The New 486!!

Found this in a drawer in my classroom the other day…


Gasp in wonder at its 25mhz Intel 486 processor!

Flinch at its magnificent 4mb of RAM!

Marvel at its collosal 80 mb hard drive (yes, mb)!

Gaze upon its mighty 1mb video RAM!!

I shouldn’t mock too much, because in 1994, this was pretty impressive spec. Things have fairly moved on, though, huh?

“Delivering excellent graphics performance, it blazes through your windows applications at speeds of up to 28 million Winmarks!”

What the heck is a Winmark? Is that not the German Currency that was subject to hyperinflation in the 20s and became effectively worthless?

This German woman in 1923 is feeding Winmarks into a stove because it is more economical to burn her money than to buy a new 486 at a cost of £1139 ($2235).


3 thoughts on “The New 486!!

  1. Hannibal

    I can distinctly remember my father bringing home an Apple IIe … now there’s tech for you.

    (Zork: The Great Underground Empire was my favorite “video” game in those days.)

  2. Iain MacKinnon Post author

    The school I teach in still has an Apple LCII stuffed under the counter in the staff room. The previous school I taught in still had an enviable collection of floppy disks for the BBC micro. I remember spending hours on that computer as a kid in school, manually typing in hundreds of lines of code to make a badly pixellated rocket ship fly up the screen. Happy days…

  3. erikcurtis

    I used this exact PC to do my school work in High school. In grade middle school I used an Apple II+ that loaded its applications from an external cassette recorder. Now where did I put that 16gig thumbdrive?


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