Ignite Weekend with Nigel James

Well, what can I say? What an awesome and challenging weekend!
I’m part of a non-denominational christian organisation here on the Isle of Lewis called “Stand in the Gap” which, amidst a packed programme, this year decided to put on a youth conference for the first time.

One of our team, Robert, got in contact with Nigel James – A guy from Cardiff in Wales who heads up “Ignite“- a Nationwide youth ministry encouraging young people to enter into a deeper commitment to God. He also spends a lot of time on the road as a tour pastor for one of my favourite bands, Third Day. As you can imagine, we were really excited to have him come see us on our dinky little island!

Nigel and the SITG team

The conference kicked off on Friday night with Nigel leading 8 sessions over the whole weekend and all the young people making the Ignite declaration on the Saturday afternoon. It was a really powerful time and a time when it was apparent that God was doing things in people’s hearts. Saturday was topped off by an Xtreme Event, with our band Tomorrow Today being supported ably by Sunrise Not Secular. Not only that, but sections of the event were filmed by MacTV for use in a programme about Christian Rock music which I’ll be presenting.

A busy weekend for all of us, and especially poor Nigel, who’s got to get back to Cardiff today before heading straight back on the road with Third Day in the States! I just want to thank Nigel for being with us this weekend and for sharing the message with the kids here, and with us old fogeys too! God was moving in an amazing way and it was a delight and a privilege to be involved in it.


2 thoughts on “Ignite Weekend with Nigel James

  1. Nigel James

    Hi there Ian! Thanks for the comments about the weekend. I’m Atlanta at Tai Anderson’s house at the moment- after an interesting few days on the road.
    Looking forward to being back in Stornoway sometime!



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