Niall Iain MacDonald – Home Safe!

I am delighted to report that Niall Iain is back home again safe and sound. Apparently he came home again on Saturday night and has apologised for any worry he may have caused.

Don’t worry about that, mate. We’re just glad you’re OK and that you’re back again. Tha sinn toilichte gun thill thu ‘s gum bi sinn a cluinntinn do ghuth air an aidhear a-rithist! Failte air ais, a’ charaid!

3 thoughts on “Niall Iain MacDonald – Home Safe!

  1. Seonaidh agus Seonaidh Tearataidh

    Haidh Iain – tapadh leibh airson na deagh naidheachd. Am biodh sibh cho math is an teachdaireachd seo a chur ri Niall Iain – Ceud taing, Seonaidh.

    Niall Iain a charaid – Fàilte air ais a charaid! Tha sinn glè thoilichte gu bheil thu gu math is sàbhailte. Tha sinn an dòchas gun tèid math dhut – Le gach deagh dhùrachd bho Sheonaidh Tearataidh, am fear òg is bho Sheonaidh Tearataidh, am fear eile, ann an Lochbhraoin.

  2. Kitana

    Thank the Lord for Niall Iains Return I didn’t stop praying from all the way over here in Australia and feel so warm with joy right now that he is back home with his family.

    If you happen to see him soon Iain, can you please give him a BIG ‘Rapal Babe’ hug from me and tell him that the world has a far great more to learn and be thankful for having him present then absent🙂 I am just happy to have collided with him in my journey and been touched enough to have been made smile by him many times over🙂


    Thanks Iain…U Rock!
    all my love


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