Alan Johnston – 63 days and Counting…

Alan Johnston banner

For those who don’t know, Alan Johnston is a highly respected and talented journalist for the BBC. He has been the Gaza correspondent for the last 3 years and has reported fairly and even-handedly on the myriad tense situations he has encountered.

His abandoned car was found in Gaza on the 12th of March and there have been no confirmed sightings, although some previously unknown activists claimed to have killed him, before other sources claimed he was still alive. He has certainly been abducted, although nobody knows who by, or for what purpose. His kidnapping has been universally condemned (ironically, even by Iran!).

63 days later, we still don’t know where he is or if he’s alive or dead. It’s tragic that someone who was so dedicated to speaking out and trying to draw attention to the plight of the impoverished and disaffected in Gaza would be taken and held by the very people he has been aiming to help for these last few years.

Alan is much missed and we pray for him and his family, that they will be reunited soon and none the worse for their ordeal.


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