Look What I Have Done

My wife is a hidden poet. She writes, and some of it deserves a wider audience. I thought you might like to read this one. It spoke to me and I think it might speak to you too…

Silence is interrupted by the sound of the rain falling
Yet, O Lord I hear you calling.

You called me from the depths of darkness
Called me back to you.

“Hush now, my child. Hear the rain!
Now I’ve opened your ears
Like raindrops falling from the leaves
The sadness in your heart will catch the sun
Making colours of the rainbow.
Remember my promise.
In this, learn your tears are turned to glorious colours
For the world to see.
Now I have opened your eyes.

When the wind blows
The leaves are scattered.
Man gathers those leaves
Yet they are dead
But the seeds in the fruit will grow
And manifest themselves in your heart.

My fruitful child,
Now I have opened your heart.

Listen to the birds’ song
They sing always; pleasing to your ears.

Look what I have done for you.
I have given you a voice.
Sing my praises
As heaven rejoices with you.
Speak my Name on your lips.
I am the Truth.

My child, you are my daughter.
I see your heart.
(How beautiful you have become!)
When you walk with me
You shine, you love, you see
And your heart sings!

Look what I have done for you!
With my hand in yours
You are no longer in the wrong direction.
You’re coming closer to me.
Walk with me forever
And you shall live.
See my face,
Your Father xxx”

“The true children of God are those who let God’s Spirit lead them…” Romans 8 v14

Naomi MacKinnon


8 thoughts on “Look What I Have Done

  1. Geek

    OS X falls into the same *nix mashup to me. I was running KDE on the last OSX box we had floating around here so I meant not to exclude you from the elite. I just took it for granted that you Appleheads were included with the Tux folks. 🙂

  2. Kitana

    ‘Ohhhhhh so lovely!’ This deserves the musical talents of Iain Mackinnon and I ‘know’ the pretty noomes can sing….So how about it guys? Then it shall receive the even larger audience it so rightly deserves 🙂

  3. Heriberto Sanchez

    Words of enlightenment…spirituality…profound faith…a beautiful echo of her spiritual world! Bravo!…


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