“Barack Obama Antichrist” posts getting super-scary…

This is rapidly moving from silly to scary.

This was originally going to be a reply to a previous blog comment, but it outgrew itself. I simply cannot believe some of the ideas and arguments being expressed by certain individuals. Things were bad before, but they suddenly got worse.

For those who have just dropped by, I’d better explain briefly. Over a year ago I expressed the opinion that I liked Barack Obama’s political and religious attitude. Some wingnut mentioned that they thought he was the Antichrist and to my horror, I noticed my blog stats climbing from people searching for “Barack Obama Antichrist”. I posted some tongue-in-cheek stuff mocking this a bit, but soon realised that a lot of people actually believed it. I got two comments today though that simply terrified me. I shall post the highlights here…

Pattie says, “He is and always will be a MUSLIM. … He goes to an all black church to cover up his being a muslim… No one but blacks will ever benefit from his presidency. He will make sure whites never have power again, trust me.”

This is so unbelieveably appalling that I’m not even going to try and argue with it. I’m just greatly saddened at the fact that such views could still be held in a so-called civilised country.

Then Robin says, “barack h obama is related to osama bin ladin ya know. obama is the anti-christ. how can americans vote for a muslim after the 911 inncodent? this is a christian nation and obama wants to take that away from america, obama said this is no more a christian nation . then what nation is it? everything that is happening tells all in the king james version holy bible in revelations.obama is the anti-christ, he was born to do just what he was trained to do all his life, take over the most powerfull nation and make it vulnerable and weak for the biggest war of all time. i will note vote for a muslim due to disrespect to america and the families that lost loved ones in the 911 twin towers and flight 193 and pentagon. its a terrible shame that america is going to be in prison to the anti-christ obama. i hope there is going to be a christian assassinater. obama is the son of hell , the devil.”

Where do I start? Robin, if you check your “King James version Holy Bible” you may discover that the book is called ‘Revelation’, not in fact ‘Revelations’. If your reading of the book of Revelation is as accurate as your reading of its title, then I think we can safely discount pretty much everything else you just said.

I have no idea if Obama said America was no longer a Christian nation, but anyone who does say it is right. It ISN’T. And nor is the UK. Both countries may have a moral and legal system that was originally founded on christian principles, but in no meaningful way could either nation be viewed as Christian. In any case, what is a ‘Christian nation’ anyway? Short of everyone in the USA being converted, it never has been and never will be a Christian nation. Nations aren’t christian; individual people are.

As for THIS – “i hope there is going to be a christian assassinater.” Good grief, people! What on EARTH are you saying?? You want the man DEAD??? This is beyond a joke. What could possibly stir up such hatred in a person?

I am shocked. I am deeply concerned. And above all I am saddened that  anyone, regardless of colour or creed, could possibly express such worrying thoughts, bigotry and prejudice. You want proof that America isn’t a christian nation? There it is, right there.


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  1. Alastair Henderson

    I have a King James Bible. Perhaps Robin could explain which verses indicate that Obama is the Antichrist? Because I can’t find any.

    Also, I find the whole assumption by many that the Antichrist will be a US president somewhat odd. There are other people in the world who are poweful and influential.

  2. Rob V.

    We’re not all bad over here, Iain! 🙂

    One thing about the internet that is both psychologically and sociologically fascinating (to me anyway) is how it gives everyone a voice, from the average Joe, to people running for President of the United States. For some of those average Joes, seeing their words permanently affixed somewhere (regardless of the fact it’s not as permanent as, say, a newspaper) is a shot at some kind of notoriety; combine that with anonymity, and you have a forum for outrageous claims that would otherwise be held back in a face-to-face encounter because of the fear of public ridicule and shame. This is why you’ll see “Obama is the Antichrist” right alongside “9-11 was an inside job”, “Hurricane Katrina could have been prevented if Bush signed the Kyoto Treaty” and all the other utter nonsense out there.

    Emotion, not civil discord, reigns supreme on the internet.

    (I should make a post out of my comment!)

    1. Ian

      ok he may not be the anti christ, but he is just such a horrible president. Listen to his inauguration speeches in 2008 and 2012, identical. He is a horrible president. What has he done? Oh wow he invented Obama care, more like obom-ination. Horrible horrible horrible president. He has done nothing good for this country. Worst president in the history of the united states, and that is NOT an exaggeration.

  3. Karen Joy

    Hey… Iain… I know you’ve probably had enough anti-Obama rhetoric. But, I read a really good piece that articulated my concerns about Obama. And it wasn’t written by an American; it’s by an Australian. Hopefully, you (and any others who might read it) will find it thoughtful, and not screw-loosey.

  4. Chris

    Believing Christians are right to distrust the rampant charisma and eerie rise to prominence of Obama! From nobody to presumed president in one year’s time? Belittle our beliefs if you will, but many of us out here are very concerned about Obama and have a lot of questions!

  5. saveourcountry

    I don’t understand what the shock is about. The man was raised as a Muslim, does belong to a black radical church run by ex-muslims that had anti-American and anti-Semite blurbs on its website until recently. Both of his parents had major grievances against this country. He was originally funded by George Soros who wants to radically change this country. He is endorsed by Muslims for America 08 which has a wish list of items they want from him, one of which is Sharia law. The age group 18-30 is a huge part of his success and they had better think long and hard about his promise of ‘change’. What change???…. That age group has a long way to go in life and Burka’s aren’t that attractive. I really believe the American people are stupid …. they believe all this hype and this particular hype can destroy this country as we know it forever,

  6. MuzeBl

    So what if he really WAS a Muslim (he’s not), but so WHAT if he was?? I personally feel that his spending some time amongst Muslims, Christians, Buddhists and Confucians would be a plus in understanding them and coming to some kind of agreement on the global arena. But how much would a 6-year-old really retain of that 2 year experience? *shrug*
    Hey, Mitt Romney is a Mormon, but you don’t see Black folks damning him to hell for it…not many anyway. One of my best friends at Catholic school was Hindu and no, she never converted, but she did share a little bit of her faith, mother’s cooking and Bollywood flicks with me and it enhanced my youth a great deal. Growing up in the DC area, I enjoyed meeting kids from all over the world and carried what I learned into adulthood. I have enjoyed interactions with all kinds of people from all over and it’s done nothing but make my life more interesting and well rounded.
    Incidentally, the founding fathers of the US were deists, not Christians. It doesn’t say “One nation under Jesus, does it?” or “In Jesus we trust”, does it?
    DOES IT?
    Get a grip, people.
    Jesus came to this earth, dedicated his life to spread the word of love and peace for all mankind and THAT’S how you honor him…by pointing fingers and spreading lies? tsk, tsk, tsk I’m telling Sister Mary Margaret on you and it’s your own fault if the splinters get infected!
    Anyway, I like Obama a lot. I spent the summer in Canada visiting my relatives and hung my head in shame every time I had to admit I was from the states. Do you have any idea how hard that is for a veteran?
    So yes, count me as one of the masses who really wants Obama to represent this country, because he’ll do so with pride, dignity and CLASS! It’s about freakin’ time! OK, Bill Clinton was doing alright for awhile until it all went to his head. *cough*
    But to say that there must be something wrong with the man because the people love him is just absurd!
    Although I truly believe that President Obama will be a great thing for this country on a global scale, who really gives a fuzzy rat’s ass what some random Australian thinks of OUR future president?
    I’m just sayin’….

  7. Paul Bronson

    MuzeBl wrote on February 16, 2008 at 4:38 am

    “So what if he really WAS a Muslim (he’s not), but so WHAT if he was?? I personally feel that his spending some time amongst Muslims, Christians, Buddhists and Confucians would be a plus in understanding them and coming to some kind of agreement on the global arena.”

    Are you kidding!!!!! I am astonished by the naivete of so many in this country. Muslim’s have a jihad going on with the western world. This was not caused by President Bush, rather,it is rooted in the Muslim culture being diametrically opposed to freedom. It is based on following a strict legalese lifestyle in the hopes of gaining favor with Allah. The problem is it includes forcing others to conform to these guidelines as well, if the opportunity arises.
    Christianity is based on free will. That free will must be tempered with responsibility. The western world has let a lot of that “free will” or “freedom” be exercised irresponsibly, which has led to a lot of corruption. Just like one bad apple spoiling a bushel, some of that corruption has spilled over into Muslim nations, especially easy with modern communication devices, including television and the Internet. This has led to the western world becoming the “Infidel” in the eyes of the Muslims. Jihad is Holy War with its primary purpose being to destroy the Infidel. We are the Infidel. America is the Infidel. Liberty is the Infidel. Freedom is the Infidel. I don’t know how strong of a Muslim Obama is, or even if he truly is one, but I sure am not going to risk freedom by casting a vote for him. This isn’t a “trial hiring” with a 90 day probation, this is voting for the President of the United States of America.
    There are a lot of people in this country today that have a disdain for “Christians”, because they see Christians as hypocrites that try to pass moral judgments on others. If Muslim’s are in charge(over time), they will do more than “pass judgments”. It will make the Spanish Inquisition look like a picnic. One Muslim President isn’t going to make a mass conversion, but it will be a huge foot in the door, and that may be all it takes, at the end of the day.

    MuzeBl wrote: “But how much would a 6-year-old really retain of that 2 year experience? *shrug*”

    C’mon…please. It is widely recognized, and almost common sense, that experiences from a person’s early years are the most retained, and the most formative.

  8. wahi786

    “Muslim’s have a jihad going on with the western world. This was not caused by President Bush, rather,it is rooted in the Muslim culture being diametrically opposed to freedom. It is based on following a strict legalese lifestyle in the hopes of gaining favor with Allah. The problem is it includes forcing others to conform to these guidelines as well, if the opportunity arises.”

    I really feel that you need to start doing some homework b4 you start with such generalisations! Who ever put that idea into your brain stating that Islam is opposed to freedom?? If you are going by the news, pls understand its hyped up. And if you are saying so becoz of some “burqah” issue, pls grow up!

    I am a muslim and as far as I have experienced, Nothing is forced upon anyone. Islam does not canvas people to join its community. Rather, it asks you to see the world around you, to understand, to ask yourselves the very meaning of your life and live with a conscience; and if you so feel that you understand what Islam is about, then comes the part of submission to Allah. If you look at the increase in the no. of converts to Islam, you may, or maynot, undertsand what I am talking about. And pls, if you share such criminalities of Islam, I am saying with utmost humbleness that you are mistaken.

    1. gerry

      Nothing is forced upon anyone. Islam does not canvas people to join its community. ur prophet went fron tribe to tribe. killing any one who would not convert to islam. there was no choice. join or die. ur so called Holy book means 1 thing in peace time and another in war time. in all the time (500 yrs) ismal was going to africa. it id not convert one native. it only went there to collect slaves to sell.

  9. darvish

    That may the usual assortment of morons, or more insidiously, the Republican smear machine getting warmed up to attack on all fronts, including the internet blogs. Accusing him of being Muslim is just the beginning. If he is the anti- does that make Bush the Christ? Want to see the real anti-? Check out Karl Rove… He hides his horns and he and his minions whispers in the ears of good people turning them suspicious and hateful.

  10. Ika Natassa

    i just read this blog today and all i could say was: wow, some of the things people say about Islam is just flat out distasteful, not to mention sickening. i’m a muslim, went to school in the united states, and this is just … i just lost my words there. the generalization of islam behind everything that a wronged muslim did in crime is just the same as me saying that the christians were behind the oklahoma city bombing, which of course, they’re not. honestly, i like barack obama, not gonna vote for him since i’m not eligible to vote, but if some people are judging his credibility and questioning his motive because of your concern that he might be a muslim, than maybe america is not such a free country after all. it shocks me that everybody seems to have an agenda behind him being a candidate, but to diminish his capability of becoming a leader of the free world is just like mocking the concept of the free world itself.

  11. Paul Bronson

    wahi786 wrote “I am a muslim and as far as I have experienced, Nothing is forced upon anyone. ”

    Unless you are a Woman, or an Infidel.

  12. saveourcountry

    Are we sure he is not a Muslim?? He has wanted the presidency for a long time and is that the reason for the so-called conversion to Christianity? If he were a true Christian, he would not belong to the church that he does and he would never be able to run and win as a Muslim. He is a motivational speaker and that’s it!!! He is not a leader and he is not giving out lot of details as to his plans for this country for a good reason. I think he is dangerous and there is something scary about him. There is no doubt that he wants to make drastic changes to this country which may not be necessarily good changes. The camel’s nose is under the tent.

