do know is that if in fact he is the AC, there’s absolutely nothing we can do to stop the prophesy from being fulfilled which means regardless if you vote for him or not, he will win.

    Even if he does win, it doesnt automatically mean he’s the AC but it will be one more piece to the puzzle that will fit. Just something to think about.

  51. unknown

    I agree with everyone here, i firmly believe barak obama is the AC, AND DANGEROUS to our american World, he doesnt believe in christianity, and we the GOD and Bible believing people of America got to Vote for someone else other than this DEMON of hell!!! People wake up, this man is Muslim, and who Destroyed our world trade center in NYC AND THE PENTAGON and was heading for the White house to destroy our president of the USA ??? The Muslim TERRORISTS!! Now what does this tell you if you vote for that Obama man!!?? PEOPLE, WAKE UP, AND VOTE FOR HILLARY OR SOMEONE ELSE OTHER THAN THIS ANTI CHRIST FROM HELL!!!!! I DONT TRUST THIS EVIL VILE MAN !!!!!

  52. unknown

    I think Obama is the AC . But I certainly hope he is not . He is a Muslim !!! Who destroyed the twin towers killing thousands ?!?!?! Who tried destroying the pentagon ?!?!?! The Muslims !!!! I don`t know why people will vote for him ? I want anybody who`s reading this to think is Obama this kind of man … YES!!!! I want you to spread the word that Obama is the ANTI-CHRIST !!!! People who see this true good job !!!

  53. Tryphena

    Messiah, healer, hope, change….all words used to describe Barack Obama and what I believe are some of the very words many will use to describe the anti christ. Afrocentric is right, we can’t stop him from being in power if this is prophetic and biblical. We can however tell others to be aware of the truth. So many are mindlessly following Obama and I honestly never thought I would see this in my life time.

    I too watched Barack Obama giving speeches and realized that he actually could be the Anti Christ…the last thing I would have ever thought.

    We know the signs and we know what to look out for…when we are sure we will have to get the word out.

  54. Jeffrey A. Manty

    Is Barack Obama the Antichrist? Perhaps, but he must be a staunch supporter of Islam; and he must declare himself Allah at the abomination of desolation.

    Visit my website and get a copy of the book Prophecy Code to learn more about the name of the beast.

    How do I know that the antichrist will declare himself to be Allah? In 2 Thessalonians it says that “the man of lawlessness will oppose and will exalt himself over everything that is called God and worshiped”.

    In other words, the man of lawlessness will declare himself to be God, but what god? And of what religion?

    I’m convinced that the key to knowing who is the coming antichrist; is to understand when this decleration (or abomination of desolation) first occured.

    In Isaiah 14: 13-14 it says,

    ‘You (Lucifer) said in your heart’ “I will ascend to heaven; I will raise my throne above the stars of God… I will ascend above the tops of the clouds; I will make myself like the Most High.”

    The Hebrew word for Lucifer’s sin of wanting to “ascend” above God, is the word allah.

  55. the Interviewer


    I am impressed with your patience with this and equally impressed with your level head as a Christian. Making this such statement about a political figure seems to be one of “the kids’ favorite games” over recent years. I’d like to make two observations though. One about this particular “obama antichrist de jour” issue and another about your blog and a very few like it.

    1) There seems to be an unusual common thread here. I live in the Chicago area. I saw Barack as he initially emerged. I must reluctantly say that I am one of those who “felt in my Spirit” at first glance. There was no overwhelming urge to shout it from the rooftops or make sure that everybody knew in an “I told you so”, self indulgence. At that moment I simply felt that it was certain. At that moment I told others in the room that he would be president in 2008. This was when he first appeared during the infamous Jeri Ryan scandal that introduced him as a possible candidate as SENATOR. When I said he would be president, the response was not unlike what it would have been if I said the Cubs were going to win the world series. For some reason, I was certain and, at that time, it was an implausible notion. This is all to say, I have never heard so many people who sound sane and normal (there are many who don’t in blogworld on both [or is it all?] sides of the theo-political fence[s]) that make what seems to be more of an observation than a statement that they “just felt something” at first glance. I must admit that I was one of these. There are so many.

    2) As you know, there is an ever-increasing number of “obama+antichrist” search results. I have been quietly reading for some time. I realize that you do not go quietly into the notion that your blog has become one of the more frequented ones. But it is AND it is one where some of the more sound arguments for both sides seem to reside. Time will tell in the end but your world has already been invaded by the antichrist even if he is not Obama… even if the actual AC will not emerge for 200 years.

