Meet The Jedi Rev

Jedi Rev

Yes, folks, the Free Church of Scotland has clearly lost the plot. Not only are they employing wild and crazy left-wing-commy ministers, ministers with beards, and have put Mark Driscoll on the front of the Monthly Record, now they’ve gone completely bonkers and have actually employed a Jedi Knight.

Apparently, a FCYA outreach to Dagobah planted a seed in the heart of one youngling who has now not only left being a Padwan behind, this fully-fledged Jedi Master even has his own blog.

The Free Church College has refused to comment on the subject of Jedi appointments, although articles are expected in the Gazette and the WHFP any day now…


10 thoughts on “Meet The Jedi Rev

  1. Iain MacKinnon Post author

    You gotta admit, Matheson, you look a whole lot better in green…

    I know Colin’s not really a wild and crazy left-wing-commy, but it sounds good and I’m sure he won’t object too strongly.

    And Roo DOES have a beard.

  2. Dowboy

    Who says I’m not a commy? I’ve been commy at more camps than I care to remember…

    Great blog

  3. Karen Joy

    OK, the thing that had me saying “Wow” about this was not your Jedi friend (?) but the fact that the Free Church of Scotland is chummy with Mark Driscoll. Seems very incongruent to me.

  4. Iain MacKinnon Post author

    Yeah, I nearly collapsed when I saw him on the front of their magazine. The next month there was a letter criticising him by a guy who admitted to never having listened to his sermons. Go figure. Having said that, my Dad is Mr Free Church and he really likes what I’ve played him. A lot of the younger FC crowd are pretty into him, so maybe not that incongruous…

  5. James Eglinton

    Dealbh math-dha-rireibh, ‘Ain! Tha sin a dol air mo bhlog-sa, ma tha sin ok leat!

    Re. Driscoll – he is quite popular in some sections of the FC. I heard him preach in Edinburgh last year (stunning 11 point sermon!) and there were a good number of FC ministers present. I met Mark afterwards and was so impressed with his humility.

    In terms of soteriology, Mark is a Calvinist who preaches a well thought through, theological, practical gospel. FC people gravitate to him, I suspect, principally for that reason.

    Over the last year or so, I’ve listened to a lot of Driscoll and a lot of Keller. I’ve also listened to them preach on some of the same passages, and have come to the conclusion that Keller is better. Mark is very good, great at times, but Tim has more depth and his message is clearer.

    Now, my Driscoll-Keller balance works out at Keller being the solid meat, with Driscoll the semi-regular (not unhealthy) pudding.

    I find it fascinating that Driscoll is so popular among young FC types who are, themselves, generally very reluctant to engage with the surrounding culture.

    What say ye?

  6. Jedi Rev

    Engagement-by-association? That’s an Old Testament idea – Haggai 2:11-12.

    The crazy thing is armchair quarterbacks who still think cheering on from the sidelines is what this war is all about.

    Saddly, I’m not going to the GA this year.


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