Ceol is Creideamh

 Well, guys, I don’t know how many folks are going to be in the tiniest bit interested in this, but I thought I’d let you know anyway that airing today is a new radio series I’ve done called “Ceol is Creideamh” (Music & Faith) for BBC Radio nan Gaidheal.

It charts the changes in christian music over the last 50 years, covering artists like Larry Norman, Delirious, Johnny Cash, David Crowder, 2ndChapter of Acts, Tree 63 and many more. Today’s program covers the 50s and 60s and the birth of christian rock.

It’s all in Gaelic, but the music is pretty cool even if you don’t understand a word I’m saying! It airs on BBC Radio nan Gaidheal today (Wednesday) at 11.30am and again at 10.00pm GMT. You can listen live or, after the program airs use the Listen Again (Eist a-Rithist) feature and select “Ceol is Creideamh”. Let me know what you think!


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