    In Christ (and thank God for that because I would be lost without Him)

  56. Joseph

    No-namer here again!! Hehehe….. You are born again? that figures…… born agains are the weired christians…….. so loud and so righteous ……. and so ignorant. Tone it down a bit and just pray for those that are lost,,,,,, no need to spout off about how sad you are for them. Do you want people to feel bad for you becouse you feel so hurt that others are lost? Pitty is a sure fine way to drive people away from you and our Lord…….Speak of hope…..not pitty

  57. dc

    voters, this is scary;
    the letters it takes to spell the name barak obama
    also spells the words; a-arak- a-bomb; in other words; a-iraq-atomic-bomb. now add hussain and you now have a-arak(iraq) hussain a (atomic) bomb.
    a vote for obama could be a vote against your own life.

  58. Mo

    I thought this was ironic when I ran across this. My husband and I have both been readers of the “Left Behind” series of books that describes a young man from Romania rising up to be the Anti-Christ in the books. Both DH and I have found it odd that Barack Obama has been rising to such a position of power so quickly, and in my humble estimation, without really saying anything. Sure, the guy is charming, and he’s a great orator, but it kind of frightens me how many people flock to him without him really having any “message”. DH noted that one of his coworkers just started reading the above books and made a “joking” comment about Obama being the anti-christ in our time. I don’t know if I totally believe that, but ironically, my mind did fly to the books when I began to see his rise to power.

    I do happen to be a player for the other side (yes, I’m a Republican) and I do also happen to be highly educated as well as being a Christian. I have been and will continue to try to judge the people in the race fairly. I’m not an Obama fan for many other reasons (universal healthcare, raising taxes, etc;) but on a very base level, something about the man makes me very nervous and troubled. I don’t tend to trust a person that is mindlessly followed. Several of my relatives have expressed their unease about this man as well….

    As others have noted, if this were truly the case (which I honestly doubt and truly hope not!) there isn’t a whole heck of a lot we can do except wait and pray. I do find it interesting that I’m not the only one who’s thought of this though when I searched this!

  59. PB

    I don’t believe Obama is the AC, but it is interesting that his third year in office if elected will be 2012. The AC supposedly will reign in peace for the first 3.5 years then he will show his true colors and set the world ablaze. There are many end of world predicionts for 2012.

    Plus there is that weird planetary/galatic alignment thing that year.


  60. James

    I’m not sure why people keep tying in end of world predictions such as the 2012 mayan calendar one with the Anti-Christ. They come from totally separate sources. The bible does not preach anything about nostradamus or 2012. If you want to believe in those sorts of things that’s certainly within your right, but understand that the Anti-Christ is not related to those predictions. The bottom line is anyone who does believe in the bible and Christianity knows the Anti-Christ is a given, and there is nothing we can do to prevent it. Whether or not it’s Obama or someone else thousands of years from now is just impossiple to figure out. There is no guarantee the Anti-Christ will even be in your children’s children lifetime, rather than focus on these things we should be the best possible Christians we can be and just continue on with life rather than wasting time thinking about when it will end.

  61. Tommy

    If Barak Obama IS the Antichrist, then he can’t be stopped anyways. It’s necessary for it to pass so God’s plan can play out as intended. So what you need to do is read the Gospels, practice what it teaches and go on with your life. If you live your life according to Jesus’ words, what do you have to be scared of?
    Personally, I can’t wait.
    I’m ready to come Home.

    P.S.- The Mayan Calander does NOT end in 2012.
    It goes in cycles, and it just starts a new one.

    P.S. Again- If I see one more “YEH BUTBUT IF YOU ADD HIS NAME UP WITH NUMBERS ITS 666 OMGGGGGGGGG” I’m going to flip.

    Seriously, I’m all for Life, but some people definitely need to be put down.

  62. the Interviewer


    Just curious, who are the “other” kind of Christians that are not “weird” and not born-again. I’m asking because I’ve been a Christian most of my life and I know so many of them. Some are a bit outspoken and self-righteous. These are often people who would be this way no matter what their belief system. Others are quite different, usually those who have endured the difficulties and failures of life and recognize their own shortcoming before they ever point out the shortcomings of others, especially entire groups of people based on some weak stereotype. One wildly misunderstood stereotype is the Born Again.

    Just thought you’d like to know….