  13. jessimonster

    Okay. So the other day I was watching the Chris Matthews Show and he several times compared Obama to Jesus. Now, I don’t normally believe in a literal translation of Revolation, though I am a Christian, but I am also dosed up on that nice hormone cocktail women produce after just having a baby, so the comparrison did freak me out a little. A few crazy theories started flying around in my head about “What if Obama were the AntiChrist”. I knew it was just my imagination running away with me, but it did give me the heeby jeebies a little. Today at work, just for fun, I decided to google Obama, antichrist, and I was amazed at how many hits it gave. I can’t believe other people came up with this idea! I thought it was so crazy only a hormonal post partum woman could have dreamed that nonsense up.
    I thought that those wacky, end of the world loving, Bible thumpers wanted the end of the world to come, so that Jesus could come again. Right? You’d think they’d be first in line to vote for Obama if they truely believed he was the antichrist. If the antichrist comes, Jesus is not far behind, so this is a good thing, right? As a Christian who loves Jesus and wants to shake his totally awesome hand as soon as humanly possible, I will be first in line to vote for Obama, just in case he really is the antichrist.
    But seriously. Who cares if he’s a Muslim? Just because some Muslims have participated in terrorist acts doesn’t mean that all Muslims are terrorists. Some Christians have bombed abortion clinics, does that mean we all are going to bomb an abortion clinic? Some ministers have sexually molested children, does that mean all ministers are going to sexually molest children? Some Marines have killed fellow pregnant Marines, does that mean all Marines are going to kill fellow pregnant Marines? Certainly not. I am a Soldier, and I have served beside many fine Muslim Soldiers. Muslim Soldiers who have sacrificed just as much as any other Soldier in the war on terrorism. Are they all the antichrist too?
    And what does being Muslim have to do with being the antichrist anyhow? I’m not a biblical scholar or anything, but I have watched a few History Channel specials on the end of the world, and they are pretty clear about the fact that the antichrist is a white dude in a business suit. Geez people.

  14. Paul Bronson

    Iain MacKinnon
    February 17, 2008 at 11:39 pm
    Ummmmm, guys….. All this might be relevant if Barack Obama were in fact a Muslim. He isn’t. I think we need to get over that one…

    Ika Natassa
    February 18, 2008 at 12:33 am
    paul, seriously? i’m a woman and i’m a muslim, and again, NOTHING is forced upon anyone. so get over yourself.

    If people want to continue to live in denial, and ignore the reality of what is really happening in the Muslim world, just because some one said differently, then so be it. The rest of us will continue to do are own research, use our own brain, and draw our own conclusions, instead of buying into the propaganda. It is easy to live in a bubble of isolation, and ignore the warning signs, when it isn’t directly affecting you personally. It is more difficult to see through the deception and spot the Rat. Speaking of rats, most people have heard about how bad trans fats(Trans fats are made from partially hydrogenated oils)are for you. Companies have realized that people won’t buy products with trans fats any more, so they have had their scientists re-engineer the food they sell. The scientists now put the oil through such an intense process, that the oils are rancid by the time they are done, and the Margarine that they make from it is smelly and Grey. It is called Interesterified fat(and it may be worse for you than trans fats). They then bleach it and fill it with additives so that it is creamy yellow and sweet, so that humans will believe it is good, and they will eat it. The Rat, however, smells it, recognizes the truth of its’ content, and is smart enough to walk away from it.
    We Humans will eat the rancid Margarine, believing the claims of its goodness. We also are quick to believe the claims of those we don’t even know, as long as the promises, are creamy and sweet, even if it means denying the truth.

  15. Billy

    Look people, we should not worry about a thing like Obama. Where is your Faith? Our God is in control. Obama may be the antichrist from a lot of stuff I have read and see. But it does not bother me. I put my trust in God as you should. I see things like, If Obama is the Antichrist, then things will happen according to the word. Yes the Mayan Calendar ends in 20012, yes Nostradamus last Prophesy states that the Antichrist name is Mabus. which if you take Obama succeeding bush put it together Obamabush. take off the OB from Obama and the H from bush you have Mabus. and Yes Obama’s right hand man is named Ray Mabus. and the fact that the bible says that the Antichrist will make peace in the middle east which is something Obama himself said he would like to do, and the fact that if all this adds up yes Obama would rule from 2009 to 2012. It does not bother me. Yes I too think all the facts add up here, I believe Obama is the Antichrist. But don’t let it bother you. I would not vote for him because he refuses to pledge allegiance to the American flag, and he will not put his hand on a Holy Bible but will do so to the Karon. I can’t see a man being president of the USA if he won’t acknowledge the flag. yes all the facts add up even the ones that say he will be from the middle east.

  16. Darren Ripley

    jessimonster said:

    “As a Christian who loves Jesus and wants to shake his totally awesome hand as soon as humanly possible, I will be first in line to vote for Obama, just in case he really is the antichrist.”

    The Bible says not to resist evil, but to turn the other cheek – even if you were trying to say Christians are stupid, that doesn’t even attempt to touch the arguments for Obama as the antichrist.

    But liberals tend to be stupid. They take all the reasons one at a time, instead of looking at them in context.

    Or, you can just call a liberal what they are – a liar and false accuser.

  17. Ethan Christ

    Well, I have to say that I agree with you on this one. I myself am a Christian, and no, I do not agree with Obama, or the fact that his middle name is Hussein, and it rhymes with Osama, but I’m sure that’s all disregarded by this nation (Who was attacked by Hussein and Osama!! Go figure) by simply saying that it’s a coincidence, and/or just a name, and it holds no meaning. Anyway. On to what I was trying to say. It astounds me that somebody else claiming to be a Christian would want to kill another human. Sin is Sin, no matter which way you justify it to yourself. Obama may be the AntiChrist, (I have my opinions, but nothing is concrete yet, as there is not enough proof to convince me fully) or he may not be, but either way, there’s no way in my mind that I could justify anyone killing him. Especially not because “God told me to do it”. Robin, if you want to know why you feel like killing this man, or wish that somebody would, it’s because of Satan. He’s deceiving you into thinking, “Yeah, he’s evil, kill him, I am the voice of God and I say do it!” That’s almost as insane as those psychos that go around killing in the name of God, claiming that people are demons. If you read your Bible enough, and pray just a little bit, you’ll notice that Jesus never killed a man that was possessed or oppressed, he cast the demons out.

    To all of you who are voting for Obama though, let me express to you that it makes no sense whatsoever in my mind why we would elect somebody with his history into office. Even if he went to the school for terrorists for only a few years, and was only a muslim for a small time, and his name is just a coincidence, should we as Americans be taking that sort of chance? I’m sure that no one would have elected Bin Laden president if he came to you and said, “Hey, I know, I’ve got things in my past that are bad, but I’m going to Change America!” Whatever is going to happen is going to happen, and me being one person can’t change it. All I can do is vote. Just know that if you vote for Obama, and he leads to the downfall of this country, that you were warned. If he doesn’t and his “Changes” actually improve things, I guess my opinion was wrong.

  18. Ethan Womack

    Forgive the pen name in the above comment, as I thought it was funny in the past, and used it all across the blogosphere, so now my browser automatically fills in the name field, and I didn’t think to change it. I stated that I’m a Christian. Well that change wasn’t made until about 3-4 weeks ago, so there’s still some online things that I need to change, I.E. the pen name.

    Also, I wanted to state that pointing out what could have possibly have been a typo doesn’t disprove a persons knowledge of the Bible, as you stated. When I read that part I was like, “What? I know tons of people that refer to the book as Revelations (with an S) because more than one thing is revealed” Adding a letter doesn’t discount anything, and it’s rather funny that was all that you could come up with.

  19. Billyboi

    I believe Obama is the Antichrist….
    it was reported an old lady was sleeping, she leaves her television on at night, all of a sudden Obama appears and she says, “The Antichrist” then falls back to sleep.
    I have read numerous stories, he does fit the Antichrist in the Bible… yes he does 100%.
    We should have seen this coming…
    The year 2012 does all add up…
    Prophecy is about to begin more than before, I encourage and think we all need to be prepared. I wouldn’t vote for Obama if a gun was pointed up to my head. His name has 18 letters, well 6+6+6=18, have wisdom… count the number of the beast…
    I’m very serious…
    A lady was washing her dishes and she seen Obama on TV… she dropped the dish and knew right away he was the Antichrist, it is scary, but God has this in his will… it must be done.
    I hope we are wrong, but I don’t think so…
    it would not surprise me if people start calling him “Christ” soon…
    There are omens too if anyone has taken notice, look at the weather in Chicago, Tornadoes, lightening struck a statue in south America of Jesus as Obama won delegates, the eclipse, moon was red shadowing, people can make fun all they want, but everyone will see…
    God Bless!

  20. Layne

    Small minded religious idiots! I never thought how low brow and really dumb some people could be but after reading some of the comments here, I do think America deserves John McCain as President. I mean, he would only get you into a war that would never end and probably will bring about the apocalyptic Rapture we all know about. I’m a Catholic so I know the bible too. I just find it extremely strange that people do not think the war in Iraq was and all the actions of the Bush administration is an ‘evil’ act. While Obama man who talks of hope and has charisma is suddenly the anti-Christ. I wonder if it’s reversed and John McCain happens to possess the ‘it’ factor, would be he considered the anti-Christ too? I think not. It’s the double standard again.

  21. Jon

    If he is not the antichrist himself, he is a facilitator and false prophet. How else can anyone explain his meteoric rise in the world in politics? His ability to raise money almost at will? His persuasive powers to move crowds with his oratory? With his muslim background, and powers of persuasion, as president of the US he will be able to persuade both the Islamist, Jews and Christians into a false sense of peace. Be aware, the antichrist is out there amongst us. He cannot be stopped as his time is near. Biometrics is here, thus it would be easy to have people take on the number of the beast. There is time. 2012, as identified by the Mayans, native American, the I-ching, Mother Goodwin and others is not the end. It is the beginning. Once the natural catastrophies that 2012 will bring, it will be a formality to establish a single world government, to establish a single world monetary system, and to identify everyone as foe or enemy with biometrics. Repent! Warn others to be on guard, especially family members who may not want to hear this message. Above all pray for Christian believers everywhere!

  22. justin holmquist

    how can you explain obama? He is rising to power quickly!! Now what is the country that any man in his right mind would use to take over the world? You guessed it the one that puts a nuc up your ass!!! (WELCOME TO AMERICA) boys and girls! it does say that he will have decent from the midlle east hmmmm??? BUT no desire for women! we wont know! iits a game . So mayan calendar is bullshit we know this. The bible states that there will be a seven year tribulation after the peace treatie is sighned with Isreal. This markes the seven year tribulation.So the mayans predicted that the last generation of man was 2012 if the wrapture happened now there would still be seven years left. Not only were they not christian they were just a part of satans trick . pay no attention to any history involving non christianity

  23. Net

    Barack Obama spells trouble for the United States. He’s a man that recently stated he made a mistake standing up for Terri Schindler Schiavo’s family prior to her death, and a man who just as openly stated that full grown babies should be left to die after they are born alive following an abortion. These are clues that you might want to educate yourself further on this “culture of death” candidate. Chances are he’d rather see you dead, too, if you are not healthy enough to pull your own load.

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  25. Bush devil poop

    This is so silly. Everyone knows that we Southern Republican Christians call Obama the Anti-Christ because he had an African father, and of course we love to torture people with dark skin. It’s what we live for … well, that and hoping to join Cheney eating Bush devil poop.

  26. Bush poop devil

    What you talkin’ bout, Bush devil poop! Everyone knows us born-again-ers love nothing better than watching Cheney regurgitate the carcasses of little baby harp seals and little baby lawyers after he clubs them all!

  27. Jim

    To Seth: **snorts** Are you serious? Go back to school. Or drink the cool-aid. Whatever you do stop spouting support for fringe-group loonies.

