More Obama Antichrist Ranting: This is Getting RIDICULOUS.

Obama as viewed through Eschato-goggles

People, people…. I am getting seriously worried about some of you. Since my tongue-in-cheek “Is Barack Obama the Antichrist” post and my brazenly facetious numerology post, traffic to Mackle has been getting busier, up until a crazy explosion with the beginning of the primaries when my visits increased thirty-fold. As a Scot, I entered this whole field with the curious interest of an outside observer. What I’ve actually observed has been nothing short of terrifying.

The whole end-times/prophetic/eschatological guesswork obsession which is rife on Christian TV has obviously infiltrated the popular consciousness in a big way.

I include here a selection of my favourite soundbites from the comments on my assorted Obama blogs, complete with typos…

I strive to be ever so careful when discussing such issues and placing names. Still, when I see this guy, something sits “wierd” with me. (It could be the eccentric name) “

I have just spent the last 30 minutes reading posts about Barack being the antichrist… I thought the idea must be crazy, but my curiousity got the best of me and I did a quick Google search.”

“I never saw his face but only GEARD his words, and his voice and his tone and REALIZED that WTF this man is the antichrist. I never even knew Obama or who he was prior to that “

barack obama is a wierdo!! he resembles the anti christ! is there any way we can determine if he is or not?”

“It just so happens that Obama is the anti-christ. I believe so and it has absolutely NOTHING to do with any logic I have employed or any racist attitudes that I may have. Fact is, this man is the antichrist. It was weird how it was revealed to me …”

“…and here it is a year before elections and people already are set on him for president. Has that ever happen to a president before? NO…

“isn’t it said that the antichrist will die and then come back? well, isn’t his middle name hussein???”

“I don’t trust him one bit. I don’t for a second buy that he’s now “Christian.””

“Tonight the answer was right there in front of me. When he took the stage to give his Iowa Caucus Victory Speech he seemed cold and distant. “

“I had never heard of him before these elections, he has never really accomplished anything that I have been informed of, and to be perfectly honest, he has empty eyes, very empty eyes. I refuse to believe this man is a christian, I am a christian, that man is not.”

Oh, it goes on and on…

Look, folks. You may not like him. You may have racist attitudes you struggle with. You may have listened to too many end-times date-callers and watched too much TBN. You may think he’s creepy. You may think his policies are bad. You may think his haircut is bad. He may just give you the heebie-jeebies (as my wife feels!) but you can’t go around saying he’s not a christian and even more bizarrely claiming that he’s the Antichrist based on a combination of your Heebie-Jeebie feeling, your TBN habit and his Surname.

As a Christian, can I plead with the Christians on here to get on with loving God, living as salt and light, spreading the gospel and loving each other instead of getting hung up in eschatological craziness. Nobody knows who the Antichrist is – it hasn’t been revealed yet. In fact, who said it was a single person at all?? It could be a whole system, just as Babylon is a personified system. The point is that we have the victory in Christ, these things MUST happen (whoever they will involve and whenever they will occur) and calling dates, times, names and such just makes you look like idiots if you’re wrong, just as everyone who claimed to know who it was over the last 2000 years look like idiots now that it is apparent that they were talking nonsense.

Enough with the wild claims, people, and concentrate on living the life God called you to.

To quote Skank Bangerton (!!!!), the most profane commenter on my blog so far, and who added his nugget while I was composing this post…

Barack Obama may be the Antichrist. I doubt it.”


39 thoughts on “More Obama Antichrist Ranting: This is Getting RIDICULOUS.

  1. Doctor Drone

    As an American, I watch Braveheart just for that one moment at the end when William Wallace is tortured, hanged, racked and disembowelled. But that’s just me. Nothing against the Scots. Just love Medieval application of extreme cruelty on any pretext.

  2. Rob V.

    Well said, Iain.

    IF (big if) he ends up being the antichrist, it will hopefully be a lot more clearer to us than just “heebie- jeebies.” I think God would give us plenty of revelation.

    Here’s a thought: how about we pray for the guy?!? We should pray for all of our leaders, that they make good decisions. After all, he’ll still be in the Senate if he loses…

  3. Iain MacKinnon Post author

    Glad you liked it. It took whole minutes to cobble together 🙂

    Good to see you again. Thought you’d fallen off the planet for a while there. Or been raptured….

  4. Alastair Henderson

    Been browsing your site with interest, Iain, and think you’ve hit the nail on the head with this response. Well said!

    I’m sure I remember reading an article in some ‘Christian’ media at the time of a previous US election campaign which expressed concern about an unknown independent candidate. I’m sure it even implied the Antichrist possibility then too.

    Funny how as soon as anyone makes a suggestion about it, lots of folk suddenly get strange ‘senses’ about that person for no rational reason.

    As you said, these things MUST happen and we shouldn’t be obsessed about it!