  63. Becky

    I seriously got the idea from something as silly as reading the Left Behind series, but I can’t get rid of the thought. But the blogger is right, the anti-christ will rise up no matter what we do, and so I plan to vote for him, if it’s him versus McCain becaus I don’t agree with the war. It’s a little scary…

  64. StormyG

    “Yeesh, guys. Look, the very fact that a lot of people don’t like the guy at all is as much as you need to disprove that little theory. If everyone is going to love and worship this guy, then I’d say it’s a fair bet it’s not Barack Obama, who is pretty well hated by a lot of folks. ”

    Guess you were wrong in that comment :/

  65. StormyG

    Sorry, Now that I go back and read all the comments, I see that my link has already been posted. And I also was amazed at how so many of the commentor’s words, echoed my experience.

    I work in the medical field, was raised in the church and I am a Christian. I have never been a very good one though. I dont go to church regularly, and tend to pray only when I need it. I have always scoffed at conspiracy theorist and end-timers.

    Yet at the beginning of Feb, watching one of the Dem. debates, a feeling hit me like a slap in the face, that Obama was the antichrist. I tried to shake it off, but inside my head all I could think was “OH MY GOD! NO ONE IS SEEING IT!” I actually came close to screaming this out at the TV.
    Then I did a search, and soon realized that no, people are seeing it. Just as there are people blindly following him.

    Now to my current delima. I now feel as if I am being called to talk about this. A feeling that warms me to the core, yet scares me to death. I have a teenager, and dont want to be the “Crazy

  66. StormyG

    Cont. (sorry, typing on a laptop, it entered my comment before I finished) so sorry 😦

    I have a teenager and dont want to be the “Crazy end times lady” So I have been fighting this feeling. Yet over and over situations keep presenting themselves, where I almost have no choice but to talk about it. Then something amazing happens, the words seem to flow out of my mouth perfectly. And people are listening. And believing. I dont know, its so wierd. This all is so totally opposite my usual personality.

    I apologize again for the multiple post, I just felt the need to share that. And would like to ask if any of you have gotten this feeling also? Feeling like you are supposed to talk about it?

  67. waldo w.

    try anagrams
    An anagram is the result of rearranging the letters of a word or phrase to produce a new word or phrase, using all the original letters exactly once
    Anagrams say Obama is truely a bad idea. to show how anagram can reveal hidden meanings, here are few simpe ones.
    silent spells listen
    veil= live=evil
    DEPRESSION=Dope’s Siren
    obama now
    ANTI CHRIST OBAMA=Satanic!Abort Him!
    ANTI CHRIST OBAMA=I Satanic Ohm Brat
    ANTI CHRIST OBAMA=Satanic Ram? I Both
    ANTI CHRIST OBAMA=Satanic?Hi Rat Mob !
    ANTI CHRIST OBAMA=Hint!! Bi Sarcomata! (Sarcomata is a tumor)
    ANTI CHRIST OBAMA=Bi, Thin Sarcomata! (bisexual thin tumor)
    ANTI CHRIST OBAMA=I am To B Anarchist!!!
    ANTI CHRIST OBAMA=Bah! I Tacit Romans!!

    ANTI CHRIST OBAMA=I A Anarchist Tomb!
    ANTI CHRIST OBAMA=Oh! Satiric Batman! (Batman means his true identity is masked!!)
    ANTI CHRIST OBAMA=Actor! Abstain Him!
    ANTI CHRIST OBAMA=I! His Actor Batman! (batman=masked true identity)
    ANTI CHRIST OBAMA=Sham !A Titanic Bro!
    ANTI CHRIST OBAMA=I Titan Cobra Sha

    there are alot more, want to know what?
    Dig more out yourself
    read up on anagrams if you really are a thinking person.
    here is the website for anagrams

  68. waldo w.

    But thou, O Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book, even to the time of the end: many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased. Dan 12 v4
    has the internet increased our knowlwdge?
    “Behold, the days come, saith the Lord God, that I will send a famine in the land, not a famine of bread, nor a thirst for water, but of hearing the Words of the LORD.JOHN 16 v 2
    bible says people will have visions in the endtimes like many of you have said you have had
    [17] And it shall come to pass in the last days, saith God,I will pour out of my Spirit upon all flesh: and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams:

  69. Rob V.

    When the REAL antichrist arrives, you’ll never see him coming.

    I think this may be dead-on right. Probably the most sobbering and dare I say prophetic comment here.