  28. hadassa

    I am a jewish woman who came to know Jesus Christ as my personal savior. I was troubled one morning about what the rabbi of my congregation had said to me as him and I were talking over the internet about how he thought Obama was the Anti-Christ. He asked me to do the research for him this summer due to the fact of him teaching my children hebrew, and to keep this between us. With great interest of the subject I humbly accepted the assinment. What I have found to be troubling down right shocked me with the number of people who also are thinking the same thing. I still have a tremendous amount of research to do on this man. I am merely looking at the percentage of people who think he fits the bill. I have been comparing biblical prophecies to other text I have been coming across via the internet, and I am amazed and astounded on all the information I have come across. I want to put this on the internet for others to also compare, and come to their own conclusion. Please give me some time to put everything together. Stop being so mean to one another about this. This is not what Jesus taught. Be at peace because we will finally be by Jesus’s side with no more death, pain, sorrow, or tears. He will wipe all those things away, so I don’t understand why everyone is so afraid. I truely and wholeheartedly believe that Obama is the Anti-Christ, but I am not afraid to be ridiculed for my beliefs. My people have died for being who they are as others have also. Pray for those who don’t know Christ that they do come to know him instead of calling one another names and being down right hateful. Regardles of Obama being tagged as the Anti-Christ don’t ever wish death upon those wich God has placed in a position to fulfill his will. It is Gods will and not ours that is important, and instead of making racist, hateful, and wishing death upon someone comments we need to pray for the things that we feel are the most important in our lives and for the salvation of others. I will pray that those of you who are against one another will open your eyes to one another and atleast apologize. Everyone is entitled to their opinions yes, but not at the expense of others or to ridicule or spread a message of hate to one another. Jesus taught many messages, but the most important was that of love. As a matter of fact that was a commandment that he gave-V’ah-hav-ta l’ray-ah-cha ka-moe-cha. “And you should love your neighboor as yourself “. So with that being all I need to say I leave you with these blessings: Numbers 6:24-26. Y’va-reh-ch ‘ cha Adonai v’yeesh-m ‘reh-cha; Ya-air Adonai pa-nahv ay-leh-cha vee-choo-neh-cha; Yee-sa Adonai pa-nahv ay-leh-cha v ‘ya-same l’cha Shalom. Meaning:The Lord bless you and keep you; The Lord make his face shine upon you and be gracious to you; The lord lift up his countenance upon you and give you peace.
    SHALOM AHLAYCHEM!!!!! PEACE BE UNTO YOU!!!! Thank you for allowing me to tell you my story, and express my beliefs. As some of you may not hold the same beliefs as I hold, my prayers still go to you that God does bless you in every aspect of your life. Just for the record I do not hate any Muslims. My best friend who was Jewish converted to Islam, because she was married to someone from Pakistan, and has children by him who practice Islam. Her children are very dear to my family. We take her children to the synagog with us on Friday night and saturday morning, and she takes our children to the mosque with her. We both decided to teach our children about each others beliefs, that it is not bad to be a Muslim or a Jew, and most importantly that we are all able to get along and love one another. It’s the persons heart that matters, and not the religion that they practice that make a person. I wish you all the best in your research, and like I said when I am done with mine I will put it together. Until then if you would like to contact me do so at bluedawnlilbluedawnlil@yahoo.com. If you are sending hateful messages (like death threats, and that sort of thing) I will report you to the proper authorities, and contact my attorney to see you are prosecuted to the fullest extent. Just warning you. Other than that may God bless you, and keep in touch with me. Hadassa.

  29. ghost001

    you published something and now you defend? explain all you want i am not a christian or a rasist but the antichrist is obama so smile tolerate and get ready for the crazy or not christians to have another end of the world party every one is the antichrist if you think about it every one sins right? and all have come short of the glory of god so if you take the “if you are not for me your against me ” and think … while we are sinning before you are asking for forgiveness are you not an anti christ christ never sinned so when you are sinning you are opposite of christ. “antichrist!!!” i love all people gay black muslim all people and if you want to think that is wrong then dont belive in loving your neighbor keeep on fakin it hippocrits please feel free to make fun of my mis punctuation

  30. MeMyselfandI

    First let me say this: In the bible, ALL bibles, it says that “no man” will know the time, or place. It also mentions matter-of-factly that no man will know who the Antichrist will be. This is how it is. Now, that doesn’t mean we as a people, or a world, if you wish, cannot try and figure it out. Why would we? Simple. Because it would be the answer to the oldest, most profound mystery known to man. And we all know how we love a good puzzle. So is Obama the Anti-Christ? I do not know. And anyone who says they Do know, are lying. Period. Bible says so. Also, if in fact he is the one Prophesied in the good book in multiple places, not just Revelation/s (The spelling depends on the bible type, I.E. King James, New International Student Version..etc.) then we have a lot to look forward to do we not?
    Think about it. Depending on your point of view of course, The Attack on Israel from the East and the North (Iran and Russia maybe? Hmmm, food for thought. Look up what Iran’s notorious bad guy has been spouting off with of late.) that God himself will stop, by knocking them “out of the air” and swallowing men by the thousands in a “fire from heaven.” This will occur BEFORE the rapture according to MY bible and pov.(Point of View)Your pov is your own to worry about.
    So, lets start by analyzing Obama, shall we? But in order to do that, we must know what the good book says about the AC. (Anti-Christ-ok so I’m too lazy to type it over and over and over…so what :P)

    Someone above said Muslim decent. This is not entirely correct. it is, but then it will be as such not from the Mediterranean or the Middle East. It has long since been believed that the AC will come out of a Unified Europe, which the bible calls the “New Roman Empire.” Now lets see…Europe has been united now for some time…well, sorta.

    Does this mean that alone eliminates Obama as the AC? No. And I will tell you why. He has a rather extensive education and background. Not all of it from here. Two. The bible refers to him coming out of New Rome, that could be argued to mean a bloodline or family line as with the Old Testament, just look up Abraham..

  31. MeMyselfandI

    “He will have a seemingly godly appeal, as if he were Christ himself’-(Paraphrasing) And as we all have seen, he has had a huge impact on millions of people. Ok so we know he is popular. Does that mean he is the AC? Nope. Not quite there yet.
    First, he is black, with a tad of white and muslim origin. Hmmm. Not a racist mind you, but since the bible deals in symbolism, so shall I.

    Black, white, Muslim? hmmm. The three biggest cultures in the world, or should I say the loudest. So right there he would be “unifying” those three races. Hmm no small feat. Tongue of Negotiations? Indeed.

    Now people rant and rave about his 20 yr history in the Trinity church. A black church. But, if you look at it logically, he HAD to have come from a similar church if he was the AC. Why? Because to the eye of man, he would need to know, understand, have been around, and seen for himself racism at its worst. Is his church racist? I do not know for sure, and I will not stipulate. However, it makes sense that the AC would come from a place such as that. How else would he know how to unify the two biggest and loudest cultures in the USA? Latino’s not with standing, they are not as vocal.

    With that said, he claims to have received Christ, and accepted him in that Church. Is that possible? Yep. But if he did that why would we think him the AC? Hmm not an easy question to answer, and I had to dig for one.
    When a believer falls away from God, he is referred to as “back-slidden” However, and for the life of me I cannot recall the scripture, but, there is a passage that refers to a back slider who has gone so far away from God into wickedness, and evil that God passes judgement on him or her, turning their mind reprobate. But in order to fully understand my line of thought here, as it is somewhat astronomical, I.E. Stretching it a bit, here is a quote from a website that says it perfectly.

  32. MeMyselfandI

    “…Let’s look at the word reprobate for just a moment. A primary meaning of reprobate is “rejected.” Webster’s 1828 dictionary defines it as “not enduring proof or trial; not of standard purity or fineness; disallowed; rejected.” This is also a Bible definition found in the verse you quoted:

    Reprobate silver shall men call them, because the LORD hath rejected them. Jeremiah 6:30

    Silver that was unable to be refined was considered worthless, i.e., reprobate, and was to be rejected. Because of Israel’s refusal to get right with God, they are compared to reprobate silver because God had rejected them.

    But rejection is only part of the definition. In Romans 1:28, we read of those who “God gave …over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient.” Here, the meaning is not only of rejection but abandonment. These people had gone so far in sin, “they did not like to retain God in their knowledge,” and so God gave them what they wanted. They did not want God, righteousness, holiness, cleanness, or purity, so God “gave them over.” These people are reprobate because of their hatred toward God…”

    Passage 2 continues with:

    “…ow, the question is, were these people really saved? It would do well to compare the traits of saved people with those of the reprobate. Saved people are new creatures (2 Corinthians 5:17) who have repented of their sinful life (1 Thessalonians 1:9) and who bring forth the fruit of the Spirit (Galatians 5:22, 23). Their attitudes toward God, Christ, the Bible, and sin have changed, and this is manifested in their daily lives. They desire to do good works (Ephesians 2:10), love the brethren (1 John 3:14) and to keep themselves unspotted from the world (James 1:27). Oh sure, saved people fall short, but they will confess their sins (1 John 1:9) to maintain fellowship with God.

    The reprobate on the other hand wants no real knowledge of God (Romans 1:28). Instead of living holy and bringing forth good works, their lifestyle is manifestly different from the saint. Paul says they are “… filled with all unrighteousness, fornication, wickedness, covetousness, maliciousness; full of envy, murder, debate, deceit, malignity; whisperers,
    backbiters, haters of God, despiteful, proud, boasters, inventors of evil things, disobedient to parents, without understanding, covenant breakers, without natural affection, implacable, unmerciful” (Romans 1:29-31). Could it be said that a saved person, washed in the blood of Christ, was a hater of God? Do the saints invent evil things? Reprobates are without understanding, yet John tells the saints concerning false prophets, “ye need not that any man teach you” (1 John 2:27). Paul goes on to say that these people know full well the judgment of God upon those who do these things, yet they continue to do them. Further, they not only blatantly sin against God, but “they have pleasure in them that do them” (Romans 1:32). No, there is a great gulf fixed between the reprobate and the child of God…”

    And the long end of the short stick is this point:

    “…Those who continue in the word of Christ (i.e., those who are truly converted to God through repentance and faith) are Christ’s disciples indeed; therefore, those who do not continue in his word are not his disciples. This means that a great number of people who have made an intellectual or emotional “decision” and finally fall away were never truly born again…”

    (Excerpts from- http://www.learnthebible.org/q_a_reprobate_mind.htm)

  33. MeMyselfandI

    Ok so this here says just because he says he is, does not mean he is, or ever was. Hmmm. Why would he go to church if not a believer? If he hated God, why would he attend a church? Politics. Education. Planning. All of those things the AC himself would need to do to prepare for the last days the bible calls the Tribulation. And just so we are all clear on who and what the AC is read this bit of info from online.

  34. MeMyselfandI

    “What is the Antichrist?
    The American Heritage Dictionary defines “Antichrist” as “the great antagonist who was expected by the early Church to set himself up against Christ in the last days before the Second Coming.” While Biblical in origin, the exact details as to the nature, identity, and chronological placement of the figure known as “Antichrist” have been the subject of endless speculation throughout history, partially due to the highly symbolic language of the scriptures in which it is mentioned, and partially due to sectarian differences in interpretation.

  35. MeMyselfandI

    Generally speaking, those who expect the Antichrist to literally appear in human form believe he will come to power as a world leader through deception and trickery, “by peace shall destroy many,” and will succumb to the superior might of Jesus Christ and the forces of righteousness at final battle of Armageddon.

  36. MeMyselfandI

    Ok so now we have an idea. Lets put some more thought into it shall we? And if your not intrigued by now, or do not really care about this subject, odds are good you stopped reading after the first paragraph. Lord knows why I am typing this, so here we go.
    Obama represents a link between the “big three” cultures. This is by no means me leaving out any other culture. Not at all. It just happens that the “big three” get 90% of the media attention.
    So, the bible says that the AC will establish world peace. If you do the math literally, it works out to three and a half years. With all of the major prophecy trimmings, I.E. Earthquakes, judgements, tornadoes, hurricanes, war, rumors of war, famines, water shortages….uh oh. Wait a sec. Minus the judgements, all of these things are now occurring. Just watch the news for ONE day. CNN, Fox, MSNBC, whatever. The bible refers to these things as the “beginning of sorrows.”
    They will occur prior to the AC’s ascent to power.

  37. MeMyselfandI

    nce in power he must show a sign of that power and strength. How will he do this? Well, if you watched or read the Left Behind series, you know he shot two men and then lied about it and even the eye witnesses heard and saw only what he said for them to see. Hmm, Scary when you think of what might happen in REAL LIFE.
    Ok so he makes girls faint, wet their pants and literally fall over themselves to touch his hand…Hmm sounds a bit like Elvis to me…But seriously, if he can manage to unite the big three, and the bible says he will, then the other nations will bow to him as he establishes a one world order through a one world religious policy and monetary system. Without these two items in play, a one world Government is not possible. We are so close to the one world money system now it is scary. So how many credit cards do YOU have? I have none. Lol.
    Anyone know what a “V” Chip is? I suggest you look it up.

  38. MeMyselfandI

    Why would the other nations, like North Korea, Russia, Iran, Venezuela, Africa and the like bow to the AC? Because he will establish HIS Kingdom by making ten kingdoms, and having each kingdom will be a one man ruler, a king in their own right, but will bow and answer only to the AC.
    Has anyone else noticed how evil has become good, and good has become evil? Better yet, has anyone seen or heard Obama’s speech at Wesley College? Oh yes, in case you cannot find the article or video on Obama at Wesley he said the only true way to salvation for ANY one single person, man, woman or child, was to have a collective salvation. Meaning, one world, one goal, one unified people. No countries. No state lines. Nope. Hmm, I think he forgot to mention the Christ is THE way THE truth, and THE life. Not “A” way.