  5. Voice of Being

    I’m not a rascist or anything like that. Nor am I some insane fundamentalist who thinks the end is near. I’m just a reasonably reasonable guy who finds the notion that Obama is the antichrist intruiging (much like you did). I’ve studied the Bible extensively, and find that there are elements of truth to it. Is Obama the AntiChrist? I don’t know….he certainly could be.

  6. Michael The Disciple

    Just a bit more elaborate on this topic….

    We know that Jesus foretold there would be many false prophets to appear on the scene, but that none would be that ill-fated “Son of Perdition” that would eventually take over. The one true “Anti-Christ” MUST fulfill certain prerequisites before he can be considered a threat. Many a crazed believer in their zeal, trying to decipher this puzzling dilemma, have cited the Beast as being everyone from Hillary Clinton to The Pope. These outrageous claims cannot be taken seriously, however, without taking all of the prophetic knowledge into account. If we are to look at some of the criteria that must align with the Anti-Christ himself, then one has to be careful with the comparisons. The slightest deviation makes the prediction false, and since we don’t know the outcome of destiny until it has actually happened, we can only go on what we currently know to be true.

    I am offering serious suggestion as to who this deceiver may be. First and foremost, prophecy states that it must be a man, who is young and of Muslim descent. He does not necessarily have to be a “practicing” Muslim, as long as he fulfills the genealogical requirements. He could actually be wearing the mask of Christianity, which would make total sense. He will come as a savior to the masses, intoxicating the world with eloquent language and charisma; he will bring false promise of hope and peace. The public will flock to him, as they did with Christ. In essence, he will be the new Messiah in the eyes of the world. His role as leader, however, will dramatically be altered when he becomes drunk with power and arrogance, and like Satan, falls from grace with pride. Instead of peace, he will induce terror and destruction upon the Earth, and those who oppose him will be executed. Disregarding the surrounding prophecies concerning his reign, this is basically the essence of the man we contemplate as the coming evil.

    Now it is not hard to see how someone with the unyielding charm and popularity as Barack Obama could fill the description. Not only are the physical and personality traits parallel, but the timing of world events could not be more ripe for such a man of power. We must remember, that the Anti-Christ will be articulate, and will have the talent to beguile with words. Obama is a poet laureate; Satan is a master of persuasion. If poetry is an embellishment of the truth, carefully sculpting perceptions of the witness, then how are we to know if we are being deceived? Quite simply, poetry can never stand up to the truth. That is why we must pray for Truth. In a world built on lies, propaganda, and media slogans designed to sway opinion, it is easy to fall into the cult of personality. It may seem atrocious to speculate that a Senator from Illinois could bring about the end of the world, but prophecies have a way of pointing us in the most unlikely signs which we choose to ignore. As humans, we never seem to learn from the past…and as history has shown us, we are prone to keep making the same mistakes until God can correct it. All we have are hints of the future…it is left up to us to decide if what we are seeing is fiction or reality. Time will prove us right or wrong.

  7. Iain MacKinnon Post author

    “First and foremost, prophecy states that it must be a man, who is young and of Muslim descent.”

    Which prophecy exactly? Do tell. Chapters and verses please that clearly state he must be a young man of muslim descent?

    This is getting stupid.

  8. Skank Bangerton

    I would like to defend myself in regards to the comment that I am the most profane commenter on the blog. If you read the old testement you will be given these few simple biblical qualifications for the “anti-christ”

    1. He must decend from the seed of Ishmiel.
    Mr. Obama does since his father is of African decent.

    Number 2. and this need not be considered racially motivated but I am sure most of you watered down people pleasers will call it that, but the fact that he is the offspring of what the bible would consider an abomidable realationship helps set the mold. Not just that the relationship was interracial, but that she was and still is known to have been an athiest. His father a muslim and although non-practicing it doesn’t matter. Islam is against and has always hated and sought to destroy the christian faith. This just furthers the arguments validity.

    3. He is a high assasination risk! I pray it doesn’t happen, but the bible says he will be “Mortally wounded” to the head, and that he will rise before the “eyes of the world” (T.V.??)

    Finally in closing I am glad that I could leave a less profane blog this time. Still if you cannot see that these along with a list of other prophecy that I can quote give him great potential for being the “great deciever” then……………”F*** YOU!!!!!!”

    Skank Bangerton

  9. Kris

    I found your various blogs about Barack Obama possibly being the antichrist because someone suggested this idea to me. I thought it was preposterous, but wondered if the person who suggested it was alone in his speculation. Apparently not!

    I like the reminder you have given to quit worrying about the antichrist, and just be salt and light. Let’s suppose what we doubt is proven true. Does it matter? Believers don’t need to worry about this. I don’t think IDing the antichrist is what we are called to do. Let’s instead do what God’s Word does, indeed, command.

  10. Sarah Leonard

    This is why I prefer to remain unaffiliated! There are some serious Christian nut jobs out there. This is the kind of ideology that turn people away from the church. Thank goodness they are a minority, but, it only takes one crazy person with one crazy idea to do a lot of harm! Obama ’08!