  70. Kathryn

    What a lot of horrible codswalop! What happened to “by their fruits you shall know them? I am ashamed to read so many nasty comments – people sniping at one another – and all supposedly over the Word of God. Those offering such aggressive comments have apparently missed the whole point of the gospel. Leave it all to the Lord and in His perfect timing the prophecies of the Word will come to fruition. God bless you all.

  71. waldo w.

    kathryn spells “try ankh”

    (ankh= a cross having a loop for its upper vertical arm and serving especially in ancient Egypt as an emblem of life )
    no thanks!!!!

  72. Bush devil poop

    As a born-again Southern Republican, I don’t understand why folk forget that the Bible proves that W is the poop of Satan.

  73. Bush poop devil

    There you go again, Bush devil poop! C’mon, really now! We born-again-ers know that Bush is the devil of poop, not the poop of the devil!

  74. McCain rocqkz!

    Hooray for the superiour investigative journalism displayed by the genius commenters on this blog post! Bring on the bring-me-death-ers!

    [Hey, JJ, those folks aren’t going to be able to tell that all the kooky comments are really coming from the domain, are they? You know, they really need to start paying us better than minimum wage to start generating all these crazy left-behinder lunacies about Obama, huh?]

  75. Donna

    I don’t know what it is but the first time i saw obama i thought he was evil looking. Strange looking if you will. Not to be cruel he is a great speaker i think thats what people like about him. However he just gives me the creeps from the first time i saw him. His lips look like their purple to me. I just think there is something not right with him but thats just my opinion.

  76. Jennifer

    A friend forwarded me an email advocating that Obama could be this antichrist of christian lore. I was immediately taken aback by such a crazy accusation! I dunno. It is beyond words. (obviously rethinking THAT friendship) Really–I think that this whole sh-bang was started by Hilary. She knows there are enough cooky- christian-end-of-time-closet-racists out there that would go along with this and she’s just crazy enough to think this ploy might tip the scales in her favor. But who knows? Maybe I’m wrong. Anything is possible. Alls I know is this: these people who seriously give creedance to such a notion terrify me more than Obama ever could.

  77. Wendy

    Seriously, you people scare me. Maybe one of you are the AC, oh no maybe I am. My goodness, the foolishness of “the 1st time I heard his name, the AC popped in my head”. The truth is the Obama=AC is an excuse for those who rather not admit they don’t want to see a man of color as the president of all AMERICA. “He’s got a weird “name, so does Peekaboo Street is she the wife of the AC?

    Have americans become so bitter that the ideal of hope,inspiration and changing for our country from what Bush admin has disgraced us to. Who doesnn’t want CHANGE for the better?

    Everyone has a right to their choice of politcian(s) if you want Hillary with all her lies, McCain and his promise of 100 years of war or Obama and his hope and change. To use and idiotic excuse as AC is pitifull.

    In the words of Hillary Clinton “SHAME ON YOU”.

  78. Tryphena

    Wendy? If you read all the posts you will read that some are of color who post here and they still have concerns. Obama being half black has nothing to do with it. Obama attended a church that had a pastor who hates the United States and hates Israel. If that doesn’t concern you I don’t know what will. It amazes me that so many Americans are following this man off the cliff. What has happened? Why are so many willing to trust a man who has done nothing, said nothing or displayed any reason to be trusted? Obama has laced himself with those who hate us and who hate Israel and people still trust him???? WHY??? That is my biggest question now, WHY?????
    One more thing…Wake up OH sleeper, Wake UP!!! You have seen displayed before you what will take place if this man is voted into the highest position in office. He is showing you his stripes yet you refuse to see it. Wake up, Wake up!!!

  79. Tryphena

    Instead of so called “born again’s” posting that W is poop of Satan, how about this? How many times, since Bush has been in office, have you prayed for him? If you are a Christian, you will know the Bible clearly states we are to pray for our leaders. If you are a Christian, you should be praying for him and not slandering him. I wish all who say they are Christians would have prayed for Bush.

  80. Tryphena

    Jennifer, Hillary has nothing to do with our concerns about Obama. I and many others privately put 2 and 2 together, why haven’t you? You know all he stands for, you know who he has laced himself with and who he promotes and you still think he is right to lead our country? Why do you think so?

  81. Iain MacKinnon Post author

    I fail to see what Israel has do to with any of this. The prophecies surrounding the seed of Abraham were fulfilled in Christ – the ‘Seed’ (singular) not a nation – ‘Seed’ (plural). In any case, Obama’s pastor has less to do with any of this than Israel does.