  39. MeMyselfandI

    He replaced Ted Kennedy. Poor Ted, and now, poor Mr. KKK Byrd, hmm I wonder who of the old guard will be removed from power next? He must make way for the young and new, because the young and new do what they’re told and do not question so much. And they are easier to lie to. Ted’s politics and mine are vastly different. But who in the hell ever hear of Brain cancer springing up in 32 hours?
    Especially the size of the melanoma itself..ouch.

  40. MeMyselfandI

    Anyway, so how will the AC establish a one world religion and money system that will lead him to “his time” of rule? Lets see. You give anyone enough money and power and they will do whatever you say. Hmmm a new pope? Anyone hear how the new pope ordered that 999 dolls of his likeness be made two days after he was sworn in? No? I heard it one time on the news. Good luck looking it up, I cannot find it now.
    In order for the AC to gain his power, he must first deal with Israel with a 7 year pact of “peace.” In order to do that he must find and rebuild Solomon’s temple. All of this is possible, and since Saddam started rebuilding Babylon in the early 90’s…hmmm…

    So the question remains. Is Obama the AC? Millions flock to hear and see him. He is being portrayed as humble, which the bible says he will be, it also says he will appear to man to be “Christ-Like.” Oh and one final after thought for you Sci-Fi geeks out there.

  41. MeMyselfandI

    The bible says the AC will be assissinated by a VERY sharp knife or dagger or short sword depending on your version. And he will come back to life, but it will no longer be the man who was in power it will be Satan himself. But we all know that the human body cannot withstand a blow of such a weapon just beneath our skulls at the top of our neck, which is where the bible says it will hit him. So for you X-Files peeps and Star Trek, Star Wars guys and gals…could he come back as a Clone? Hmmm…stranger things have happened..

    Me, Myself, and I.
    And All three of us Believe in Christ and that he came to earth and Died for all of us and our sins so we would have everlasting life, and not have to die. Because he loved us so much he sent his only son to die for us.
    And if you need one other thing, remember this: If your a believer, then what will be will be. God has not given us the spirit of fear, but of love and a sound mind.

  42. madscientist

    wow. after reading this i hate people just a little more. what the hell is wrong with “christians” i have read the bible several times over. it never describes the anti christ as obama or anyone else. by the same logic barrack also meets the discription of a man that has robbed numerous liquor stores all over the country. and even if he were the antichrist, if you believe the bible you should rejoice. that means that your time is done here and you can leave. please leave. do us a favor if the rapture doesnt take you soon, just go ahead with the grape kool-aid. one suggestion if you want to slander someone, at least do your research and stop spreading ignorance.

  43. MeMyselfAndI

    Hmm, hate people? A bit strong. Oh, and you should know, I have been researching the Antichrist for years now. Many years. I never actually said that “he” was Obama. The bible says that no man knows the day, or time, as well, as no man will know the Antichrist, but will be able to ID him by his works. I was making a comparative argument. If he is, he is. If not ..then no problem, no foul. And I have Done my research, and had you actually read the bible, especially the end times prophecies, you would not have argued what you did in your post.

  44. MeMyselfAndI

    Everyone should also be aware that the “healer” that is in the bible prophecy, has made his appearance. The Secondary beast is now in the public eye.

  45. flybird

























  46. Damian

    He is the Anti-Christ and no good Christian should be afraid. Only those who don’t believe in the Word should be afraid because when the times of tribulations begin only those who accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior will be Saved.

    Be afraid if your heart is not pure, because you will suffer during the tribulations.

    Pray and wait for the Lord to take you to His side because the Judgment is near but you will not be harmed by the Anti-Christ if Jesus is really your Savior.

  47. Jennings

    The following statements and obviously farfetched drawn conclusions are based on the prophecy of Revelation. I think it adds up quite well and has me pretty shocked and scared for that matter.

    1 – He will come as a man of Peace (Obama promises peace in Iraq, defeat for the US)
    2 – He will come mounted on a white Female horse (Obama’s mother is white who had 6 African husbands)
    3 – He will come to deceive (Obama says he’s a Christian but in fact he was raised in a Muslim culture.
    4 – He will make himself the most powerful man on earth, if elected.
    5 – He will try to destroy the Jewish People and Israel (Obama has said he loves the Arabs specially the Palestinians, hates Israel and Jews. admires Hitler, Osama etc)
    6 – He will present himself as good and righteous but in fact he’s Satan himself. Violence is in his heart
    7 – Obama will help Al Qaida in its evil projects.
    8 – Barack Hussein Obama is the “King of the South” predicted in the Bible. (Daniel 11, Kenya is south of Jerusalem)
    9 – Obama comes to implant Muslim Sharia Law upon America.
    10 – Obama is trying to pull religions together like a one world religion deal!

  48. Iain MacKinnon Post author

    OK… One by one.
    1. Ghandi was a man of peace. Was he the antichrist too? Martin Luther King? How about him?
    2. He’s going to ride into Washington mounted on his mother? That’ll be interesting to see.
    3. Sadhu Sundar Singh was raised as a Hindu. Are you saying he wasn’t a christian?
    4. He will not make himself the most powerful man on earth. The people who vote for him will. Anyway, who says the president is the most powerful man on earth?
    5. Give us all the direct quote where he stated he admires Hitler and Bin Laden. Please.
    6. How can he possibly BE Satan himself? Satan is a created spiritual being who does not have the capacity to become incarnate.
    7. Do tell us all how he’s going to help Al Qaeda. How can he help them any more than Bush did by giving them every excuse imaginable to attack the West?
    8. Zimbabwe is south of Jerusalem too. Could Mugabe not be the King of the South? Heck, so is Australia! Why not Kevin Rudd??
    9. Why would a christian implant Sharia Law? Especially a politically and religiously liberal one?
    10. How exactly is he pulling religions together into one? I see absolutely no evidence of this.

    These ideas have been bandied around in here for months now and they are all frankly preposterous. I am getting sick of the pyjamahadin writing nonsense on my page.

    People, go and read your Bible and do what it says. Leave the ‘Left Behind’ books on the shelf for a while. You might find it more spiritually beneficial. In any case, there are a million more useful and productive things you could be doing for the Kingdom than sitting around calling dates and times, making graphs and charts, and declaring every couple of years who the new ‘antichrist’ is.

    Spread the news about Jesus. Remember that? The Gospel? Care for people. Worship God. Live for him and let HIM take care of the end of all things.

    Are you still here? GO!!

  49. Jennings

    Yeah thanks for the reply. I didn’t need someone to call me out like I knew they would that’s why i included my little disclaimer at the beginning.

    When you call out each example one by one, it ruins the entire jist of what I’m trying to get at. Obama falls under all ten. Not one person under each like you’re saying with your examples.

    You took a couple of things way out of context. All the statements build upon each other.

    Revelation tells us that the antichrist will come as a man of peace, politics, people will like him and like the change that he is bringing upon people. Scripture tells us that the antichrist will be a man from Muslim descent. And he will deceive us! Think of all the problems Obama has had through the church.

    Obama really has no stand for anything but what the majority of people think is popular.

    But i do agree with your last statement. We shouldn’t be worrying about stuff like this that we can’t control. We just need to follow Jesus and spread the word and not worry about these issues. I just can’t help but look past this and i want to be aware so i don’t get deceived and follow the wrong people.

  50. Iain MacKinnon Post author

    Sorry, dude. I didn’t pick up on your intention from the first couple of lines of your comment. The fact is that pretty much all of those allegations could be levelled at every politician since time began. They ALL aim for popularity. It’s the nature of the beast (pardon the pun!).

    However, I fail to see how scripture can state ‘the antichrist’ will be of Muslim descent when Islam didn’t come into being until the 7th century AD. The Bible mentions nothing of the sort. It requires some wild interpretations of Daniel 11 to come to that conclusion.

    The simple fact is that the Bible does teach that there are many antichrists; and anyone who denies Jesus was the Christ is one of them, be they Muslim, Hindu, Agnostic, Atheist or Nominal Christian. Our job is to ensure that as many of them as possible are told about the Gospel. And to love them, care for them and show them the love of God through our actions and behaviour. Debating eschatology helps nobody, least of all them.

    And here I am doing just that. Argh!

    This has to stop.

  51. the prince of thieves

    Brack Obama is the anti-christ,remember that picture of him in the red robe and white turban Hillary’s people put out, revelation 19:II-16 He was clothed in a robe dipped in blood.
    Also if you look at his signature closely you will find 3 sixes, If you take his daughters name and spell the first 5 letters backwards you get satan.There are about 2,000 fires in California right now, is it a coincidece they came less than a week after gay marriage was legalized. Obama has said Islam is a peaceful religon,lets look at what some of the koran actually says:
    Surah 9:30-
    The jews call ‘Uzair a son of allah,and the christians call christ the son of allah… allah’s curse be on them:how they are deluded away from the truth!
    Not only does the koran deny christ’s deity- but also, as we see in the verse from the koran above,it also puts a curse on all who confess jesus christ as the son of god.Islam brings jesus christ lower than mohammed,making him no more than a messanger. for more info read “Jerusalem Countdown”-over 1 million copies sold

  52. flybird

    Theres a lot our country is in for weaved lost a lot of gods ways in our schools are work place even in our own life’s he doesn’t seen to be needed any more that’s why I fill the country is in the shape its in today were in big trouble

    Revelations6:1-8 the for horse men
    6:2 wars
    6:4 killing each other
    6:6 food,oil,barley
    6:7-8 death and hell
    Ephesians 4:14-15 not to be


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  54. MeMyselfAndI

    Wow, look at this. I let out the thoughts I have on the patterns of Obama, and what happens. A flood gate opens. Good. That means regardless of whether or not he is the AC, people will know what is going on when Israel is attacked, and is miraculously saved, and then the rapture. Hmm. There are some new points I need to let you all see since my last post.
    Since my last post, several anchors on CNN and MSNBC have asked various Christian Religious leaders if Obama was the AC. They all had the same resounding answer of NO. Do you know why? Because they have to. NO man knows the AC before his time to reveal himself to the world.

    How many people have died in recent weeks and months of seemingly unknown illness’s, that is to say, that they had no prior problems in that arena.

    I do not Count Tony Snow, although it is possible. Tony was a good man from what I have researched, and I do not know if it is true that he was a christian. If so, it would serve a purpose to kill him via an illness, as he was prone to question everything and everyone. One more that the AC does not want to figure him out, or corner him, or challenge his power. Then we come to the stand up comedian who recently died of what doctors called “Super Heart Failure.” So rare that only .87 % of the population world wide, in the last 250 years have died from it. That is way less than one percent people. George Carlin was a strong, and outspoken supporter of the first and second amendments, which by all purposes would stop the AC in his tracks if he were allowed to continue. Not counting Estele Getty for obvious reasons.

    However, if you notice all the “Old Guard” are dying off. They were and are people who by their very nature would question the AC in his motives and what he was doing, I.E. they would expose him in some way, regardless of him revealing himself.
    Now I will take the time to respond to each new post as warranted. Fair warning, if you do not care for, or will care for what I am going to say, I strongly urge you to stop reading here. You have been warned. As the kid gloves are off, and the sake of my soul, and others around the world, not to mention lives depend on things that are coming to pass even as I type this.

    First: “FLYBIRD.” Quit using caps. Its annoying. Second: Preaching fear is not the way to go. And your first post is nothing more than a “right-wing” hate-speak against Obama. At least that is how it appears. You must be very careful in your words when typing here. To come across as politically attacking him, makes him all the more powerful. Try to be a little more…watchful, rather than sending us a link to someone to talk to about this, I would suggest you talk to God, and read your bible. That is the only “mr. truth” i know.

    Onward: Damian, you are of course correct. But you forgot one thing. Telling people that will do you no good. You must back up your words of belief and faith in Christ with Scripture. John 3:16 is a good place to start as is Romans 8.
    Onward: Jennings: Your words while they may be true, are too far fetched to make sense. The AC is not going to help Al Qaeda. In fact, in order to gain the trust and admiration of the world, he will most likely destroy them all.
    Also, the AC is not Satan himself. At least not until he is assassinated by whomever the Lord calls to do so via the Prophecies. After that he will rise again in three days (Sound familiar) and then it will be Satan, at that point, he will no longer care what people feel or think, because Politics will effectively be over by then.

