Singalong Songs…

Argh! Oi bin tagged!!

My friend Karen has decided a kick up the virtual rear is in order for me to get blogging properly, so here goes.

BEHOLD! My list of Happy Fool Singalong Songs!

1: J. Geils Band – Centrefold – I defy anyone to resist singing along to the ‘Naa naa na na na na’ bit.
2: The Shamen – Ebenezer Goode – Yes, sad 90s tat, but I learnt every word when I was in high school.
3: Led Zeppelin – Rock & Roll – Simply classic feelgood driving music.
4: a-ha – The Living Daylights – Being a Bond fan, this one is high on the 007 themes list.
5: Stevie Wonder – Superstition – I always sing this, and I always have to make up the words.
6: James Brown – I Feel Good – If only for the “When I hold you in my aaaaaaaaarms” bit.
7: The Darkness – I Believe in a Thing Called Love – Yes I sing this, and yes I can hit ALL the notes!
8: E.M.F. – Unbelievable – Another musical landmark from my youth!
9: Third Day – Still Listening – Raw Southern energy and I love it, although some other TD stuff comes close!
10: Bon Jovi – Wanted: Dead or Alive – the first song I learnt on guitar, I sing it EVERY time and I even sing the solo.

So there you have it. BTW, this does not in any way reflect the contents of my iTunes library. It’s just the stuff I can’t help singing to!

Go on then… let me have your faves too!


One thought on “Singalong Songs…

  1. onlysometimesclever

    Iain ~ You’re so funny. Center/refold. Ack! I’m totally with you on Unbelieveable, though. I saw them in concert in… 1991. Got thoroughly soaked with sweat, singing & dancing. And, on principle, I don’t sing *any* Bon Jovi. Do you guys get the Discovery channel? That’s the theme song for Deadliest Catch, which is a very cool show.


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