Ballad of the Lazy Blogger

I used to be a blogger
but it’s grinding to a halt
There’s lots of things to blame for it
It’s really not my fault.

Replying to Obama posts
has brought me to exhaustion
I can’t get round to writing blogs
with all the time it’s costing.

I used to write insightful stuff
on life and on religion
but now I seem to spend more time
sweeping dog hair out the kitchen.

The stuff of life has caught me up
like a fly in spider’s webbing
And like the fly that’s hanging there
my strength is slowly ebbing.

At least for now I’ve managed one-
Another post’s been captured
Perhaps I’ll write another blog
sometime before I’m raptured.



5 thoughts on “Ballad of the Lazy Blogger

  1. Marty

    I agree with you. Blogging is tough. I go periods of time where I feel my thoughts are just not important enough to record. I pray that you find some time for rejuvenation and reawakening. I have put down my blog and picked up my guitar, in the hopes that some of my life will come out in song. Maybe that is a better place for me to be in this season.


  2. naomi mackinnon

    My dear husband i think it is me who sweeps the dog hair out of the kitchen!!!!!

    You just need to rest and it will all come back to those fingers!xxxxx

  3. Amber Phillips

    I would love to see more from you ~nods~ I’d even consider being a follower of this blog… if you find the energy and motivation to write once more..


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