    Ian you are incorrect. Islam was founded by the son rejected by Abraham after he married a second wife to have a child due to his loss of faith and trust in God. That son and his mother were driven out and shunned. Eventually the brother of Abraham’s second son, the one promised, started Islam. And it IS in the bible.
    The bible says that the AC will either come out of Europe (New Roman Empire, remember?) Or he will have a bloodline from there.
    Also the idea his signature has the 6’s in it is ludicrous. There are no 6’s there. And yes I looked.

    Also onward: Now for the easier part: THE AC is not the one who will bring the religions together. That would be the second beast. What he is doing is getting the thought in people’s mind about Unification, and Tolerance. Hear about Universal Health care? One step away from micro chip implantations. The 6’s will on there, probably hidden to the naked eye.

    McKinnon, I cannot believe your post. It is so far out there as to the facts of the end, that I must correct you for the sake that you cannot tell God you did not know.
    Ghandi and MLK were men. Not the AC. A man of peace is one thing, but when the AC ushers it in it will be WORLDWIDE. For three and a half years.

    By mocking the words here McKinnon, all you do is confuse those who might want to learn. Bad form my friend. Most of Revelations iis not based literally. Why? Because when the write of Revelation, saw these things, and how would he describe a car never seeing one? He had not the knowledge or experience to know these modern things we all live by. He did what he did the way he did, as to describe our modern world. If you look around, you will find them all are out there, just takes common sense, not flaming a person for their opinion.
    I hate to say it, the post on here about him admiring Osama and Hitler are not only inaccurate, but way off. IF he had said that, we would know because Fox News would air it hourly. So in that regard your way wrong.

    And yes he can and will be Satan himself, as he is a spiritual being capable of possessing a human. Have you not heard of Exorcists? Not The Hollywood versions or the Catholic versions.
    Obama is not a Christian regardless of what he says McKinnon. He is lying remember?
    The country of the south is not Zimbabwe, it is Iran. The north is most likely Russia.

    Ok now one more: There are not “many” Antichrists. There is but one. The term is also used to describe a state of being, not an Identity. So being antichrist, is being anti christian. The world leader who is coming is THE Antichrist. Get the difference?

    Lastly but most importantly.
    China has a weather machine that can control and produce or reduce bad weather. It is a satellite, and I do not know much about it yet as research is sketchy at best. They announced last week that if they had bad weather for the Olympics, they would “fix it.” Now how is it that the AC will use lightning against those who defy him? Nothing in the bible says it cannot be a satellite. How else would our intrepid write of Revelations know about Satellites in orbit? He would not know.

    Now here comes the REAL scary part. What do you get when you combine every single computer on the net at any given time, a facility so large it dwarfs most cities. THE LHC thats what. The online comps are used without our knowledge for the immense calculations it requires, and goes online next month. With the capability of reaching power level that have not been seen since the “big bang” thus creating a planet, or destroying it. So now we can make animals, people and now planets..hmmm.

    Look the LHC and watch the videos. It has been in existance for 73 years, there is a video that practically says that the internet was invented for it, so they can tap into computers online for the computations. Now, normally it would lag our systems, but because the need is so miniscule per comp, we do not notice. So remember when you go online, your helping the “Armageddon Machine” as it has been quoted as being referred to by the ten thousand + scientists working on it now.

    It has the capabilities of creating an E.L.E. (Extinction Level Event) In mere seconds. By literally ripping apart our universe and timespace to create a blackhole no bigger than the tip of a pencil, which if introduced on Earth, would utterly wipe it out. But as we all know, that is not this planets destiny.

    What is so scary about this machine is that it is so big, so massive, you cannot hope to count a single strand of wires or coils. Also, the scientists working on it have no idea what is going to happen when they turn it on.

    Now what has this to do with the AC? Simple. When the rapture happens, what is a more reasonable sounding cause? Mass alien abductions? Perhaps. Global Warming? More than likely. Nope. More than likely it will be the LHC. Meaning that the AC will blame it, and its creators for making millions, or billions vanish without a trace. A black hole can suck down anything, and not even light can escape its gravitational pull.

    Also, discovered yesterday, a new planetoid. A meteor. Anther one. Pluto reclassified as a meteor not a planet. The “10th” planet is behind Pluto. Why we did not “see” it until recently due to the alignment of the planets from last year. ( I think it was last year anyway. lol.)

    Or, perhaps the LHC is a weapon supposedly designed to destroy Christ when he returns. But of course we know that will not happen. It is a thought some non-christian scientist could come up with easily enough.
    In the meantime people are dying. Famous people, and ordinary citizens. But what is most prominent now is the super stars dying. The Old Guard and various actors and News Anchors etc. Who will die next?

    I urge each of you to go to youtube.com and search for the LHC on the border of France and Switzerland. And keep an eye on this new beast arising, the Healer. he has not been revealed yet, but he will. The other beast, will be the one instrumental in the Unification of Religous Tolerance and Sanctification, by using the model set up by the healer. If a Christian and a Muslim can learn to accept and respect the other’s belief, than you will know.

    Besides, if you watch the news, Iran’s leader keeps stalling the peace and disarmament talks in order to stall for time. Why? I am sure will all find out one day sooner than we all realize.
    One last observation:
    Can anyone here guess as to how Wicked man has become in the last two years alone? We are literally only a couple steps away from Sodom and Gomorra. Gay marriage. Women disappearing and dying more frequently, and children, God help us all, children being slaughtered, raped, and defiled.

    Keep an eye on the weather patterns all over the world. The birthing pains have begun. Be ready, accept Christ as your saviour before the rapture, so as to not suffer in the Great Tribulation.
    “…For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten son, Jesus, to die on the cross so we would not perish, but have everlasting life…” (Paraphrased)

    So now, I will say that to all of you, careful what you say on here. And why you say it. If you cannot speak on things that are truly going on via research, prayer and a mind set to prepare your own soul and as many as you can possibly get saved.

    “God has not given us the Spirit of Fear, but of love and sound mind..”


  55. MeMyselfAndI

    (NOTE)–The GAPING Wound is the wound made by the Assassin who killed the AC which then allowed Satan to take possession of his body. Fire from the heavens=Meteors-as discussed in my last post. The Dragon is either Satan or the Religious Leader who will combine all belief systems for the one world religion. Giving the Statue breath: Hmm, I surmise either a hologram type deal, or even a Clone. Perhaps computers will allow for a statue to speak and kill. Via timed and pre-recorded messages, only changing when the “operator” changes out the words for another set. Easily can one interpret the end times with modern equivalents ..IF your patient and pray like I do.

    1 And I saw a beast rising out of the sea, with ten horns and seven heads, with ten diadems upon its horns and a blasphemous name upon its heads. 2 And the beast that I saw was like a leopard, its feet were like a bear’s, and its mouth was like a lion’s mouth. And to it the dragon gave his power and his throne and great authority. 3 One of its heads seemed to have a mortal wound, but its mortal wound was healed, and the whole earth followed the beast with wonder. 4 Men worshiped the dragon, for he had given his authority to the beast, and they worshiped the beast, saying, “Who is like the beast, and who can fight against it?” 5 And the beast was given a mouth uttering haughty and blasphemous words, and it was allowed to exercise authority for forty-two months; 6 it opened its mouth to utter blasphemies against God, blaspheming his name and his dwelling, that is, those who dwell in heaven. 7 Also it was allowed to make war on the saints and to conquer them. And authority was given it over every tribe and people and tongue and nation, 8 and all who dwell on earth will worship it, every one whose name has not been written before the foundation of the world in the book of life of the Lamb that was slain. 9 If any one has an ear, let him hear: 10 If any one is to be taken captive, to captivity he goes; if any one slays with the sword, with the sword must he be slain. Here is a call for the endurance and faith of the saints. 11 Then I saw another beast which rose out of the earth; it had two horns like a lamb and it spoke like a dragon. 12 It exercises all the authority of the first beast in its presence, and makes the earth and its inhabitants worship the first beast, whose mortal wound was healed. 13 It works great signs, even making fire come down from heaven to earth in the sight of men; 14 and by the signs which it is allowed to work in the presence of the beast, it deceives those who dwell on earth, bidding them make an image for the beast which was wounded by the sword and yet lived; 15 and it was allowed to give breath to the image of the beast so that the image of the beast should even speak, and to cause those who would not worship the image of the beast to be slain. 16 Also it causes all, both small and great, both rich and poor, both free and slave, to be marked on the right hand or the forehead, 17 so that no one can buy or sell unless he has the mark, that is, the name of the beast or the number of its name. 18 This calls for wisdom: let him who has understanding reckon the number of the beast, for it is a human number, its number is six hundred and sixty-six.

  56. Iain MacKinnon Post author

    OK, I can’t let this go uncommented on.

    “Eventually the brother of Abraham’s second son, the one promised, started Islam. And it IS in the bible.”

    Baloney. It’s not. Muhammad is supposed to have had his first revelation (and therefore started Islam) in 610AD. Muslims interpret the story of Abraham as stating that the son that was nearly sacrificed was in fact Ishmael, not Isaac, and that he was the son from whom the chosen people would come. Ishmael did not start Islam and the Bible most certainly doesn’t say anything of the kind.

    “Obama is not a Christian regardless of what he says McKinnon. He is lying remember?” – How on earth can YOU possibly know that? How can you possibly state so categorically that he is lying? God alone knows where he truly stands in relation to Christ. That’s not your call to make, and by setting yourself up as judge of his salvation you are living very dangerously: “For with what judgment you judge, you shall be judged: and with what measure you mete, it shall be measured to you again.” Matt 7:2

    It troubles me greatly that people come on here and start pontificating as if they knew exactly what was going to happen at the end of the world on a minute by minute basis, when for nearly 2000 years their predecessors have been proved wrong time and time again.

    I’ll say it again. Don’t start spouting off about dates, times, microchips, sixes, LHCs, Iran Zimbabwe, the colour of clouds or the price of fish. Only the Father knows. We don’t. So don’t come along with misplaced pride and start declaring how things are going to be. Wiser men than you or I have guessed and guessed and been wrong before. Live the way He asks you to and let God take care of the end, whenever and however it may come.

  57. Rob V.


    It appears your blog is turning into someone else’s blog!

    (FYI, I’m pretty sure you can close the comments on a post after the fact; the comments that are already there should still be shown.)

  58. Iain MacKinnon Post author

    Yeah, Rob. I’d agree with you there.

    I would close the comments, but in a bizarre car-crashy sort of way, I’m waiting to see what comes next. Maybe Bruce Willis will come and rescue my blog from the pyjamahadin…

  59. Michelle

    Just a comment about the Obama being the anti-christ… If he were the anti-christ and Christians were writing about it shouldn’t they be stoked. I know the first time I saw him and heard him speak I thought the same thing. But in lieu of grabbing my pitchfork and torch I got excited. Maybe he is the anti-christ, and the possibility of that being the case is why I would vote for him. As a Christian I WANT Jesus to come back.

    And in response to another comment made earlier about someone not being able to believe that America would sink low enough to elect the anti-christ… just a question on that, would any other country be as perfect a place as our Godless nation? Even if there are other countries that don’t believe in the true God at least they still believe in something… we can’t even trust our own families, where else should the anti-christ be?

    So either way that you feel about this situation, let me pose this question to you:

    How is electing Obama going to be bad? If he’s not the anti-christ then he will be an AMAZING president and if he is then nothing will stop it anyway and even if someone could would you really want to?

    I don’t know about the rest of you “Christians” but I want the anti-christ to come… bring it on! I can’t wait to see Jesus! Stop leaving comments about avoiding the inevitable and get yourself right with God.

  60. Michelle

    Also, I know I’ve read as a “disclaimer” to Revelations which says something along the lines of not trying to interpret the book as well as you should take every word as literal… or something like that…. maybe you could elaborate more on that since I’m still new in the faith and haven’t gotten the words down pat.

    Either way I agree with Iain completely on the fact that the only one who will EVER know what is going to happen next is God. Quit fighting it people! It’s in no ones hands but God’s let Him have it, I promise you’ll feel better and you’ll have a huge impact on others around you.

  61. MeMyselfAndI

    Wow McKinnon, you should do a little more thorough reasearch my friend. your facts are just a bit off. But only a bit. Take no offense at my words, I am not on here trying to flame you, or anyone else.