  82. MrScary

    3 Reasons Obama meets the qualifications of the Anti-Christ..

    1: He come from the East = He was schooled & mostly raised in Indonesia.
    2: In the time of Mabus he shall arise = Govenor Mabus endorses Obama
    3. The False Prophet at his side = Rev. Wright

    This is the 1st time in our generation that any one person has met all these requirements.

    One more thing: He shall come as a godly man but he’s a deceiver! If he doesn’t make the White House this election He will by 2012!



  84. Iain MacKinnon Post author

    Well, there you have it folks. As much proof as you’d ever need. Beware of purple-lipped, ‘wierd’-voiced, word-floundering people who fail to make eye-contact and clearly have a lot of mesmerizing… er… just mesmerizing. Watch out “America”!!!!! Your punctuation is in peril!!!! Exclamation mark!

  85. Rob V.

    🙂 Too funny, Iain.

    I wish there was a way to calm some of these people down. I mean, I may disagree STRONGLY with the guy politically, but the way I look at it, if he’s not the AC, the most we’ll deal with is 4 or 8 years of liberalism. That can be remedied.

    But if he is the AC, that means JC is on His way!

    So why all the worrying?


    WITH THE MARK OF THE BEAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    YES! YES! YES!













    NOW 6 PLUS 7 PLUS 5 EQUALS 18.


    18, WE WILL GET 6 PLUS 6 PLUS 6.








    GET 666 AGAIN!








    SO IF YOU DIAL 1 + AREA CODE (312) +







    BEGIN WITH 666.










    VOTING IS: 1-866-675-2008.
















  87. Tryphena

    Well, so much has happened since my last post…more rants by Rev. Wright and huge concerns over Obama’s associations with
    Rashid Khalidi, Rezko, William Ayers and so on. What is the old saying? Where there’s smoke there’s fire? Something isn’t right! What more do we need to see to “get it” that this man is not right to run our Country?

    I think I understand what has happened here. So many are upset about the Iraq war and are very concerned about how Bush has ran our Country and in many ways they have good reason to be unhappy. They are looking for something new, a change and a hope for a future that right now looks like the next 2cnd great depression. Obama seems to think he has answers, he stands firm and confident and is a man of color. I add the color issue at the end because I think Americans have heard for so long that we harmed black Americans and we are all horrible for ever bringing slaves into this land. No question about it, they were treated very badly in many cases. On one hand, the Obama support is fueled by his idea of change and hope and the other is individuals need to prove to the black community that we are over the race issue and that we are willing to put a man of color in the White House. Problem is, who is this man? Who is he really? Why does he associate with so many that are clearly not upstanding Americans? Is he a poor judge of character or are those he associates with more of who he is?

    Obama has somehow made it clear to the press and to everyone that certain subjects are not permitted and for some reason everyone is obliging. Are there some strong consequences if they cross the Obama line? Using words to describe him as the “Messiah” is still very frightening to me. When I say “frightening” because so many have no idea what they are following and the concern is for all Americans who have no clue what our future holds if this man is voted into office.

    Clearly when Obama starts accusing Americans of clinging to their religion, these are not words from a man who understands what it means to love God. The way he used his words seemed as if he was taunting others and accusing them as if to find them to be a joke. Does he love American’s or does he laugh and loath us? From what I have seen so far, he doesn’t seem to care about America or Americans. There is more unseen about Obama and if we knew his true colors we would run the other direction!

  88. woodrow

    This ‘Obama AntiChrist’ idea is highly entertaining, but I don’t understand why some Christians are so agitated at the prospect of the End Times beginning this November. After all, the apocalyptic world leader is prophecied to provoke the second coming of Christ… Isn’t that a good thing? Ride the Rapture to meet God, anyone?
    I’m voting for Obama because he opposes the madness of the Iraq War, but I’d be delighted if he turned out to be the AntiChrist, who is said to bring global peace before things get really ugly for a while. After the last battle–the culmination of all military history–there’s Heaven on Earth, and life is perfect again and forever. Hallelujah!
    What’s not to love?!

  89. Skank Bangerton

    Skank Bangerton has also been rumoured to be the anti-christ!


  90. real

    I just watched Obama give his speach in Europe and I felt a nose bleed coming on. Something is really weard about this guy. My wife thought I was crazy when I mentioned the antichrist.

  91. Robben Salter

    Just thought I’d throw in my two cents…

    For the past 2,000 years, christians have been pointing at different people (Popes, emperors, kings and dictators) as the possible anti-christ.

