Yours Truly on the Beeb – Ealtainn: Christian Rock

Oh you lucky, lucky people. If you turn on BBC2 at 7pm tonight, you’ll have the enviable pleasure of watching me presenting a show.

The MacTV series ‘Ealtainn’ looks at a host of different aspects of Arts, Literature & Culture and tonight the focus is on “Christian Rock” (quotes mine). I haven’t actually seen the finished product yet, but it was great fun to film and the team were great to work with. In the show we explore different facets of the genre and see what’s going on locally and globally as well as touching on some aspects of controversy.

I actually dislike the term “Christian Rock” personally but as people feel the need to compartmentalise music as they do everything else, we decided to use it for the programme.

It’s in Gaelic, but it’ll be subtitled for all you poor truaghans who don’t speak the language of Eden.

In any case, it’s on. And if you happen to miss it, you can always watch it again on the BBC’s magnificent iPlayer anytime over the next week. At least, you can if you’re in the UK. I suspect there may be some sort of workaround if you’re outside the UK, like hiding your IP or getting a UK-based proxy, but I wouldn’t know anything about that sort of thing…


2 thoughts on “Yours Truly on the Beeb – Ealtainn: Christian Rock

  1. Doug Watson from Glasgow, Scotlabd

    Hey, it was great to be a part of the program. Nice to see a really positive program that dealt with the issue of “Christian Rock”. Many thanks for coming to Wesley Owen in Glasgow and doing the interview. Hope that the show helps people understand a little bit better about the reason why people are inspired to serve God with their music.


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