Movie Hell

It occurred to me last night that if it turned out that my faith was misguided and I actually turned up in hell when I died, the first thing they would do would be take me to a little room and force me to watch Steve Martin movies on a constant loop.


5 thoughts on “Movie Hell

  1. jodi

    hi iain!

    thanks for your comments on my site! yes, i am a teacher, too. oh ~ and my son’s name is ian. different spelling, but still a little coincidental.

    i couldn’t agree with you more about steve martin films. my vision of hell is a little more specific however…”planes, trains, and automobiles” will be the ONLY movie on constant loop.

    have a wonderful day!!!

  2. Alastair Henderson

    At first I thought, “Hey, you’re being a bit unfair on Steve Martin. He’s been in a couple of decent films. I remember watching some of them as a teenager and thinking he was quite funny”.

    Then I looked up to have a look at his movies. Hmm, I think actually you are right. I can’t find a single one that justifies an argument in favour of them.

    Unfortunately that doesn’t say much for my tastes as a teenager…

  3. Auntie Pat

    See ,I’ve found your web-site and am enjoying your commentaries.
    We obviously have the same genes as far as Steve Martin is concerned!
    I also agree with your views re Barack Obama and the state of ?Christianity in the States. I revise that comment. There are some wonderful Christians in the States, but, as everywhere ,there are those who abuse their religion . They are not Christians but are ignorant biggots.

  4. Doug Watson from Glasgow, Scotlabd

    There are actually a couple of Steve Martin movies that are good! ‘The Jerk’ and ‘Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid’ are pretty funny. Of course there are many stinkers, the worst being The Pink Panther. Only Peter Sellers can carry the part of the great Inspector. Steve Martin’s interpretation was woeful to say the least!


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