    Daniel 8:25 says
    He will cleverly use his power to deceive others successfully. He will consider himself to be great and destroy many people when they don’t expect it. He will oppose the Commander of Commanders, but he will be defeated, though not by any human power.

    So far, this could be any dictator…

    Daniel 11:37 “He will show no regard for the gods of his fathers or for the desire of women, nor will he show regard for any other god; for he will magnify himself above them all.

    So far, obama has regarded the jewish God, and the christian God… wether or not he might later recant this position, he also claims to love his wife, and two daughters dearly.

    As a christian, I don’t believe obama is the anti-christ, but I do believe he will bring this planet closer to it’s next phase.

    Jesus had john the baptist as a forerunner, perhaps obama is the AC’s forerunner for the new age.

    But even if all this “prophecy” stuff is a load of bunk, obama should still be watched carefully.

    He praises isreal one moment, and the next says he’s going to dismantle their nuclear power (every nations nuclear power!)

    It isn’t the presidents job to help save the earth, but to run a single country.

    Obama is not interested in just being a president though, which is why he campaigns all around the world…

    He wants to be the president of the world, not america.

  92. Rafael

    It makes sense that Obama could be the AC. Im not completely convinced at this point the he is the AC but I am positive that we are in the end times and really what we have to do is just continue preaching to people and wait for Jesus to come back and take us home. If Obama is the AC then we have nothing to worry about it just means that we will be home soon. In the mean time we just need to talk about Jesus and pray.

  93. nathan

    Wow, you know what, try googling George Bush antichrist. quite a lot of material there, or you can do the same for Ronald (6) Wilson (6) Reagan (6). And you know what? its still a load of HORSE CRAP. Follow it as the loon in the movie 23, and you, like my brother, will at some point find yourself visiting a mental institution “just to make sure your ok”. Its nonsense turned into to meaning by playing math games, and interpreting quatranes and prophecies that have been deliberately made so vague that you can find a way to make them correct after the fact. In the case of false prognostication of the antichrist, it is also borderline Paranoid delusional. Thats reality.

  94. just another american

    I realize all of the people trying to defend Obama, and trying to call him out on being the next anti-christ. I myself do not know what to believe anymore, Obama has the signs of the anti-christ but who really knows if it is him, there have been others with just as many ideas to be the anti-christ. It worries me a little with this election, I don’t think either candidate can be set as the right person for office. I know I have my opinions as well as everyone else, so I can see if I am going to get negative responses. I do however, find it strange how Obama has come out of no where, rising to the top faster and faster, day by day. I know a lot of people don’t like him for the anti-christ ordeal, and whatever else is going on. But there are MANY others who flock to him, which to myself is a bit odd. I don’t understand how america can just trust these people, who knows, any of them could have been or will be the anti-christ. It says that the anti-christ will receive a mortal wound, and live it, which I think could happen to Obama if put into office seeing he is the first non-white person to run for office and have a large chance to win. And if he lives the attempt to an assassination, then I think there is a pretty LARGE chance that this man is the anti-christ, for the anti-christ will never die. There is nothing anyone can do though right now to be honest, we all have no proof that it is honestly him. So my best idea for you all, myself, and the rest of america is to just pray that he isn’t and if he is pray even more, for yourself and the ones you love. Please leave responses, I would love to hear.

  95. Skank Bangerton

    FACT: Barrack Obama has 18 letters in his name.


    FACT: Barrack Obama was born 13 years after the rebirth of the nation of Israel….

    FACT: Barrack Obama has seen a “quicker than usual success in politics”

    SO DID JOHN F. KENNEDY BY SOME STANDARDS: Also, you can get 777 out of his name 21 letters…… maybe you can play his birthday on your next powerball ticket.

    FACT: Barrack Obama is of muslim heritage “THE SEED OF ISHMAEL!!! OH NO!!!! SO SCARY!!!!

    SO ARE ALL ITALIANS!!! They were invaded by the moors from Africa. There women were raped and villages pillaged. That is where they get there hair type and skin tone…….. What if Rudy Giuliani is the F***** antichrist…. OH WAIT HE IS A REPUBLICAN THAT CAN’T BE POSSIBLE.

    Final FACT: What this speculation comes from is fear. Fear of not being the dominating race. Fear of something different, and a general igonorance. So f*** all of you bible thumpin uneducated interpreters of “Ancient Prophetic Scripture”

    All Cultures have their own “Ancient Prophetic Scripture” and “Doomsday prophecy”.