    As far as what comes next you are correct in your idea that no man knows. However, if HE is the AC, than watching him rise to power IS not only exciting, but…it IS history making. Literally. As we watch things develop, we will soon be able to see him for what he is, but–NO ONE knows his time and place but God. This is true. However, much research over two thousand years, common sense, and a keen mind for both God, the bible AND science, I am waiting to see what is going to happen. Do not get me wrong I too want Christ to come back. I cannot wait for that day. However, I would be lying to you if I did not feel for those who are left behind and the troubles they will face, and the horrors they will see daily, and eventually have to flee from. For them, I put these words here, and around other places. I cannot know if he is the AC or not, but I can tell you what my spirit is telling me whenever I see him on TV. My spirit is not afraid, it is grieved. Immensely, so in the hopes of reaching even one soul before the Rapture, than these posts, and all the various hate mail, threats of death etc., I get on a daily basis is worth it. Not to mention I get the opportunity to get the word out, and witness to people.
    And for the third time. I am not fighting anything. I am merely observing, and sharing some theories and possible conclusions. The Scientific Method, remember?

    Scientific method refers to the body of techniques for investigating phenomena, acquiring new knowledge, or correcting and integrating previous knowledge. It is based on gathering observable, empirical and measurable evidence subject to specific principles of reasoning. A scientific method consists of the collection of data through observation and experimentation, and the formulation and testing of hypotheses.

    I am by no means fighting God’s plan. I am by no means saying I know for sure. I am simply putting the ideas out there as I began to notice quite a few similarities between Obama and the AC of Prophecy. Today he spoke to over 200,000+ people in Berlin. No President, or Candidate has EVER had that kind of turn out, and if you had listened to his speech today, you will see once again, I am trying to warn people to wake up that soon…very soon our Saviour is coming. And I would rather you hate me, call me crazy, try to poke holes here and there, and I am fine with that. I am not doing this for you McKinnon. I am doing it for others. If you wish me to no longer post here, than I shall abide by that.

    As far as taking Revelations seriously verbatim, remember the authors various notes throughout the book. He had no idea of what he was truly seeing. As far as technological wonders, such as the LHC and the Chinese “weather machine.” (If you do not believe in this machine, research it, it DOES exist.)

    Basically Michelle, the man who wrote Revelations by way of a vision and commandments of God to write the things he saw, how would you explain a helicopter, a satellite, or for that matter, a microwave to him? He would not understand. To him, it would be like magic. Good or evil magic is up for debate, other than his descriptions of the beast and his minions. Most of what he saw was in the Spiritual Realm, through the eyes of his imperfect human body. Meaning, all allegorical messages in the book of Revelations, are symbols for something. They represent something in our current world. The key there is to identify the object/person/countries etc., and see if they match. Or even come close to matching.

    Which is what I am doing. I am simply comparing notes. Nothing more.

    McKinnon, I would urge you to delve into the history of the Muslim religion. As Abraham was the father of Israel AND what would later become the Muslim nations and religion. I hate to say this to you, but you are close to the answer, just not there yet. And since I am keeping a civil tone in my words, I would ask you to do the same, yes? I do respect your wishes on here as it is your blog. And not mine. However, you should have expected people to come in who do research on this idea. And since I am long-winded, ever observant to the point of being tedious, I also firmly believe that Obama, IF he is the AC, or one who will be used by the AC, is lying not only to you, but to the world.

    How do I know he is lying? Well for me, it is an easy task. It doesn’t always happen mind you, but if I pray about something, I usually get an answer. So when I said he was lying, he was lying. Not MY conclusion by the way. Be that as it may.

    All of you Go with God, and keep your heads up, your eyes open, and your ears free of obstruction, and do not fall asleep. The time is more near than anyone knows. And no I am not going to give you any dates.

    Except where the LHC, Particle Accelerator/Collider, is turned on next month. Let us pray you are correct that it means nothing. Unfortunately, I think your wrong. And when it comes to certain things of the Spirit, I am rarely wrong. But it does happen. Comes with reading my bible, praying, and fasting. As well as Asking God for the eyes, ears, and knowledge to get an understanding of things as they occur. If you are not gifted with a Spiritual Gift, that is not my fault. I am sorry if I bug you. But were I to tell you how I knew half of these things, you would either label me as a lunatic, or so far from the mainstream it is politically incorrect for me to draw a breath. SO I will keep that section to myself. There are many others out there that see it as well. If you do not, then I suggest you enter into your prayer closet nightly as I do. Ask God for the understanding of what you see and hear. But remember, if he does answer you and give it to you, it will come with a price. I.E. Those whom are given much, much is expected. So if you do know you will have to use that knowledge to Glorify God, or you could just keep it to yourself and not care. However, you do not strike me as not caring.

    And for the last time, I am not saying 100% Obama is the AC. I can say no such claims. As they would be a lie. Merely testing, researching, and warning. Warning to be ready, for soon we will be caught up in the clouds to meet our saviour.

    Godspeed to you all.

  62. Michelle

    Me, myself and I : That’s very admirable that you want to warn others. I think your last explination would put people at ease better than just the “advisory” as it were. Everyone has their own relationship with Christ and I’m glad that you explained yours a bit better. I suppose for anyone to point any fingers goes against the main point of Jesus anyway… I apologize for getting heated and I appreciate the insight on the “revelation disclaimer” or what have you. I’ve always been a bit confused on that. 🙂

    God Bless and keep spreading the word. I pray that it is soon.

  63. JoeG

    I find arguments are more compelling when using references.

    In an interview with Chicago Sun-Times writer Cathleen Falsani Powers – October 24, 2006

    Barack Obama states:

    “The most powerful moments for me come when I feel like my actions are aligned with a certain truth. I can feel it. When I’m talking to a group and I’m saying something truthful, I can feel a power that comes out of those statements that is different than when I’m just being glib or clever.”

    Dan. 8:23-26 Gabriel declares:

    “A king will arise, insolent and skilled in intrigue. And his power will be mighty, but not by his own power, and he will destroy to an extraordinary degree and prosper and perform his will; he will destroy mighty men and the people of the saints. And through his shrewdness he will cause deceit to succeed by his influence; he will magnify himself in his heart, and he will destroy many while they are at ease…..”

    In the same interview Falsani asks Obama

    “Is that the power of the Holy Spirit?” Obama replies: “I think it’s the power of the recognition of God, or the recognition of a larger truth that is being shared between me and the audience.

    In separate speeches, Obama mocks the Bible:

    “Which passages of Scripture should guide our public policy? Should we go with Leviticus, which suggests slavery is OK and that eating shellfish is abomination? How about Deuteronomy, which suggests stoning your child if he strays from the faith?”

    “I don’t think a same-sex union should be called marriage, but I think that it is a legal right that they should have that is recognized by the state,” Obama said. “If people find that controversial, then I would just refer them to the Sermon on the Mount….”

    Clearly, Jesus never condoned homosexual marriage, to the contrary.

    Obama further mocks Christianity when he declares:

    “And even if we did have only Christians in our midst, if we expelled every non-Christian from the United States of America,” Obama said. “Whose Christianity would we teach in the schools?”

    Paul wrote, in Titus 1:16, “They profess that they know God; but in works they deny Him, being abominable, and disobedient, and unto every good work reprobate.”

    Anyone watching the major news channels has seen their almost embarrassing worship of Obama. Chris Matthews said of Obama: This is “bigger than Kennedy. … This is the New Testament.”

    Revelation 13:4-9 NIV – “The beast was given a mouth to utter proud words and blasphemies and to exercise his authority…..”

  64. MeMyselfAndI

    On Hannity and Colmes tonight, they ran a clip of Obama calling himself “The Hope”. Also, he says he is the “One” the world has waited for, and he has been recorded saying he was the “Second Coming.” Wow. It is becoming blatant and obvious now, with each new day.

    He has referred to himself as “The Saviour”, and “The One Foretold”

    Which foretelling though? NOT the one about Jesus, that is for sure. Keep watching my friends. Its coming soon.

  65. MeMyselfAndI

    I do not think it admirable to do what God has commanded us to do, that being watching, waiting, and not falling asleep. Getting the word out about the AC is old news, and has been for two thousand years. What makes it NEW, is that it could very well be happening as I type this for you all to read.

    It is a strong faith in Christ, the Father, and the teachings of the bible to answer the call that has been on my life since as long as I can remember. The weird part is however, it didn’t actually come into the light, I.E., I was unaware of what my calling was until the Iraq war began. I have thus spent time in research as to what the prophecies say about the country that built Babylon. At first when Obama appeared, I paid him no real attention, and had been trying to disprove that George W. Bush was the Antichrist. Many online said HE was the one foretold. I disagreed based on MANY scriptures and prophecies that must be realized. At most, Bush is nothing more than a pawn like the rest of the world.

    When Obama made his appearance, it wasn’t until the various Democrats began their trek towards the White House that I began to see what Obama was actually saying.

    Fox News, CNN, and others have posed the question, who IS the REAL Obama? They of course are meaning, “Who is he Politically”, “Publicly,” and “Privately.” Who are his friends and confidants and allies that would get behind him well enough to buy the election of ’08.

    When I heard and saw how hard and fast Clinton went after him, it made me pay closer attention to him. Why would the most politically powerful woman in the entire world raise all her guns at Obama? A relative political nobody. What was it she saw that scared her enough to try and bury him? We all know how that turned out.

    My point is this: If Obama is NOT the Antichrist, than all of my points and posts here mean nothing, other than to witness about the end being near, and follow Christ, and be saved so as not to die and forever be separated from God VIA hell.

    Sean Hannity on Fox News, along with a few others including O’Reilly, have fought tooth and nail to bring a media centered war against Obama in the attempts to vanquish him politically. Now a lot of the points they bring to light make sense, but in the end, they know they will not succeed.

    Bill O’Reilly doesn’t seem to understand that even though his show is THE place to go to get the boost in votes, Obama will not talk to him. Why? Well, politically, it would be stupid. However, another point would be that Clinton did it and so did Kerry AFTER the fact. McCain has done it. But. Obama DID grant Fox an exclusive interview that lasted ten minutes with a guy named Bill Hemmer.

    Now why Hemmer and not O’Reilly? Simple. O’Reilly represents a certain demographic in age range, where Obama is trying hs best to appeal to the YOUNGER audiences. The ones who will put him in the Office will be them. It doesn’t matter in the end how Obama gets in, or who puts him in, and why. What matters is what the scriptures say about him in reference to lying to the world. He will surround himself with younger people as he himself will be “young.” O’Reilly is the epitome of what the “Old Guard” represent in Washington regardless of whether or not he is a right winger, or middle of the aisle. Obama does not HAVE to go on The O’Reilly factor to succeed.

    On to one other thing. I would warn the various Anchor’s now who are attacking Obama politically on a nightly basis. It will come back top haunt you in the end. Especially if you do not sell out to him no or later.

    And oh yes, there is a new person with a Sudden case of Brain Cancer. A Fox News Contributor, who’s car careened out of control into some people. The reason? He lost consciousness for a brief moment. The Dems hate this guy, but what they fail to see is he too, like Kennedy, Byrd, and a bunch of others in recent memory are connected. ANYONE who can and will challenge Obama if he is the AC, will be taken out of the picture some how or the other. And if they are not prior to him becoming the most powerful world leader ever seen, I bet it will happen afterwards. Perhaps he will destroy them via the media, for real, or however…as an example.

    I feel for these guys. They have no idea what is going on regardless of how many people email them to try to get them to see it. They Cannot see it, and even if they do, there would be nothing they can say or do to prevent it from happening. Not to mention, I will laugh my behind off if one day any anchor from any news station goes on the air and calls Obama the Antichrist. The retaliation, and consequences of that action would literally ruin them over night. So instead they try doing it in other ways. Ways that will not work.

    I pray for people nightly, including these guys, that they not only NOT sell out, but get saved. Truly saved.

    In the meantime, everyone listen, watch, and learn. And do not forget —spread the word to all the people in all the lands so that none may die by the AC’s hands or in the Great Tribulation. Even if he is not the AC. We’re very close now to the end than at any other time in history.

    To those who are not saved: Your time is now. Ask God into your heart, accept Christ as your saviour and repent your sins. Christ is coming back! Regardless of what people say, want or do.


  66. MeMyselfAndI

    Is that a hint? lol. I have a blog already. And wasn’t hijacking you. Was merely responding to what was already here. lol. If you wish me to not post any further, I will not.

    I am rather long winded, I know…Sorry. Just not very. 🙂

  67. Mark

    First off, I want to congratulate the keepers of this blog. Today is my first time here and he arguments all seem to be very well written and managed. With the exception of a few racist radicals who have left remarks everyone else has left understandable and intelligent remarks. And a couple under handed blows at Bush…You don;t need t apologize to him, I’m sure he thanks God he isn;t the Antichrist…

    I’ll admit, I googled Borack Antichrist and that’s how I ended up here.

