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I’m Back!

Yet another insanely long break from blogging, but here we go again!

With a re-style, a re-name and an avowed intention to avoid controversial political issues relating to countries I don’t belong to, I’m ready to rock.

I intend to post a lot of Flashforward / Lost related stuff here over the coming months, so I especially welcome any fans of who may find their way here!

I’m currently filling the Flashforward hiatus by rewatching the first 10 episodes. I’m part way through Episode 101 and already have picked up a handful of interesting little snippets I missed the first……. um….. 20 times or so. More to come on that as I go along.

I am also speculating like crazy about the stunning news I had confirmed from executive story editor Quinton Peeples. Apparently I’m getting a shout-out on episode 15! No idea what that might look like at this point. I’m keeping my expectations low!

Anyway, I’ll leave it there for now. Hopefully I won’t slack off as badly as I did for the last three years!