Blog Stats Update…

My friend James blogged about his blog stats and the popularity of his Dark Knight post. I decided to check out where things ore going on my stats and was pretty much horrified to see the following – 

How ludicrous is that??


5 thoughts on “Blog Stats Update…

  1. James Eglinton

    It is astonishing. Just when I thought my Dark Knight post was doing well (with 1,000 hits), your Barack is the Antichrist stuff gets 32,000.

    As the great song goes, it’s a crazy, crazy, crazy, crazy world!

  2. Karen

    Hi there, I found you while looking up the Obama/devil stuff I was told about by a coworker that is preaching this nonsense as the truth.
    I have enjoyed reading your “Obama” info. from those Christian ??? folks that think him evil and your comments in response. It is really scary! Your comment on America as a Christian nation is right on. It is the people, not the country. So, what are you think about our (USA) political campaigning stratigies between the McCain and Obama platforms? If Obama is the Antichrist, is McCain the Savior? Once again, really scary! I truely wonder what Jesus would think about all of this hatred among a suposedly united nation. I look forward to hearing what you think.


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