    Of course the Christian Bible is right! Cause it has to be and I have FAITH!!!! LOL The Bible is vague and leaves everything up to the readers interpretation, and faith. The wonderful thing about faith is nobody is ever proven wrong in Christianity because of their faith. Then again you can’t prove it right either.

    You have to die to find out, and dead men don’t tell lies do they?

    Well mortal men do and its call the bible or any other society control manual. F*** you all! Ya, bunch of retarded lambs to the slaughter. LOL


    I was born on 6-6-86
    My real name is William Brent Cianci THATS 18 LETTERS ALSO!!!!

    My Address growing up was 1666 Forsynthia dr.

    I was born out of wedlock.

    I am a decendant of Ishmael through my Italian heritage.

    My mother is an athiest.

    Wait I can’t be the anti-christ….. I don’t have a law degree and I am not Black like Barrack……. F***** RACIST PIGS KEEP SPEWING YOUR HATE. YOU HATEFUL UNEDUCATED, TOBACCO CHEWING, PBR DRINKING, TRAILER DWELLING, 86 MONTE CARLO DRIVING, FOUL, SOCIALLY DEFICIENT F***TARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  96. bellalu0

    There are many parallels to the point of being eerie, but I don’t think he is. I don’t think he will be from the United States. He is to take his place in the temple (which is not there at this time). He does not have to be muslim, but he will be in opposition to Israel. So though many things fall into place, not all do. But when you look at prophecy, it’s like a riddle and you just can’t quite figure it out.

    However, I will not vote for Obama. He will not be good for America for many reasons.

  97. passerby learning more

    Not sure if he is antichrist or not but there is something about him that makes me very wary. He seems to be sort of “manufactured”. He doesn’t seem real at all. What really does he know about being a leader?? He is a good if not great talker but most people like that having nothing more than their talk. No substance behind their words. He tells whatever group he talks to exactly what they want to hear. He always talks about win-win situations for all, since when does that ever happen? Someone somewhere always pays. I don’t know about you but when the phone rings at 3AM, a US warship has been sunk with 5000 sailors and an enemy is invading a country we promised to protect do we really want Obama answering the phone????? How many more die before he figures out what the hell to do! What interests of the US are taken over by an enemy while he seeks world approval for his actions?? Think about this because it could happen. Just look at Russia and Georgia, not exactly the same but hopefully you get the idea. I just want to know what are Obama’s credentials for handling that situation?? Learning on the job isn’t an option!

  98. Lordsavega

    Obmama isn’t the antichrist i would know, you humans are too trusting and must be put back in your places. i hate all humans with their stupidity always in there way. so much stiupidity for humans that you never had a closer look at any type of web site that i only know what’s going to happen to your kind, but you human won’t understand it your too premative monkeys and fools as your are brave to suffer your fate that lies ahead that your kind won’t servive the first wave of an alien attack from space, out of every mistake of all mortals that you think that humans can win the war. you must be joken

  99. Christina

    This is something in regards to what the owner of this web site said:
    (“If everyone is going to love and worship this guy, then I’d say it’s a fair bet it’s not Barack Obama, who is pretty well hated by a lot of folks.”)

    While this is something that I thought at first as well, a friend and I had a discussion and it helped me to realize something: antichrist will die and rise again, so I think that after that point, the people who are going to be deceived, will be drawn to him BECAUSE of that display of power (regardless of his race, or whether or not they hated him before).

    I have also had a weird feeling about Obama though, as well as others I know have. It is kind of strange that THAT many people out there have felt this to be a possibility. I thought I was alone at first!

    I also heard that Obama is from the middle east, which I believe the Bible says antichrist comes from there? not sure of the accuracy of this.

  100. Christina


    I don’t know who you are, but if you are a practical joker, then you are pathetic, and grow up. And I feel sorry for you when the end does come.

    If you are a demon or an “alien”, back of weirdo!
    You WILL NOT win.

  101. Christina

    and skank-

    you have a really big problem also. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.
    Get off whatever drugs or haterade you are doing, and act like a NORMAL PERSON. It’s people like you who are making this world become a tragedy. Why do people need to be so hateful and swear at others also?
    I used to be somewhat like you before I knew God. Believe me, the way you are living will never have any positive results.

  102. Warren


    You are the only trailer trash I have seen posting on this site. It is low rents like your self that have taken the descency out of our GREAT COUNTRY

  103. Tryphena

    I just heard a man on the radio say that he wasn’t sure who to vote for because he was torn between honoring Martin Luther King and for the first time having the opportunity to vote for a black man vs what would be right for the future of his children. Seems this is a big issue and most of us can understand why this young man is torn.

