Spot the Plant

Spurred by the recent Led Zeppelin reunion gig at the O2 Arena last week, I searched for my favourite Zep song on YouTube. I turned up some pretty amazing stuff. In addition to some dreadful footage of the O2 gig from somebody’s camera phone, I found this rendition of “Rock and Roll” from 1979. Pity Plant can’t quite hit the high notes…

Then I played another video and to my delight, Plant was singing it as good as he ever did on record. Simply superb. But wait a minute… something’s not right here…

Yup, it’s a cover band. A bunch of immensely talented guys from the States called Yellow Brick Road. They do a show in Las Vegas called RockShow where they do covers of great rock songs over the years. Vocalist Brody Dolyniuk carries them all off beautifully, but none better than his Robert Plant. He actually outdoes Plant on his own songs.

And that, my friends, is quite an achievement.


2 thoughts on “Spot the Plant

  1. Melissa

    Hey Iain…Well I have a great friend here in Aussie that is also in a Zep Cover Band and have seen him live and i was BLOWN AWAY!

    Their band is called Zep Boy’s and are the biggest OZ band of their type! I wonder how many Cover Bands/Tribute Bands there are of them???? The mind boggles, but my mind boggles also on another point you made. That being “Plant hitting high notes”, well speaking of not being able to hit your own high notes, one must definately learn a lesson from this link and video of Enrique…hahaha! What that is, i am still currently trying to work out! Perhaps it’s to take singing lessons?, Don’t allow Camera’s on set?, be nice to your sound guy or ELSE! yes that must be it!…lol
    ‘ How Enrique Aglesias REALLY sings without Producers’
    Merry Christmas to all of the Fam and all ur readers Iain
    Peace and Love always
    Melissa and the Family


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