    I’m curious, as alot of Americans are, about what my peers are saying. The bottom line is Borack Hussein Obama does have Muslim roots, and known terrorist ties. Why would Americans vote for him? I’m very confused. Black America is so ramped up at the thought of having a black President they don;t even hear his speeches. When he is asked questions directly, he doesn;t answer them. All he says is “I have a Plan”….very reminiscent of how and why John Kerry lost when he ran.

    The bottom line is, IF he is the Antichrist or the forerunner to the Antichrist it really doesn’t matter how many people vote for him now does it?

    I’m just shocked and amazed how ignorant American society is as a whole. It truly is a bad day for this country when a man named Borack Hussein Obama can get the Democratic party’s nomination….His name alone says more than any words ever could….btw, what’s up with him not pledging allegiance to the flag? And btw, what’s the deal with him being unwilling to submit his birth certificate?

  68. Alex

    You people are SICK!!!! Obama DOES NOT have Muslim roots! He lived in a country that has a predominant Muslim population for three years, and THAT’S IT! Do you realize how close-minded you sound when you judge people for their religion? Do you realize how bigoted and racist you sound when you criticize a man simply because of his name? Are you schoolyard bullies? There’s a study that was just released that showed conservatives being far more afraid of everything in life. Face it; right-wingers are afraid of change, and will do whatever it takes to keep the status quo. The same status quo that has been ruining this country the past eight years. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!! You racist, stereotyping, close-minded scum are in the minority (at long last, this isn’t the 50’s) and for a very good reason. If anyone’s the Anti-Christ, it’s Sarah Palin ala Bush-In-Drag! No abortion rights in cases of rape and incest? Believing that dinosaurs and humans co-existed? Not believing global warming is man made? Engaged in a scandal that she’s trying to cover up (sound like some President you know?). She can’t even answer the tough questions! And McSame, talk about a fraud. The man’s blatantly racist, and cheated on and then left his first wife who was disfigured because of a car accident. Really moral man. And a lying man who votes with Bush over 90% of the time. Sorry, but the criticisms I see in here, the name-calling, the racism, the bigotry, is disgusting and sad. Barack Obama is a good Christian man who is a far better choice than McSame/Bush-In-Drag (aka the REAL Anti-Christ)!

  69. Warren

    It does look more and more like Barack Hussien Obama may in fact be the Anti-Christ. Open your eyes and read what really matters. Judge for your self. Those of you whom discount this notion sound childish and more scared than those whom may and I mean may realize that Obama is the Anti-Christ.

    WAKE UP!!!

    This man has come out of nowhere, knows nothing, can’t even speak using his own words to possibly becoming the next president of the greatest country in the world.

    Many things don’t add up here.

  70. Warrior for God

    You don’t have to worry. I already know how this story ends. Christ wins. Everyone dies and EVERYONE will fall and worship at God’s feet….EVERYONE! I wish I could see the horror in some of your eyes when He says, “Turn away from me you worker of iniquity, for I never knew you.” Then guess what, it’s too late…you’re off to hell for enternity….talk about regret…you will fall and worship at his feet, just wait and see.

  71. Warren

    Alex it us unbelievable how closed minded you seem to be. If your mind is so open why is it you have such a tough time with others thaught, ideas and opinions. Are you really as right in your thinking as you try to portray. Your arrogance and ignorance show thru so well.

  72. MeMyselfAndI

    Alex, your ignorant naivete is astounding. Try thinking on your own instead of polluting us with Obama’s talking points and campaign “promises.” If you lack the common sense and brain power to think, than you can faint at Obama’s feet like the rest of them…otherwise, speak and think clearly, logically, and intelligently. Anything less makes you look foolish.

    Warren be careful. Bible says NO MAN knows the Antichrist. No one will until HE reveals himself.

    Warrior For God: Go back to the bible. Your words are spiteful, angry, accusatory, and hateful. I believe Christ would not even come close to revelling in the destruction of sinners. In fact he will hate to do so. As he loves us all. So seeing the fear in peoples eyes as you put it, is not only wrong, it is judgemental and vengeful. “Vengeance is mine…,” Saith the Lord.

    I suggest you read your bible more. And if you are truly a Christian, than act like one. “Avoid ALL appearances of evil…”

  73. Ragamuffin

    I think so many of us “Christians” embarrass Christ with our words and attitudes. Any “Christian” who would revel in the destruction of another human being is as far from Christ’s teachings as one can get. Have any of you who get giddy at the thought of “sinners” going to Hell ever read the Bible? Did you read the part where James and John wanted to call down fire from Heaven to destroy a town because they wouldn’t let Jesus come through? Jesus rebuked them and said to them, “You don’t know what spirit you are of…” Jesus reprimaded his own disciples because they were “anti-Christ” (against Christ) in their attitudes towards others. Jesus said bluntly that the Son of Man came to SAVE lives, not destroy them. So when you talk like you are enjoying another person’s suffering and death, you are, YOURSELF, becoming like the anti-Christ you say you are so against.
    Whatever happened to the teaching that we should pray for and love our enemies? “Do good to them that hate you?” (Matthew 5:44) Instead, we seem to enjoy the thought of our brother going to Hell. John called such people liars, because as He said in 2 John 4:20, “If a man says, ‘I love God’, and hates his brother, he is a liar: for he that loves not his brother whom he has seen, how can he love God whom he has not seen?”
    We throw around the term “anti-Christ,” but we don’t even know what the term means. Anyone who doesn’t love his fellow man, and wants the best for him, is anti (against) Christ. Christ came to reconcile humanity to God, and to show us mercy and grace. Yet, after we have been saved by this grace, how come we find it so impossible to show it to others?
    “Now it happened as Jesus sat at the table in the house, that behold, many tax collectors and sinners came and sat down with Him and His disciples. And when the Pharisees saw it, they said to His disciples, “Why does your Teacher eat with tax collectors and sinners?” When Jesus heard that, He said to them, “Those who are well have no need of a physician, but those who are sick. “But go and learn what this means: ‘I desire mercy and not sacrifice.’ For I did not come to call the righteous, but sinners, to repentance.” – Matt 9: 9-13

  74. fb

    I wish these posts were fake, because they are some of the most disturbing things I’ve ever read on the interweb….(says a lot).

    Foul, racist, ignorant rants from a collection of religious nut jobs. If he does exist, then I think your God will feel nothing but shame for your actions.

    Obama – the anti-christ!? FFS – you people are a step away from crazy.

  75. MH

    Osama Bin Laden President of USA ??? WHY NOT?? MIGHT AS WELL , THATS WHAT YOUR ABOUT TO DO!!
    Pause a moment, reflect back. These events are actual events from history..
    They really happened!!!
    Do you remember?

    1. 1968 Bobby Kennedy was shot and killed by a Muslim male extremist
    2. In 1972 at the Munich Olympics, athletes were kidnapped and massacred by Muslim male extremists.
    3. In 1979, the US embassy in Iran was taken over by Muslim male extremists.
    4. During the 1980’s a number of Americans were kidnapped in Lebanon by Muslim male extremists.
    5. In 1983, the US Marine barracks in Beirut was blown up by Muslim male extremists.
    6. In 1985 the cruise ship Achille Lauro was hijacked and a 70 year old American passenger was murdered and thrown overboard in his wheelchair by Muslim male extremists.
    7. In 1985 TWA flight 847 was hijacked at Athens , and a US Navy diver trying to rescue passengers was murdered by Muslim male extremists
    8. In 1988 , Pan Am Flight 103 was bombed by Muslim male extremists.
    9. In 1993 the World Trade Center was bombed the first time by Muslim male extremists.
    10. In 1998, the US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania were bombed by Muslim male extremists.
    11. On 9/11/01, four airliners were hijacked; two were used as missiles to take down the World Trade Centers and of the remaining two, one crashed into the US Pentagon and the other was diverted and crashed by the passengers. Thousands of people were killed by Muslim male extremists.
    12. In 2002 the United States fought a war in Afghanistan against Muslim male extremists.
    13. In 2002 reporter Daniel Pearl was kidnapped and murdered by– you guessed it– Muslim male extremists.

    The Anti-Christ will be a man, in his 40s, of MUSLIM descent, who will deceive the nations with persuasive language, and have a MASSIVE Christ-like appeal….the prophecy says that people will flock to him and he will promise false hope and world peace, and when he is in power, he will destroy everything.

    And Now:
    For the award winning Act of Stupidity Of all times the People of America want to elect, to the most Powerful position on the face of the Planet — The Presidency of the United states of America … A Male of Muslim descent who is the most extremely liberal Senator in Congress (in other words an extremest) and in his 40s.

    I’m sorry but I refuse to take a chance on the ‘unknown’ candidate Obama…

  76. TC

    I am not going to lie when I say that Obama does have a “massive Christ-like appeal” and people do consider him the “messiah”. A preacher himself called Obama the “messiah” by saying, “When the messiah speaks, the youth will hear, and the messiah is absolutely speaking.” Before that, he states that “Barack has captured the youth” (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OowxMcVTjTE). Oh look, there is more: http://obamamessiah.blogspot.com/. And if you read the post from Sept. 30, 2008, it talks about how children “sing for change”. Reminds me of Hitler.

    Do you not see how creepy this has become? He is not being treated as a normal candidate, but he is being treated as if he were a god. He is no god. My God gave me free will. This “god” is taking away our liberty and independence through “universal healthcare” and “spread the wealth”. He is taking away the purpose of the Constitution and ripping it to shreds by making the words “pursuit of happiness” worthless. He is taxing the rich to give to the poor, but have you ever thought about what might happen if he did that? Everyone will be equal, not liberty-wise, because that will only take away our liberty. Liberty is the freedom of choice. And his plans are not allowing people to choose. His plans are giving people money that do not belong to them. The rich will become poorer and the poor will become richer. It is not the rich’s fault that, through hard work and dedication, they got to where they were. It is not their fault that the poor decided to not strive to become the best they could be. And yes, there are ways of going to college, it is called education, good grades, scholarships, grants, and loans. If some were laid off, try again. That is why it is called the “pursuit of happiness”. But to pursue that happiness then to have it taken away from you, because some socialist thinks it would do some good…then he is crazy. That is not what America stands for, nor is it what the Framers wanted.

    If Obama wins, then he wins. I just fear what will happen to all of us. I fear for the people who do not fear because they are so used to the “freedom” we have, because they take it for granted, not noticing that it can be taken away. I love God, and whatever happens, happens. I will not hate Obama, but I do fear his true purpose.

    What scares me most was Biden’s speech. He said that when Obama becomes president, 6-months after, he will be tested and a chaos will occur, but he will have to make certain “policies” that the American people will disapprove of, and it is up to his supporters to help him through these hard times.

    That statement itself, coming from our “future” vice-president, questions Obama’s true purpose for America.

  77. j rocka

    as a Christian voting for Obama, I apologize to anybody offended by this. Clearly the original author has not read REVELATION, or a the rest of their bible. Christians are not perfect, and it seems the most foolish get the loudest microphones. I pray for Obama’s protection as president.

    To clarify, if it has not been done already…

    Barack is Christian. Actually did an amazing speech on it in June 06. read it here if you want. http://www.barackobama.com/2006/06/28/call_to_renewal_keynote_address.php

    also to those emphasizing his name, Barack Hussein Obama:

    BARACK: is hebrew in origin and means Blessed.

    HUSSEIN: is Semitic meaning “good” or “handsome.” Just cause it was Saddams name people like to associate it. What if we get a candidate named Manson? Is he like Charles Manson? sheesh people.

    So we will have a blessed and handsome president. Hopefully the country will be blessed too.

  78. Iain MacKinnon Post author

    Hey Justin! Thanks for dropping by! That speech is what started this whole sorry business off! I heard the speech, was enthused by it and I blogged about it here . That led to this and then this little beauty.
    Incredibly, very few people realise I’ve been mocking the whole idea all along because they haven’t bothered reading the earlier posts. So much so, in fact, that I had to put a disclaimer on that last one eventually.

    It terrifies me how pathetically small minded, racist and blindly ignorant some folks can be, especially those who, as fellow believers, ought to know better.

  79. Enid

    The fact that nobody believe’s he is the antichrist makes me more sure he is. I don’t care about him being black, I am so sick of black people saying that, after all this time its still a cruch.

    Pray to be raptured

  80. Ashely

    Hello There. My friend brought this blog/argue-fest to my attention at work the other day. I am a 20 year old living in Ontario Canada, and although I do not live in the United States, the election definately has a buzz around here. As your brotherin country, we know that the decision that is in the hands of the American people is a tough one. It does affect us so we are very concerned about the decisions your new President will make. I personally am not sure if either of the candidates running for President are ready to take on the mess that Bush left your country in. But of course, you must choose from Obama and McCain and we are anxious to see who will be victorious.

