WoW – My Scramble for a Mount

Disclaimer: This post has nothing insightful to say on life or spritual matters. It is not clever. It is quite possibly a bit sad for those who don’t see the point in spending time on video games. However, I do, and it’s my blog. So NYAH.

Right. Back to Azeroth…

Well, Having reached Level 40 with my beloved Rogue, Frogey, I was blowed if I was going to reach 41 without having bought the mount I’d been aiming for since about level 15. Unfortunately, like so many, I had a grand total of 35 gold to my name and no other resources. Drastic action had to be taken.

On a mad whim, I decided to sink all my cash into a couple of blue items on the Auction House. I didn’t even know what I was buying, so it was a major risk. I’ve never really used the AH that much for anything, so I was working completely blind. I just bought 2 things which seemed comparatively cheap and stuck them straight back up at a higher price. It certainly seemed to work. I’d sold them both at a decent profit within a day or two, bought some more, sold them and so on. I made the odd major mistake, like buying cheapo items that were cheap because no blighter wanted to buy them, but then I discovered the wonderful Auctioneer add-on which analyses and suggests pricing based on the previous auctions it has recorded. After a few days of doing little more than buying and selling with guidance from Auctioneer, I strutted off to Eastvale Logging Camp and purchased my Chestnut Mare and still had about 60g sitting in my bag for some cool blue weapons.

Heehee! I rock!

Oh, what blessed relief not to have to run everywhere anymore! It’s worth the hassle for that alone. Today I bought out a purple item for the first time. It cost me 80g but according to Auctioneer is worth 130g, so worth the risk.

I also ran the Scarlet Monastery on Saturday night with two higher level guildies, Punkdwarf and Kelder. Lots of good drops and stacks of XP, so I was a happy bunny. And speaking of small furry animals, I’ve been wearing my guild tabard for a few days now and only realised on Friday that it had a squished squirrel on the front of it. I thought it was some crenellated heraldic crest of some sort. No. It’s a squirrel.

One final item of interest to my WoW people is that I bought the Mug o’ Hurt for my own personal use this morning to replace (or dual wield with) Wirt’s Third Leg. Yes, this phenomenal weapon is in fact… a beer stein. I’m just loving the fact that I can beat Mobs to a pulp using a beer mug and somebody’s wooden leg…


14 thoughts on “WoW – My Scramble for a Mount

  1. Iain MacKinnon Post author

    Never tried Everquest actually. Sounds like fun. Hold on…They have a Bard class?? How does THAT work? What do they do, rhyme monsters to death? Subject them to a blast of Iambic Pentameter??? Deliver a Searing Couplet with an Onomatopœia enchant on it?

  2. Hannibal

    Bards are like a walking augment. They can add strength, speed healing, deal damage (through percussion), increase stamina, running speed and “boost” spell casting for team and raid members. They are huge fun to play, but difficult to play well.

    The “Bagpipes of Endless Annoyance” are feared far and wide.

  3. A Geek's Life

    lol “Deliver a Searing Couplet with an Onomatopœia enchant on it?” That would be awesome… Good times getting the 1st mount… Hmm… Would that be a “new horse smell?”

  4. Iain MacKinnon Post author

    Yeah, but the “new horse smell” doesn’t last long, and before you know it, your horse is filling up with candy wrappers, sand and cigarette butts and the stereo only tunes in to the country station…

    Oh, and Hannibal, take it from me, don’t ever antagonise a bagpipe player. I took my life in my hands one day when a piper I know was making disparaging comments about guitarists. He starts making all sorts of appeals to the bagpipe’s noble past. “You’d never see a guy with a guitar being sent to play at the front line of a battle and strumming a few chords” he says. To which I respond, “Have you ever considered there might be a reason why they sent the pipers there…”

    For some reason, pipers don’t seem to have much of a sense of humour.

  5. Iain MacKinnon Post author

    Dude, if you’re not sleeping as it is, don’t start playing WoW. They don’t call it World of Warcrack for nothing. However, if you’re hell-bent on self-destruction, then go for it. You’ll shave years off your life through sleep depravation, but you’ll have a great time!

  6. Matthew

    Thanks for stopping by Running Joke, and also helping to affirm that there are intelligent players out there! And grats on the mount, now it’s time to start pinching those coppers for the epic. Ah, the never ending grind…

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  8. Draenian

    You’re being serious? I’ve never known you with so little money!
    This was the best part of a year ago… possibly before we even met in-game. I miss the saints and all its friendliness (It was a particularly awful guild having had a little more guild experience now) but most of all i do miss displaying that squished Squirrel on the front of my chest.
    Hows yours and the wifes guild hanging in there? If you’re ever online and feel like hopping over to our guild youre more than welcome to, im sure some of the older guys would love to see you and Arwyen back amongst the ranks.

    Your in-game friend


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