    One thing we all must ask ourselves is, who should be trusted to take the most powerful job in the United States? What is the persons track record, what are the policies he will instate?

    Over and Over again I have heard that Obama couldn’t receive a security clearance for any other job in Washington due to his involvements (NOT just associations) with those who have attacked United States. He has ties with terrorists in other countries and he has now been named as having a huge investment with ACORN. To date there have been no real answers as to why Obama was involved with Rashid Khalidi, Rezko, William Ayers, etc.

    It is in all of our best interests to do some more research on what Obama stands for and who he has decided to lace himself with and why. After doing my own research on who these people are that Obama has connected with, I am convinced that if he is President, we will lose our American Freedoms with in the next 4 years.

    Wake up Americans!!!
    Obama is dangerous for the United States of America!

  104. Lynn

    I to felt the same feeling about Obama! What will be will be! If he is the AC Nothing will change the things that will come to Be! It will be Gods will! Just as It was when his son was Hung on a cross! It all has a purpose! Most important thing is to stand for what you belive in and have god to lead you and guide you the right way! If by chance Obama is not the AC God help him with this mess he is getting into! 🙂

  105. Karen

    It’s been awhile since any body has posted so here it goes…….People think I am crazy …..I do Believe Obama is the antichrist. He holds all the cards to be so according to Nostradamus and others including the bible. He has taken over the auto industry.banking industry.the media .the voices of disent are being supressed. he is loved by many around the world and charismatic. He is of Muslim decent.brings the message of hope. What more do you need to know what’s happening, a lightenbolt up you ash.

  106. Amanda

    I think he is too… I mean, some people have filled a few of the characteristics, but he seems to have *all* of them. And the fact so many are jumping to his defense or trying to discredit us goes towards one of the other traits… the fact he will be charismatic and deceive many…

  107. Amanda

    Also… all the Mayan and other calendars are saying that the end of the world is in 2012. If that’s true, that would be the end of his term minus 6 months, or the 42 months the “beast” is supposed to be in power.

    Waiting and watching, hoping and praying…

  108. Jerry

    It’s interesting how some of you are expressing Christian beliefs in your statements, and then you also throw in Nostradamus & The Mayan Calendar which are not things that true Christians believe in!! I think obama is a fool and will go down as the worst President in history when all is said and done, but he is not the Anti-Christ in my opinion.

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  110. Tish

    Hello there, Happy April Fool’s Day!!

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    “Outstanding,” Fred replied. “They taught us all the latest psychological techniques – visulization, association – it made a huge difference for me.”
    “That’s great! What was the name of the clinic?”
    Fred went blank. He thought and thought, but couldn’t remember. Then a smile broke across his face and he asked, “What do you call that flower with the long stem and thorns?”
    “You mean a rose?”
    “Yes, that’s it!”
    He turned to his wife “Rose, what was the name of that clinic?”

    Happy April Fool’s Day!

  111. Steve Meikle

    They would rather scream that Obama is the antichrist, which he isnt, and about which they could do absolutely nothing if he were antichrist, they would rather do this than impeach him for war crimes when he has ramped up an illegal war, now runs a secret torture prison in Afghanistan, and has not overturned Bush’s suspension of habeas corpus and due process.

    It is good for too many American people to have something to scream about as long as it does not involve doing something, like actually applying and obeying American law and prosecuting a president who breaks it.

    THis Obama antichrist furore is merely a futile luxury, a childish self indulgence, and it will only cause the Bible to be jeered at further when the storm dies down

  112. justin

    well 1st havent been on mackle in a year, let me say this about my journey so far. any1 who thinks bush is the 1 leave ok. further more i suggested prince charles (young), read the book open your eyes this is the generation that will not pass check ur history books with isreal and when they became a nation! its not obama either people . although i must admit he is like a woof, he is a great president just in the wrong time . he will help america to their defeat in the end With all the nations!!! Obama hmmm you son of a bitch! take a look at the gulf all gods plan! obama is so eager to come together he wants to be 1 world leader but keep in mind satan is smarter than him and will use him to the fullest! satan will also have no desire for women! obama is setting us up > not intentionaly but what is, is! Im sorry obama you are goin to kill us! But you cant stop god and his path been on a roll for centuries! fill free with ur input

  113. Gracie

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