  11. justin holmquist

    (for skank) Your comment has truth in it but it does say that the antichrist will have no desire for women .Obama clearley has a wife and children. If i were you id be a little more open minded about who he might be, for instance prince charles???? it also states that the antichrist will rise from the middle east but then again he does have decent from there??Its all a game no one will know for sure until that dreadful does say that the prophet will be of big propaganda,, i have no doubt that oprah might indeed be the prophet lol. shes on his side as well.this is isreals 60th aniversary as being a country. god said that when isreal becomes a country “that will be the generation that will not perish” there for we are that generation and hes coming soon smile 🙂

  12. Andrea

    I love that people think that if such a thing as the antichrist really does exist that they would be able to figure out who it was. Idiots.

    These are the same people who think Crocs are cool.

  13. justin holmquist

    ((andrea)) crocs are the s**t lol.. seriously get a life and dont leave a comment if it doesnt really concern the topic!! ((useless beings)) PEOPLE dont get me wrong go obama I WANT OBAMA TO BECOME PRESIDENT AND THE WORLD TO END TIRED OF THIS S**T!!!

  14. Bush devil poop

    Us Republican patriots know that Cheney is our Beloved Antichrist because he eats Bush devil poop for most weekday meals.

  15. Ditt

    Not to be too critical, but in my (atheistic) Opinion, the idea that Obama is being labeled the antchrist, is both absurd and slanderous.

    Much more absurd than that, however, is the very idea that in this modern age of technology, science and logic, there are still those among us that flaunt ol’ fashion witch-hunting in all the same zeal and blood-lust it was applied with in the middle ages.

    From what i’ve gathered on the many, many, (too many) posts on this subject throughout the web, of the criteria to be an ‘antichrist’, a genuinely good person looking out for his fellow man and taking any leadership roll, could as easily be fingered for this title nearly as well as the supposed ‘antichrist’ himself.

  16. Jim

    Ditt: Agreed. The descriptions in the Bible are so vague that Johny AnyLeader could easily be considered the Antichrist. I mean a few years back people thought that the “sign of the beast” was inscribe in grocery store bar code labels. Ignorant religious zealots are the most nauseating and hypocritical people I have to deal with. I mean, how do you completely disregard the ideas of love, trust, and compassion a religion supports in favor of all the hate and violence one can only obliquely abstract from it? Foolishness and the result of ignorance. Its what happens when you give idiots an idea to cling to: they do so desperately and violently, claiming righteousness the whole way.

  17. lilibug

    I wish it weren’t true, but (Skank) is correct. Obama will be the world leader to bring peace to the middle east for 7 years. It’s time for the next age to start and he has all the qualifications to fullfil not only the christian prophecies, but all of the other religous prophecies. All the signs are coming to pass.
    I’m not religous, or that spiritual. In fact i’m very practical and logical. If you study the prophets of history, not just the christian ones. You will see how Obama fits the bill.

  18. thegreatestchallenge

    the anti-christ will only come in man’s darkest hour and if you are still having three meals a day…

  19. Wrenegade

    (thegreatestchallenge) The darkest hour is almost here, global recession, global warming…. and here with it, could it be?

  20. The Anti-Christ - The Anti-Christ(ian) - Revealed

    ”Who rules in a County?
    If a A Church (religion) own people of A Country, the Leader of A Church have power inside A Country regardless where she/he is located, and regardless what her/his nationality is. When people of America vote for example, are those Americans who belong to A Church vote as Americans by own mind, or are they voting according to the mind of The Church Leader? If they vote according to the mind of The Church Leader instead of voting by own mind and intelligence, The Church and Church Leader, who might not even be an American, get power and influence in The Government of America.”

  21. J

    I’m not racist, but I am a gay christian and I did not vote for Obama. I voted for McCain/Palin and I’m tired of people who speak out against Obama getting called “racist” because of it. If that’s the only thing you have to retaliate with, then you clearly voted for the wrong candidate. Coming January 20th and the rest of his four years, you’ll see the mistake 53% of this country made.

    As for being the antichrist? I was a little skeptical at first, but not gonna lie, I am a little worried because a lot of facts point to him. The day after he was elected the next president, Chicago’s pick three lottery was ‘666.’ Coincidental? No. God works in mysterious ways. The Mayan calendar ends in 2012. Coincidence? I don’t think so. The world over will love the antichrist. How many people love Obama? Exactly.

  22. Ian C.

    Amen, Iain. People are dumb and love to be riled up by conspiracies. The vast right wing conspiracy? UFOs? Obama? End times? It’s not exactly racist to not like Obama, in fact I don’t like Obama, but it is racist to assume he is a Muslim because he was named after his absent, Kenyan foreign student father. He doesn’t flaunt his Jr much though… Why is it that people doubt that he is Christian other than that his father comes from an Islamic country in Africa, and that they have pent up racism inside of them? Also, for a less serious read, check out my blog at I live in Paddock Lake and regret using Blogger after discovering WordPress but am far too lazy to switch. Whee!


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