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Ballad of the Lazy Blogger

I used to be a blogger
but it’s grinding to a halt
There’s lots of things to blame for it
It’s really not my fault.

Replying to Obama posts
has brought me to exhaustion
I can’t get round to writing blogs
with all the time it’s costing.

I used to write insightful stuff
on life and on religion
but now I seem to spend more time
sweeping dog hair out the kitchen.

The stuff of life has caught me up
like a fly in spider’s webbing
And like the fly that’s hanging there
my strength is slowly ebbing.

At least for now I’ve managed one-
Another post’s been captured
Perhaps I’ll write another blog
sometime before I’m raptured.



MacBook Pro Case Redesigns?

As regular visitors to this page may be aware, I’ve just sunk a whack of cash on a new MacBook Pro to replace my ailing Powerbook G4. The new machine should make mincemeat of tasks that the PB toiled over as it limped on with a nearly-full hard drive and one dead RAM slot. I should notice HUGE performance improvements in just about every area with the MBP. I held on for a few months knowing an update was round the corner with the Penryn chips, but when they finally dropped on Tuesday, I almost didn’t jump for it because they didn’t have the case redesign I had expected. When I thought it through, though, I took the plunge.
It seems the Editor of MacWorld is in the same situation as I was, but as he mulled it over he hit on the notion that Apple have actually perfected the designs of its product lines, and thus, any changes to come will only be minor. Perfected?? I don’t think so, but to an extent, he has a point. I’m glad I bought one when I did.

The basic design of my new machine is virtually identical to that of the 4 year-old Powerbook it’s replacing. Why leave it as it is? Well, the simple fact is, even though it’s getting old, the design is still sleeker and nicer than pretty much any other machine out there. There have been a few refinements, and I dare say they could make some more, but it really is exceptionally beautiful.¬† And don’t forget, it’s just the external case! The real meat & potatoes are inside, and that part certainly HAS been changing.

So why chould they change the case? Well, I have a couple of minor gripes.

1) The paint-pitting issue on the wrist area. My Powerbook looks vile there now and it’s actually uncomfortable to use. There must be some sort of compound they can use to sort this out. Also, that front edge is pretty sharp…

2) The latch. The hook-latch system is horribly flawed. Surely the next revision will have the magnetic latch of the MacBook and the Air?

Neither of these is a deal-breaker for me. OK, I was also a little disappointed at the lack of a MacBook/Air-style¬† keyboard, but again, that’s nothing serious. It’s still the sexiest darn machine that’s out there right now.
So will they change the case? Will there be a major facelift when the Montevina architecture comes in this summer? I’d be surprised if they didn’t, quite honestly. At least a little. Maybe a lot.

I could have held on for another 6 months. I could have waited for a new design. I could have held off buying because something better was round the corner. The problem is that there’s ALWAYS something better round the corner and I need the machine NOW. And in two or three years time, my MacBook Pro will still be a great computer, just as my Powerbook has been.

And if Steve does release a new case design later this year?

Well, I’ll probably post my MBP up on eBay before you can blink and get the new machine like the blinkered, materialistic, hypocritical Apple fanboy that I am.

It’s Ordered!!!

MacBook Pro 15″
Part Number: Z0EZ
Apple Remote 065-7478250GB
Serial ATA @ 5400 rpm 065-7451
Country Kit 065-7241
MacBook Pro 15-inch Glossy Widescreen Display 065-7449
SuperDrive 8X (DVD+R DL/DVD+RW/CD-RW) 065-7453
2GB 667 DDR2 SDRAM – 2x1GB 065-7443
2.5GHz Intel Core 2 Duo 065-7441
Keyboard & Mac OS 065-7459
Oh yay, oh yay, oh yay!!! 4GB Ram kit also on way from Crucial! Oh yay, oh yay, oh yay!!!!!


Macworld ’08 Rumors

Oh boy…The MWSF ’08 Rumor Mill is hitting full-grind now. So what’s it to be this year? Let’s face it, after last year’s iPhone mania, it’s bound to be something big simply to avoid losing momentum. A brand new gadget? A tablet mac? Steve wearing bootcut jeans?I would hazard a guess that due to iPhone saturation last year, this year is almost certain to be more mac-based. Bring on the hardware! So, if there’s gonna be new hardware, what are the possibilities?The¬†obvious¬†thing¬†for¬†me¬†would¬†be the¬†portable¬†line.¬†With¬†recent¬†reports¬†of 13.3″ LED backlit screen being delivered, it isn’t too much of a stretch to suppose that the long-fabled ultraportable MBP is in prep as we speak. I would say that’s almost a certainty. I’m also hoping like mad that Jonny Ive & his minions have been tinkering with the rest of the MBP line as well. There hasn’t been a significant form-factor change for the MBP for years now and I think the time is ripe. At least a macbook style keyboard would be nice…As for the other ranges, well, the iMac is a definite no-no. The mini, I suspect is beyond refreshing (would be nice to see it replaced by something else – how about resurrecting the cube!), the macPro should get a little speedbump (as if it needs one!) and the macbook will presumably stay as-is. The iPhone shouldn’t be refreshed yet as it’s only just been launched in 1.0 state in most places outside the US. The SDK will probably be shown off, I would imagine and the sales stats bragged about, but that should be all.Which only leaves us with the poor AppleTV. It’s do or die there I reckon. Either something spectacular happens to it or it’ll go the way of the iPod Hi Fi thing that was paraded a couple of years back! SURELY something will be done to it soon….What do you reckon? Go on and post your ideas. Let’s face it- we always guess and we’re always wrong, but it’s a huge amount of fun!EDIT – Well, according to Jim Goldman at CNBC, it looks like the ultraportable is definitely ¬†on the cards: 50% thinner than the current MBPs, with no optical drive and ¬†flash memory, retailing for around $1500.Will be interesting to see how that translates to pounds… A straight currency exchange would make that ¬£740. Yeah right. The current mid range MBP sells in the US for $2499. That’s ¬£1232. In the UK they cost ¬£1599. What’s with the ¬£367 increase? Entry level MBP – $1999 (¬£985). UK cost? ¬£1299. ¬£314 difference. The 17″? $2799 (¬£1380). UK price? ¬£1799. ¬£419 difference!! WHA???

Top Ten Reasons for Buying a PC, not a Mac

1. All your friends are doing it.
2. Solitaire is your crack cocaine.
3. You love the visceral knife-edge thrill of wondering if your app will remain stable until you save your work.
4. You think that processor power and RAM are better employed running Antivirus than on doing anything productive or useful.
5. You have had a designectomy.
6. You enjoy the irony of the phrase ‚ÄúPlug & Play‚ÄĚ.
7. You want your new OS to have more available flavours then Baskin Robbins.
8. You would have to fill all that free deskspace with paperwork if all those cables weren’t there.
9. You only know how to delete forwards.
10. You want the free cupholder.