I’m Back!

Yet another insanely long break from blogging, but here we go again!

With a re-style, a re-name and an avowed intention to avoid controversial political issues relating to countries I don’t belong to, I’m ready to rock.

I intend to post a lot of Flashforward / Lost related stuff here over the coming months, so I especially welcome any fans of http://www.flashforcast.com who may find their way here!

I’m currently filling the Flashforward hiatus by rewatching the first 10 episodes. I’m part way through Episode 101 and already have picked up a handful of interesting little snippets I missed the first……. um….. 20 times or so. More to come on that as I go along.

I am also speculating like crazy about the stunning news I had confirmed from executive story editor Quinton Peeples. Apparently I’m getting a shout-out on episode 15! No idea what that might look like at this point. I’m keeping my expectations low!

Anyway, I’ll leave it there for now. Hopefully I won’t slack off as badly as I did for the last three years!



2 thoughts on “I’m Back!

  1. Kevin

    Loved your insights on the last podcast and great work tracking down the pic of 7 headed (Non-Hyra) serpent.

    Looking forward to episode 15 too!!!


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