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WoW – My Scramble for a Mount

Disclaimer: This post has nothing insightful to say on life or spritual matters. It is not clever. It is quite possibly a bit sad for those who don’t see the point in spending time on video games. However, I do, and it’s my blog. So NYAH.

Right. Back to Azeroth…

Well, Having reached Level 40 with my beloved Rogue, Frogey, I was blowed if I was going to reach 41 without having bought the mount I’d been aiming for since about level 15. Unfortunately, like so many, I had a grand total of 35 gold to my name and no other resources. Drastic action had to be taken.

On a mad whim, I decided to sink all my cash into a couple of blue items on the Auction House. I didn’t even know what I was buying, so it was a major risk. I’ve never really used the AH that much for anything, so I was working completely blind. I just bought 2 things which seemed comparatively cheap and stuck them straight back up at a higher price. It certainly seemed to work. I’d sold them both at a decent profit within a day or two, bought some more, sold them and so on. I made the odd major mistake, like buying cheapo items that were cheap because no blighter wanted to buy them, but then I discovered the wonderful Auctioneer add-on which analyses and suggests pricing based on the previous auctions it has recorded. After a few days of doing little more than buying and selling with guidance from Auctioneer, I strutted off to Eastvale Logging Camp and purchased my Chestnut Mare and still had about 60g sitting in my bag for some cool blue weapons.

Heehee! I rock!

Oh, what blessed relief not to have to run everywhere anymore! It’s worth the hassle for that alone. Today I bought out a purple item for the first time. It cost me 80g but according to Auctioneer is worth 130g, so worth the risk.

I also ran the Scarlet Monastery on Saturday night with two higher level guildies, Punkdwarf and Kelder. Lots of good drops and stacks of XP, so I was a happy bunny. And speaking of small furry animals, I’ve been wearing my guild tabard for a few days now and only realised on Friday that it had a squished squirrel on the front of it. I thought it was some crenellated heraldic crest of some sort. No. It’s a squirrel.

One final item of interest to my WoW people is that I bought the Mug o’ Hurt for my own personal use this morning to replace (or dual wield with) Wirt’s Third Leg. Yes, this phenomenal weapon is in fact… a beer stein. I’m just loving the fact that I can beat Mobs to a pulp using a beer mug and somebody’s wooden leg…