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Caught Jake today resting his weary bones by snoozing on the clean washing just taken out of the drier. His expression was priceless!


One thought on “Caught!

  1. Marty

    Thanks for the comments. Yes, I hang my head in shame for the fact that I could be considered a boarder line Mark Lee stalker. He is a great guy, lots of talent and a sincere heart for God. I am a Taylor fan. I toured the factory the week they released the T5 to the streets. I had save up my money and buy one. Great guitar! It is very versatile. I have since recently ran into an amazing deal at the guitar store that i could not pass up. A new Taylor GS (Sitka/Rosewood) that was on clearance. I could not put it down. So I bought it. I need to sell 2 other guitars so that I can keep it 🙂 I also own a Baby Taylor that is autographed by Third Day. This is my traveler. It has so many Frequent Flyer Miles! I started playing guitar about 5 years ago…a little late start, but God called me to lead worship, and reminded me i should probably play an instrument to do it. I still have so much to learn, but I love to play.

    Yes, a Certified Mac Geek. You would have to pry my MacBook Pro from my dead hands.

    I tried Flock on Mark Lee’s twitter recommendation, ” For the record, Flock is the coolest web browser ever 08:29 AM April 16, 2008 from web.” It is a pretty cool browser. It is built around social networking (Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Flickr) which is pretty cool. I am still testing, but i have a few websites that i frequent for my job that would not work in a Mac browser…they worked in Flock perfectly!

    I have owned a Black Lab named, Indiana and Chocolate Lab named, Scout. Great dogs!

    Really enjoyed the MC Hammer and Vanilla Ice reference in an earlier post. I sat on the 2nd row of a Vanilla Ice concert back in the day. My ears were ringing for days after that show.

    You grew up rockin’ with 80’s hair bands? Try out Decemberadio…they opened for Third Day a few weeks ago here at home and are a throwback band like the great 80’s bands that live on forever on VH1’s ” I love the 80’s”.

    Thanks and God Bless,



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