The Biggest Threat to Christianity…

Forget secularism.

Forget Islamic extremists.

Forget lefty liberals.

Forget communism, consumerism and confidence tricksters.

The biggest threat to Christianity today is from within.

The biggest threat to Christianity is Christians.




2 thoughts on “The Biggest Threat to Christianity…

  1. For Prez '24

    Honestly I’d rather they turn their attention on each other rather than sending out tentacles to inflicted it on those who don’t want it.

    I don’t necessarily wish for the destruction of Christian-Islamic values. Just the pieces that say they are the only way and all others paths lead to demons, cause when you think about it if demons really wanted to sew division into the world, the notion of a single holy path was the way to do it.

  2. Jedi Rev

    This is bit like asking, “Is there a spoon?”

    We’re talking about the Bride of Christ, and nothing bar nothing is really a threat to her appearing exactly as perfect as God intends her to be.

    That being said, greatest danger to the “lampstand being removed” is, as ever, lukewarm Christians. We’ve got no one to blame but ourselves.

    Which makes something I heard today, again (for like the 9000th time) really hard to swallow. Is the Church really declining in some areas because of depopulation? I know we like to think it is, but it it really? Inverness has grown by a 1/3 in the last few years, but I’ll hazzard decline in the church hasn’t been that far behind, let’s say Gairloch, in the same period. Population decline isn’t as big a factor as we like to think. No, once again, lukewarm Christians…

    But then, this is the Bride of Christ, so there is hope.


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