Fun With Facial Hair

The “Full-Monty”

The “Christian-Rock-Band”

the hunt
The “Hunt”

The “Seventies-Copper”

The “Fuhrer”

The “Slightly-Worrying”


9 thoughts on “Fun With Facial Hair

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  3. onlysometimesclever

    Iain ~ It appears you have too much time on your hands. 🙂 I didn’t get The Hunt one until I saw the above comment. You look oddly like my husband in the Christian Rock Band one — furrowed brow and everything… though his ‘burns aren’t quite that long.

  4. Iain MacKinnon Post author

    You know, it’s amazing how many people have uttered those words, “You have way too much time on your hands…”

    I knew the ‘Hunt’ would be cryptic up till the point when Jeremy left a comment. Thanks for obliging, man!

    And I actually did have Marty in mind when I took that shot. Not the scowl, though. I’m actually regretting not leaving it at the ‘Hunt’ stage now…

  5. Iain MacKinnon Post author

    You’re a strange little man, Rob…

    That’s actually the connecting door to our Landlord’s house. They live in an old hunting/shooting/fishing lodge and we live in the Gamekeeper’s cottage. That door was used by the servants to get from one house to the other.

    You’d love this place. I can throw a stone from our bedroom window onto the beach.

  6. Rob V.

    Strange, ok. Little… hey!

    I just love anything older than 20 years, to be honest. I could tell there was some history in that door knob.

    But now I’m jealous of your stone throwing, too. Of course, “beach” where you are and “beach” where I am may mean different things. Soft sand or craggy moor-like banks?

    If we throw a stone from our bedroom window, we hit another apartment building. If the people in that apartment building throw a stone from their bedroom window, they hit one of the most heavily-traveled highways in the U.S. So we get to hear that lovely din all day long!

    (God help us move!)


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