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Car Hassles and the Ethics of Killing Deer

I dearly love my elderly Saab, but I’m starting to think the end may be nigh…

It’s 17 years old in January and it’s not due anyone anything. I got the car for free and it’s run perfectly for a year. Sadly, it’s started playing up lately and I think I may have to dispose of it. Problem is, it’s a great car. The last of the true Saabs, it looks unique and drives beautifully, costs virtually nothing to insure and the underside of it is immaculate. Thing is, it’s starting to refuse to start every now and again. For example, tonight after church I had to climb into the boot and assault the fuel pump for several minutes before I could drive away. Rather humiliating.

Problem is, I love the car so much I don’t want to get rid of it and would buy another in the blink of an eye. It’s a marked improvement on the Ford Escort estate I had previously until a deer decided to climb in the passenger side windscreen while I was driving home one night. I don’t know who was more shocked: me or the deer. It certainly looked very surprised as our eyes briefly met before the momentum of the car flung it to the side of the road, taking most of my wing and the mirror with it. At least if I’d hit it with the Saab, the deer would definitely have come off worse.

One bizarre thing about the deer deal was this – Legally, I was not entitled to take the deer’s body home with me, and yet the guy coming along behind me could. What is THAT about?? Is it to stop people intentionally ramming into furry animals on the commute home? Is it to encourage teams of drivers to go on bloodlust killing sprees and boost the economy with bruised venison?

Actually, the most bizarre thing was what my Dad asked me the next day. He says, “Did you stop and see if it was OK?” What?? Of course it wasn’t OK!! I hit it at nearly 60mph! What was I supposed to do anyway? Give it CPR??

Anyway, the upshot of this is as follows; Deer are bad, laws can be stupid, Ford Escorts are tinny, Saab 900s are good and if anyone has one they are willing to give/sell me I’ll happily oblige.

Stay away from these guys. Evil, I tell you.
Nasty, nasty animals...