    Anyway. I just wanted to drop a line in here because I had a huge eye opener of the world when I started reading what some of the people had to say. When did everyone become such hypocrits? Aren’t you supposed to be living in the “land of the free”, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom. Freedom is being able to be yourself, and being able to live together, all people of different cultures and religions. We are one world divided by imagionary lines that we humans created, but we are all one land connected by bodies of water. We are all humans and we have beating hearts and blood and a brain and feelings that can be hurt by words, so please I beg of you, just keep your negative thoughts to yourself so the rest of us can live in peace. We did not create the Earth, a higher source did. Who or what created the Earth is an opinion that is yours. You have to remember that no matter what you believe, these are all just theories, none of us were actually there for the creation of Earth, so therefor we have to understand that no matter what we believe, there is a slight possibility that we could be wrong. You never know. Anyway I kind of got off track. What right do we have to tell someone they can’t try and help lead a country and make good decisions based on their choice of religion? Religion has nothing to do with the ablity to run a country. Just because you are “Christian” doesn’t mean that you are fit to be President. It’s about the person who has the knowledge and determaination to lead your country and make the best decisions possible for the people as a whole. Not the Christians, not the Muslims, blacks or whites; everyone!

    I have dreamt of world peace my whole life. It is going to be so hard for us all to get along when there are people out there who want to kill a human being because of their choice in religion. Your bible does not tell you that you should kill people who don’t have the same beliefs as you. We are all different and we need to embrace our differences! We need to learn from eachother and love eachother. No one is telling you that you aren’t allowed to believe in your religion, so you have no right to tell someone else how to live. They aren’t going to listen to you anyway. People are always going to have different beliefs and outlooks on life. That’s what makes us all so beautiful. So can we please just all try to get along? You aren’t going to be able to convert every person in your country to Christianity, so you might as well just accept it and live your life to the fullest as possible before you die. Life is to short to not love one another. I don’t know about you, but I want my time on this Earth the be an amazing expereience and I want to make the best of it.

    “When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.” – Jimi Hendrix

  81. Ashely

    Oh, and thank you so much for taking the time to read what I had to say, I really appreciate it.

    Peace and Love
    ❤ Ashely.

  82. Gabriel from Brazil

    States are supposed to be LAIC, not connected to any kind of church or religion belief – that was stated in the French Revolution more than 200 years ago and nearly all examples of nations different than that resulted in failure. That includes the “evil fanatics” from Taliban, who sponsored Osama bin Laden and the 911 attacks and the “chosen by god” president George W. Bush, who caused many more deaths in Afghanistan itself and Iraq – deaths of terrorists, american soldiers and many civilians.

    The only way for a government to respect all of it´s citizens is to take no sides at all – people might be christians, muslins, jews or buddhists, but the laws and the politics must be laic. People might be white, brown, black, yellow, red, green, whatever, but the state must be transparent.

    If religion is the issue, my opinion is that you can only accomplish true faith when you have really chosen to believe in it, not when the environment around you forces you to believe so.

    I´m really glad Obama won – not because he´s black (well, actually mulato, not black), not because his ancestors were muslins, not because he´s going to change much (american politics are way too “tied up”). I´m glad he won because he seems competent and it means the most powerful nation of the world is, in fact, capable to recognize what stupid politics can cause to their country.

  83. Gabriel from Brazil

    ps.: “I´m glad he won because he seems competent and it means the most powerful nation of the world is, in fact, capable to recognize what stupid politics can cause to their country…. AND THE REST OF THE WORLD”

  84. Ana

    Obama has chosen a radical zionist as a head of his cabinet. Son of a jewish terrorist. Well, more than muslim, he is radical jewish. And the Black Pope refers to a religious authority that will control the world. Nothing has happened yet, but What is clear is the war with Iran involving nuclear weapons. And the responsibles will be Israel and EEUU against Iran. Guess who will be the Anticrist here. )

  85. metalbuoy

    I can’t wait for Obama the Messiah to get inaugurated because I really want some of Jerry Wrights money to buy hookers and blow! (That’s all Jerry would do with it anyway!)

  86. Ashely

    All of you people that can’t learn to shut up and just be happy with life in general and feel the need to cut up every little thing you can about people to make yourself feel like your word is so much more important than everyone else’s can just shut up and stop being so immature.
    Seriously people. Some of you are adults. Some good examples you are.

  87. charity

    Warning !!! Rev13:18 HIS NUMBER IS 666


    see for your self…

    I tell you the truth accoding to rev 3:10 there will be a snatching away of ONLY those who are whatching and those who realy want to come, in the name of my god and king Jesus i herby invite any and all who really wants to come the wedding supper of the lamb.

    be ready !!!!the arch Angel is just waiting on the lords signal, please this is not a doke or a prank Warning, THIS SPRING 2009 will by no means pass, be ready, be vigillant.

  88. Keeley

    I pray for you all. May God be with you. The problem we christians have with Obama is that he is not a Christian. God is leader of my life in everything I do and I refuse to follow anyone that doesnt believe in him. Bush was not a wonderful president and did things that were wrong but the point all comes down to the fact Obama is NOT a believer. And yes all the omens are adding up.

  89. Iain MacKinnon Post author

    I’ve ignored this for long enough. “We christians” clearly don’t have that problem with Obama, because I’m one and I don’t, and I know plenty others who don’t either.

    Can somebody please tell me where you’re digging up this idea that Obama is not a Christian? He has clearly stated it time and again, and frankly I see no reason to doubt his word any more than I doubt yours, Keeley, or anyone else’s when you say you are one.

    Anyway, supposing he wasn’t a christian (although he is) would that mean you shouldn’t vote for him? Nonsense! We’ve had plenty of Prime Ministers here in Britain who were immensely capable and gifted leaders and who weren’t Christians. And many of them were voted into power by a strongly christian majority.

    The Bible actually commands us to obey and submit to leadership, whether or not those leaders adhere to our beliefs (or our various interpretations of those beliefs).

    Please, please, please stop referring to “the fact Obama is NOT a believer”. It’s not a fact, any more than it’s a fact that YOU’RE not.

    Thank you.

  90. Jessica Robinson

    I have to say, I’ve been following up on a lot of the sites that repute to say that Obama may be the AntiChrist. I’m not an expert on the New Testament, but am a little familiar with it. I’m a pretty level headed person, and I know crazy when I see it. I hate to tell you folks, but some of you aren’t crazy. There are too many “coincidences” as well as too many similiarities between the prophecies in the bible, as well as prophecies of Nostradamus, and our new president. Come on folks, he practically has his own followers. Many have claimed him to be our “savior”. He claims to want “world peace” and yet he takes our troops out of Iraq and puts them in Afghanistan. Where did this man come from anyway? The Clinton family helped run his campaign, and look. How did Hillary get put on the shelf? Why did she quit running in the first place? Since when do presidential candidates quit the race to help a fellow candidate run, and then win? It’s called our country is becoming brain washed. He is simply a man. He is no savior. If anything he is setting up the stage so that in 2012, something big is going to happen. I’m not sure what. Either he’ll be assassinated and the true “AntiChrist” will be among us, or the Rapture will occur. That’s just my take on it, and I think it’s a pretty fair one.

  91. Bradley Brantner

    What is America doing that is the question, how could we do this to ourselves all i have to say is that it is going to get bad people everything seems to be lining up perfectly to the end of the world, my advice we just keep praying that God will save obama and lead him into the right direction, but if he is the anti-christ then don’t worry the Lord will bring us Christians through this mess ok just don’t give up hope!

  92. AcrossTheOcean

    Hey Guys,
    Im 24 and Im Australian, the decision of the recent USA election has effected all of us, even all the way down here! I found this blog today and though the last post was forever ago and probably no one will read this, I just wanted to let you all know I’ve read pretty much all of it… even though some of the posts kind went forever and Im not the preachy type, but I got their point. I have noticed a lot of the posts (don’t shoot me down or get angry) kind of argue with each other about the same thing?! Okay, so please don’t judge me because I have never read the bible, nor am I Christian that goes to church; I have my own personal ideals regarding why this is, but basically I’m for balance and not judging thy neighbour and all for practising giving the gift of love; I found a lot of non-feminine in the teachings of certain parts of Catholicism and negativity in other religions, and so I have not ended up following any religion-based teachings in that respect. I always thought that the teaching of God was based solely on love, I have found hippocracies in religion, hence my chosen path of belief.
    Okay, so I can now feel your eyes on me, and in your minds thinking “wow, I hope that girl finds the bible and the Lord or she’s going to be in BIG trouble!!” Lol, I know I get it all the time, thats fine, I have my own inner peace and my own peace with God – so please don’t come back to me with why I should read the bible, I will read it when they put in all the stories :D… and no, I am not one of those way-out-there spiritual gurus, just to put minds at ease.
    HOWEVER, I can see how and why so many have become upset about the swearing in of Obama, yes, there are a lot of truths that point to him as the Anti-Christ and to be honest, yeah, I too have an inclination that things are leading that way. All I can say is let us not be angry towards each other – learn to forgive those that have done wrong to us, and ask God for us to be forgiven for that of what we have done to others. For only when we can forgive do we fully accept the Grace of God into out hearts. Now, I may not have read the bible to know that this is they way He wants us to live. Live in love guys, let Jesus come to us when it is time for His return and let Him see that we accept His way, and not worry about when, how or when. Just know it’ll be and expect it to happen.

    Peace and love to you all 😀

  93. charde

    This is getting really scarey to me. global warming, sickness all of the come now lets be serious this world is having a terrible downfall.

  94. Kudo Shinichi

    King James Bible have to check with other version of Bible because the founder was a freemason with a sign anti-christ. Not the trinity GOD theological terms.

  95. Anthony Smith

    I hate to tell all of you, but it is impossible for Barack Obama to be the Antichrist. See, Obama is black and Jesus was white. Antichrist means “in place of” Christ.

    2 Thessalonians 2:8
    Then the lawless one will be revealed, whom the Lord will destroy with the breath of his mouth, rendering him powerless by the manifestation of his coming.

    I destroyed the Antichrist on December 18, 2008.

    I can keep going if you would like. It is all in the Bible and I can prove it all.

    The Son of Man

    1. Toni

      @Anthony Smtih: Just because Obama is black doesn’t mean he couldn’t replace Jesus? Are you a racist? And just who do you think you destroyed on 12/8/08?

      Ready for your microchip in regards to Obamacare?

      “He also forced everyone, small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark of his right hand or on his forehead, so that no one could buy or sell unless he had the mark, which is the name of the beast or the number of his name.” – Revelation 13:16-17

      This is another sign of end times.

      I’ve read the bible cover to cover so do go on and on. I’m sure I can discredit anything you say.

  96. Headless Unicorn Guy

    Came here on a random search. Got my head SERIOUSLY messed up by Hal Lindsay back with Henry Kissinger (or the King of Spain) was PROVEN to be The Antichrist with the same fervor you see now re Obama.

    First warning sign:
    Search Words “Obama” & “Antichrist” returned 1 1/2 MILLION hits.

    Second warning:
    LONG thread of comment entries dealing with highly-imaginative literal interpretations of Revelation, lots of them both Eragon-length and badly spelled (two signs of a kook or crank).

    Parting comment:
    “What a Long Strange Trip It’s Been…”
    — The Grateful Dead
    And it looks like it’s gonna be getting stranger.

  97. Nusslau

    Although Obama is not the AntiChrist there needs to be a precursor to move the United States away from it’s historic Judeo-Christian heritage in preparation for the one world government and the triumphant intervention of Christ in Revelation 19 as King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

  98. toni

    So when are you getting the mark of the beast, oh I mean the microchip, for the new healthcare plan?

    “He also forced everyone, small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on his right hand or on his forehead, so that no one could buy or sell unless he had the mark, which is the name of the beast or the number of his name.” – Revelation 13:16-17

  99. patrick



  100. angel

    I for one’s opinion knows he’s the “ANI-CHRIST”. I looked into Osoma’s pitures and Obama’s they look exactly alike and i think Obama and Osama is the same person Osama has disappeared and thats when Obama appeared and on top of that his birth certifiate is a fake it was all over the news and the newspapers and the people’s magazine. go to google.com and type in 9/11 artical “Is This The Face of Evil?” and click on the first link and watch the Obama picture and read the paper below it. And then you will know. And the best thing to do is to vote his butt out so we all won’t have to put up with the up coming events. For the past few nights something has been telling me to look at 9/11 pictures and videos and then look at Osama and Obama. Something is coming and we dont’t know what it is. I thought Hitler was it from the history books but now I think he was the sign that the end is near


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