About Me…

Hey there guys!

I’m a 32 year old teacher, musician, worship leader and husband from the Isle of Lewis in Scotland. I’m married to Naomi and we live in the Isle of Lewis, Scotland with our entertaining black labrador, Jake.

I love good design in everything from cutlery to cars to computers; hence the Mac obsession.

Christianity is central to my life. It’s the upside down religion. It’s the one religion where you don’t earn what you get. Grace is the most incredible concept and it boggles my mind daily. That’s why I worship, and I delight in leading others as they worship.

I love all sorts of music, from AC/DC to bluegrass. U2 are in my opinion the most consistently brilliant band on the planet. 80s poodle-metal taught me to rock. I hang my head in shame.



15 thoughts on “About Me…

  1. Michael

    I read you comment about barack Obama….
    have you considered this simple equation…?

    all the letters in his name put together
    18 letters = 3 x 6
    or 3 sixes

    Hope that helps a bit.

    1. Brandon

      Man, you would think if people took the time to reply to someones blog, they would have something thoughtful to say. Do you really think that just because he has 18 letters in his name that he could be the antichrist? Think of how many people in this world have 18 letters in their name. That’s what this dude was trying to say. I hope you were also being sarcastic but you sure were seeming like you were actually on to something there.

  2. robert

    well I just wanted to state that I have been wondering if there is anyone out there in the country that is having strange or un easy feelings about Barack Obama….. because I have had them from the very first time I saw him speaking in television. I am someone who is completely not a racist person, and thought to be one of te most caring fair people by all who know me personally , but I really really really cant stress the bad feelings that I have been having about this man. I cannot put a finger on what it is about him, probably because he is so charismatic and so many people like him, but I will WARN!!!! all who are reading this to really search your soul to see what your INSTINCTS or to christians what the SPIRIT will tell you about Barack Obama. I also want to state that my beliefs do not come from redaing about him or even because of the numerology mentioned about his name , but rather from within.

    1. bellalu0

      I totally agree with you. He is a very deceptive person – a liar to be exact. I keep thinking “and the truth is not in him.” Hmmmm.

  3. robert

    someone anyone if you are out there and you read my comment and feel the same way please tell me what you feel and what it is like and maybe we should discuss what to do about it too

  4. Jody

    You are absolutely correct, Iain. I found your blog by Googling “Barack+Obama+Antichrist”. I was just curious. *blushing*
    Lol… and I also agree with you that people are scary. Good Lord. Most everything I see on TBN scares me. They (and some of the nutcases who have written entire blogs in comment to your blog) make me want to hide my “Christian” badge.
    Good luck to you, man. It appears that you may become infamous for the nutty comments you got to an offhand comment.

  5. Le Gallois

    I think I met you once at Finlay’s house ? I was there with Iain Cameron in 2005 doing a tour of the Western Isles. You’d just come back from taking a school trip to Edinburgh if I remember rightly ?

  6. Jeremy Swain

    Iain! How great to find you! I was searching online and I typed in “barack obama 666” and up came your page. HA! What an amazing coincidence. In case you don’t remember, I met you on Skye in 1999, I believe it was. Write me if you would and let me know what you’re up to. God bless.

  7. Philip

    Mackle: funny & interesting stuff about Obama. What a wave he’s causing here and abroad. I find it exciting on one hand and amusing on the other. I didn’t vote for him. Not because I disagreed with anything he said … he said all the right things … but because everything about him is just a bit “too” perfect for me. That makes me nervous. Nobody can be that perfect. God forbid I tell someone I didn’t vote for him. They look at me like I have two heads. I was talking to a friend and told her (jokingly) I thought Obama was the anti-christ (like Damien Thorne in The Omen”) and she went ballistic on me saying she wasn’t going to talk to me ever again. She does talk to me after all but it’s just so funny how some people have embraced this guy as if he was going to make everything right in the world. That would be nice … but come on, now. I’m sure he’ll do some good and I’m equally sure he’ll make some blunders. They all do.

    And, I took your advice and did a little math on myself. I think I’m the anti-christ, too. I’m getting a headache trying to figure out the numerolgy think but if I stick to it I’m sure I’ll fabricate something.


    Millbrook, NY

    (Philip equals 70, minus the year I was born, 52, leaves 18, 6+6+6 = 18. WOW!!!!)

  8. Scooby Dooby Drew

    Yo Iain,

    Not sure if Barack is the anti…though I will throw in Oprah. What you think? 😛

  9. Gayle Zeman

    Hey Robert, I had a black lab named Jake too. Best dog I ever had.

    I don’t think Obama is the antichrist, but a picture of how easily we are decieved and how the antichrist will gain power. Also, I don’t think God will let us know for sure until the agreement between the antichrist and Israel is reached, which will assure Israel of his protection for seven years.


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